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March 26th 2012
Published: April 2nd 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

4 days of cruising the islands. Each day we had two excursions on different islands each with their own terrain and flora and fauna. Due to the time of year, the rainy season the weather was hot and humid and it affected both the islands that we visited and the wildlife that we saw. The first afternoon spoilt us as we arrived from the no at in our zodiacs and had to negotiate the sea lions on the beach to get through. When we finished our guided walk we were able to have a swim. This became the pattern each day. We were instructed to keep two metres from the animals and not to touch the animals but it was a bit difficult with them swimming next to you.

Each island has its own beauty and wildlife. We saw many sealions, Galapagos finch, Galapagos duck, marine and land iguanas, tortoises, blue footed boobies (which provide many opportunities for t-shirts designs both good and bad). Perhaps our best day was the last. We visited a national park where the giant tortoises live in the wild. After paying our $4 entry fee and donning our gumboots we took off in search of the tortoises and it didn't take long to find a number of them lumbering along, amazing. They can weigh up to 200 kgs.

After lunch we went by zodiac to Plaza island to see the land iguanas. Whereas on the other islands the animals had to be sought out (except for seals) this one was different. If you didn't watch your step you would stand on one. The island is desolate and the main vegetation is prickly pear cactus. A bonus came when we had just about got back to the boat. Two male sealions decided that they should decide whose territory it was. The fight was brutal and drew blood but not too much. Nature wins again. We also saw another amazing site of the sealions climbing the cliffs. It is hard to believe how agile they are.

We are now in Lima for two nights then off to the Amazon. Next update will be done after we leave there. Sorry for the lack of photos but technology has failed me.

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2nd April 2012

Ah Lima, awful place... Make sure you see the lights! :)

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