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South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon March 13th 2013

I am hoping that the blog title will have captured your interest, because this was an absolutely amazing 2 day tour. For all of the internal freak outs I have had on this trip, my overnight trip to the Colca Canyon was absolutely postcard perfect. Pick up was at 7:30 yesterday morning. When the guide told me that it was a small group, I didn’t expect that it would be only 1 other person on the trip, and he was on a 3 day tour, so today I was the only person on the tour. For someone who doesn’t like crowds, this was an unexpected surprise. Both the guide and the driver were incredibly friendly and helpful. I swear, that driver had eyes like a hawk. He could spot a chinchilla resting on rocks beside the ... read more
Volcanic Rock Formation

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa March 13th 2013

My trip to the Colca Canyon and Cruz del Condor was so large that I wanted to write about the city of Arequipa in a separate blog. This actually includes the final day in Puno as well as the time in spent in the White City. had done some research and found an interesting day trip to do before I had to leave at 2:30. Not far from Puno is Sillustani, pre-Incan ruins on a hill overlooking Lake Umayo. I wasn't sure what to expect, but since it was something that Tara and I could do together, I was up for it. First we had to negotiate with a taxi driver to take us to the site, wait for us and then bring us back to Puno. Now, when I say we had to negotiate, I ... read more
Giving some scale to the chullpas
The clouds here are so amazing
Taracloud and bvchef

South America » Peru » Arequipa February 13th 2013

We woke up to see rock desert, this went on for some hours and was a complete contrast to the lush green valleys we’d been enjoying over the past couple of weeks. As hours went by the landscape didn’t change, only when we reached Lima, this vast city punctuated the desert and on leaving the City there was more of the same. We’d decided to skip Lima we’d have to return to get our flight back to the UK. Instead we made a quick bus change and carried onto Paracas a coastal town. After a marathon bus trip just short of 24 hours we were pleased to arrive. The sky was clear blue and the sun felt scorching – it’s a strange thing that although the temperatures are in mid 20s celsius the heat feels far ... read more
The Candelabra
Fat necked sea lion
endless desert

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa February 2nd 2013

I arrived in Arequipa at 6.30am via an Olturso night bus from Cusco and immediately started to feel ill with sickness and stomach pains. Unfortunately this put paid to doing too much here and certainly put the idea of treking up to Colca Canyon to see the Condors (large birds) on hold. In 36 hours all I really managed to achieve was briefly wander around town to take in some of the colonial architecture, visit the Santa Catalina Monastery and find a nice hotel room to hole up in for 24 hours of watching subtitled American TV, movies and sleeping. The Monastery was really impressive and is unsurprisingly referred to as a City within a City given its size and number of buildings. The bright red and blue walled complex features Squares, Streets, Orchards / Orange ... read more
Blue Washed Walls
The most glamourous entrants to male toilets I've ever seen
Red washed walls

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa January 21st 2013

Welcome to Peru! Immediately once we crossed the border there's a really obvious change in scenery, it went from green to dry brown sandy landscapes. Crazy how quickly it's changed. Had desert on one side and the ocean on the other. Spent three days in Mancora a small town a few hours south of the border, relaxing on the beach and by the pool and indulging in the lovely food and dangerously good rum and vodka slushies. Played some beer pong with rum and coke, pool, darts, table tennis and lots of dancing of course. Fun times at Loki hostel Mancora! Mov... read more
Lago Churrup 4450masl
Beautiful Lago Churrup


South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa January 9th 2013

Arequipa, Peru Arequipa Is an important industrial and commercial centre of Peru. The city was a settlement before the Spanish founded the city in the 1540 and over 3 centuries it was a faithful follower to Spain. The city is located at an attitude of 2328 metres above sea level with an almost constant summer climate with blue skies which gives its nickname of the city of "Eternal blue sky". The river Chili crosses the centre part of the city from north to south, and the valley of Arequipa is also protected to the north and east by the Andes mountain range. The snow capped volcanic mountains Misti and Pichu Pichu Chachani surround the city, the rugged ground of the city is covered with a thick layer' of volcanic lava. The city was originally built in ... read more
The  Cathedral bell tower
The Cathedral in  Arequipa
Cathedral in Arequipa  P1010703

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Chivay December 20th 2012

Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is well and happy. We are really sorry that we haven't blogged in so long. Days have very busy and have had very early starts in the mornings so we haven't had a chance to sit down for a decent time to blog. This blog is very short unfortunately as we have another early start in the morning. We are currently in Chivay in Peru and have a 5am wake up call tomorrow for a 7hr drive to Puno. So, we will definitely write a long blog on the bus tomorrow and publish it in the evening. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are happy and well :) Promise to write again tomorrow. P & M xxxx... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa December 16th 2012

When you meet other backpackers coming in the opposite direction to you there are a few places that they insist that "you have to go to." Now, like all people, nothing makes me more resistant to an idea than someone telling me I must do it, but in the case of the Colca Canyon it is a good thing that I'm able to overcome my natural instincts. The canyon is the second deepest in the world (the Grand Canyon has got nothing on it, sorry America) and is only surpassed by it's neighbour, the Cotahuasi Canyon. You can do organised tours through the canyon, but why do that when you can just as easily do it yourself? There is little of interest in Cabanaconde, although we did climb a 700m peak which was more of an ... read more
Colca River
Arequipa - Cathedral
Santa Catalina

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon December 16th 2012

Ons het vanoggend 'n vroeë begin gehad. Ontbyt 5:30 en 6:00 oppad na die Conder Cross uitkyk punt ind die canyon. Oppad het die gids ons omtrent die hele geskiedenis vertel van die Inka en pre-Inka wat die terrasse gebou het in die vallei. Daar is letterlik duisende terrasse wat gebou was 1400 jaar gelede en tot vandag toe gebruik word. Hy het ook grafte uitgewys wat hoog op teen die krans was. Dit was blykbaar vir baie belangrike Inkas. Weird! By die Conder Cross uitkyk punt het daar klomp mense rond gesit met kamers en verkykers en wag vir die Condors om hulle verskyning te maak. Ons het seker vir 50min ronde gesit, maar niks nie. Terwyl ons gestaan en wag het dat die bussie ons moet oplaai maak die Condors hulle verskyning in die ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Chivay December 15th 2012

Colca canyon Die bussie moet ons tussen 7:30 en 8:00 kom optel. 8:05 wil ons die toer mense bel om te hoor of hulle miskien van ons vergeet het. Toe ons die booking vir die ou by ontvangs wys en vra dat hy hulle moet bel , was sy reaksie in gebroke engels: "No, not late, that is normal" 8:10 het hulle ons toe kom optel in 'n heel verbasende ordentelke bussie (Mercedes bussie) Die toergids het sommer dadelik oor altitude sickness begin verduidelik, en hoekom coca leaves kan help daarvoor...iets met alkoliedes uit te waai. Ons stop toe by 'n kleinwinkeltjie, en stock op met coca leaves, coca sweeties en mineraal water, reg vir die aksie!So teen 3500m het ons die coca leaves begin kou, jy moet 25blare op 'n slag kou, anders he... read more

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