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1/8 We got up early this morning to try and see the famous clay lick that the TRC is known for. It then began pouring rain. After getting up at 345 to see them, we watched the clay until the boat came back instead of the birds. That was the only rain we suffered, for which we´re really lucky during rainy season! On the walk to the clay lick, we saw a tarantula which we later visted twice more. Very scary looking. We also scared and smelled an armadillo, without actually seeing it. Tarantula- Clay lick- That afternoon we took a hike, starting to use the cumbersome tall rubber boots provided by the lodge. We got to see a very rare mammal, the black tayra, which looks kind of like a river otter. We ... read more

Hi Just to let you know we are having a great time and seeing loads of animals. We work in the rainforest every day and get free run of the jungle. We have pet macaws (one nice and one evil) and can hear the howler monkeys every morning. If you would like to get in touch you can write to us : Explorers Inn Fonavi H-15 Puerto Maldonado Madre de Dios Peru (the one i sent out in the first email to some of you is spelt wrong) Unfortunately we will be able to get to the phone and the internet very rarely as lightening hit the satelitte at the lodge 4 weeks ago and I doubt it will be fixed any time soon. We can only use the internet when we come to Puerto Maldonado, ... read more
Pretty beetle
Yaz and Ara

This morning we said goodbye to Lima and headed to the jungle ramshackle town of Puerto Maldonado. As soon as I stepped off the plane the humidity hit me like a tonne of bricks and I knew that I would sweat enough to fill Melbourne’s reservoirs in this place. We met our guide, self confessed jungle boy Luis, who was a baby faced 26 year old and very cheeky character. We eventually boarded our 5 hour boat trip at 2pm with Luis handing us a banana leaf full of fried rice as our lunch. On the boat were 5 American tourists - we met Frank, the smartarse botanist who was chief botanist at San Diego Zoo for 14 years and designed the emperor penguin enclosure and had made numerous Antarctic trips - he didn’t enjoy talking ... read more
Weird animal

Hello everyone, Apologies for the delay, its been a very busy couple of weeks on the tour and so its been difficult to get anywhere near a computer for more than 1/2 hour at a time and then impossible to find one thats capable of downloading photos! So this message is an amalgamation of the Peru trip... I hope I explain it all OK! So, its been a busy couple of weeks! So from Nazca we continued South to Puno and Lake Titicaca, we spent the day hiking around a smaller island on the lake and being shown the local traditions, (which included the men showing us their knitting!!.. traditionally women weave and men knit on the islands) before travelling to Talique island where we stayed with a family there. Walking into the family´s house was ... read more
Traditional wear on Talique island
Me in Cuzco
Pre Inca artifacts

We spent 4 days and nights at a jungle lodge 2 hours up the Madre De Dios River from Puerto Maldonado. We spent 3 nights at the lodge and 1 night 3 hours further up river at a camp site.... read more
Jungle Fungus
Cutter Ants


Thursday we flew from Cusco airport to Puerto Maldonado for our three-day trip to the Amazon rainforest. The first thing that hit me when we got off the plane was the HEAT!!! Wow, what a change from the rain in Machu Picchu! A bus was waiting for us and took us to the Sandoval Lake Lodge office so we could drop off our big luggage and pack a smaller bag for the boat/hike/boat trip to the lodge. The bus then dropped us off for a 25-minute boat ride along the Madre de Dios River where we were served lunch along the way. Lunch was fried rice with vegetables served wrapped inside a banana leaf, and although it was a bit hard to eat while speeding along the river, I think it was the best meal I've ... read more
Sandoval Lake
Sandoval Lake Lodge

I woke up pleasantly surprised to find I had been able to sleep through all the crazy bird, monkey and whatever else noises in the night! I think everyone in our group was excited about seeing monkeys and luckily during breakfast, one of the guides came in and said there were monkeys right out side. We rushed out and spotted them climbing up the trees, they were really tiny and cute! After breakfast we took another walk through the jungle to an ox-bow lake. On the way there we stopped at a tree with a huge hole in the bottom. The guide started to poke around in it with a twig and eventually out came a massive tarantula!! It was so strange being so close to it, I thought id feel really scared but it was ... read more

We flew from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado in the Amazonnjungle this morning. It was the shortest flight ive been on, litterally as soon as we were in the air we began ourt decent! The temperature was so different, its been really nice weather the whole time in Peru so far but this was the hottest. It was really humid too which made it worse. We were given another duffle bag each wich I crammed full of stuff (we had no weight limit this time unlike on the inca trail!) including loads of insect repellent and sun cream! After that we got a bus to the Tambopata river where we picked up a boat to the lodge. The boat was really cool, totally open to the elements and it went really fast too! The guides had prepared ... read more
The boat ride to the resort
The boat ride to the resort

My first night in the Amazon was on June 20th and the sounds of things splashing in the river woke me oh, so many times. Where they sounds of things coming out of the water or going in? I had images of navy seals coming out of the water and bombarding my bungalo...or kapibari, which are HUGE, crazy looking rats! Yes, they are the largest member of the rodent family in the world & a big ol family of them lived on the river right in front of my bungalo. I arrived in Puerto Maldonado at noonish on the 20th and we boarded a boat down the river to the lodge. There were a handful of us in all...a couple girls from Quebec and three older folks from the Netherlands. There was already a big ole ... read more
Inside my Bungalo
The River

Well, I am out of the rainforest...BEAUTIFUL. I have some great pics but they will have to wait until I get to a computer I can use for more than a couple minutes. I must get truckin to the airport to fly back to Lima and then head down to see the Nasca Lines. Hopefully I will have some time in Lima to properly post photos. Until then, here is one to get started...... read more

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