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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima July 8th 2014

mit einem lustigen bus fahren wir heute nach lima. mit einem bus, von dem niemand so genau sagen kann, wann er wirklich hier in paracas ankommt. so warten wir also seit sieben uhr morgens auf den versprochenen bus und das ist eigentlich gar nicht so schlimm, weil wir von vorne herein wussten, dass wir warten müssen und außerdem scheint die sonne und sehr freundliche streuner-hunde leisten uns gesellschaft. dann, nur eine gute stunde später besteigen wir unter weiterhin strahlender sonne den riesigen, schon etwas vertrauten, doppeldecker-bus. aus dem fenster sehen wir die slums um paracas. und die wollen auch gar nicht aufhören. immer weiter und weiter reihen sich die kleinen, aus schilfmatten, wellblech und allerlei müll gebauten kuben. die straßen sind dreckig. viele, noch mehr, hunde-gangs streunen durch die gassen. plastik-sackerl wehen über den asphalt. keine ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Barranco June 24th 2014

The guy who took us from Lima airport to our hotel only conned us by an extra £20 or so which was fine and acceptable after the journey we'd had. I'm never flying Air Europa again. No booze and no on-demand in-flight entertainment, rather one average sized screen at the front of the plane playing the new Muppets movie. Which I actually quite enjoyed. Donna and I also didn't appreciate the intense rattling of the plane during the frequent periods of turbulence. It was quite thrilling to fly over the amazon though which seemed to take forever as it's so vast. And approaching Peru and seeing the Andes through the aeroplane at sunrise was quite cool. Our hotel, Second Home Peru, is 100% beautiful. A Peruvian artist's residence covered in his artwork with lovely gardens featuring ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima June 21st 2014

There I was, back at my favorite coffee shop, after having spent a final day walking up the coast from Hanga Roa and seeing a couple more moai. I usually try to be here around 7ish or so, and for the past couple of nights blanco would see me coming and jump up, wag his tail, and grab a rock in his mouth. I'd sit down, and he'd drop the rock at my feet and back away, getting ready for my toss. Timo, the owner of the shop, would bring me my americano without me even needing to ask. I happily tossed the rock with blanco for an hour or so... and if I ever ignored him, he'd bark, or push my chair with his paw. Then the second dog came up, the one that I ... read more
Another Horse!
Ahu Tahai

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima June 21st 2014

I feel like an idiot... all of those Joe's are throwing me. The dog was Joe Cocker, and the song was Hotel California, but that's Joe Walsh. Too many Joe's going around!... read more

South America » Peru » Lima June 4th 2014

In March 2014 our family visited the country of Peru. The focus of the trip was in Lima, Cuzco and the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. The trip began in Lima, where we toured Lima's rich colonial history as well as the modern city. We met this bustling city of over eight million people, with a swirl of traffic, along with high heat and humidity since Lima is located right on the Pacific ocean. The surfing on the coast is a vibrant part of the culture, with surfers and watchers parking all along the coastline of the city. We walked along one section of the coastline in Miraflores section of Lima, through the Park del Amor gardens and sculptures reminiscent of the gaudy architecture in Spain. That same day we toured the central historical section of ... read more
Lima Peru - Monasterio de San Francisco
Lima, Peru - Moorish style balconies
Lima Peru - Huaca Pucllana


South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima May 20th 2014

How the heart must sink at the sight of that first photo - he may be waving a different glass at us but he still hasn´t bothered to shave - and here he comes to put us off our dinners with some more thoughts about food. Well far be it from to here it is...a distillation of my food experiences in Peru, although I should stress that this comes with one serious qualification - if I discount my time trekking I´ve had just about 2 weeks here. By way of comparison my food blog from Argentina represented nearly 2 months of exhaustive (and at times exhausting) research - hence, the scope and depth of my conclusions - "big portions, lots of meat". So if my comments about Argentina were half-baked these have barely seen the ... read more
#5 - Ceviche as served at Punto Azul
#6 - Lunch! Home-cut Chips, Chicherrones sandwich and Chicha.
#7 - Inkazuela - Chicken and Lamb Stew

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores May 16th 2014

I flew into Lima from Cusco on a Sunday morning. I'd arranged a pick up with my hostel and for once everything went smoothly. I was staying in Miraflores, the main tourist and restaurant area to the south of Lima city centre. I had a restaurant tip for lunch, so set out to find Punto Azul - famous for its ceviche. Food generally, and ceviche in particular, had played a big part in my decision to come to Lima. It had been a long time since I'd been close to the ocean (Ushuaia) and I was really looking forward to a large plate of seafood swimming in a sharp citrus dressing with a chilli kick. Punto Azul did not disappoint. Once I´d fed and watered I went for a wander to get my bearings. After Cusco, ... read more
Rainbow at Ollantaytambo
Archaeological site at Ollantaytambo
Miraflores overlooking the Pacific

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Surco May 9th 2014

Beunos from Lima, the capital of Peru! I was expecting Lima to be a lot more grander than it turned out to be, which was slightly disappointing. It seemed that many of Lima´s beautiful buildings had been destroyed during a war between Chile and Peru and some of the buildings had been rebuilt or adapted. The journey to Lima took 18 hours. It didn't help that I had a screaming child behind me. The mother didn't seem to be doing anything to help and I felt like grabbing the child and just rocking it to sleep singing some hits from the Lion King! haha. I had a little sing song in my head and this seemed to get me back to sleep, never mind the child! On the bus, we were given food which wasn't too ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores May 1st 2014

Our past travels have been for the most part east or west...directions you can never find an end to...whereas there is just so far you can go north or south. This trip would take us south of the equator to our final continent (with the exception of Antarctic). I faced this trip with some trepidation, as I was totally unfamiliar with this part of the world. Hence, I had arranged our travel through a local agency, Trip Peru. 30 April/1 May 2014 Wednesday and Thursday. Our daughter drove us to Denver to catch our flight. Our tickets stated that we were pre-checked so that we didn't have to take off our shoes or take out the computer. We did have to go through the x-ray, where I remembered at the last minute I had my Swiss ... read more
View north along the Promenade
Linda and Bob at the Garden of Love
Park on the Pacific Ocean in Miraflores

South America » Peru » Lima April 30th 2014

We made it to Lima on time and with no problems. United surprised us with two meals! Immigration and Customs were a breeze here in Lima. Went to an ATM in the airport and there were three little girls, under six, who gave us no elbow room and showed every intention of helping us remove the cash from the machine. Sue was persistent in shooing them away. Tonight we are staying at the Airport Ramada (across the street from the airport) and will fly to Arequipa early in the morning. Reminded again "don't drink the water". We bought a couple of bottles of water at a coffee shop and then headed to the hotel lounge for a cerveza. It is nearly midnight and Jorge Chavez Airport is as busy as BWI at noon!?... read more

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