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South America » Peru » Arequipa » Chivay August 7th 2013

Me voila a present au sud du Perou, dans la ville d'Arequipa. Je decouvre avec surprise le soleil permanent et des nuits a peine fraiches. Cela change de la Cordillere des Andes! En me baladant, j'ai decouvert cette jolie ville coloniale, dont le centre ville fut entierement construit par les espagnols. J'y decouvre de belles faÇades blanches munies de balcons qui longent les maisons, et surtout la place centrale, qui se nomme la "place des Armes". A la tombee de la nuit cette place est magnifique. On peut voir clairement 3 volcans en arriere plan, ainsi que sa cathedrale joliment illumine le soir. La fontaine d'eau et la foule peruvienne qui s'agite sur cette place donne a cette place beaucoup de vie. J'ai beaucoup aime me balade autour de cette place le soir pour chercher avec ... read more
Petit village de Catahuasi
Petit village de Catahuasi
Canyon de Catahuasi

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa July 29th 2013

The journey from Nasca to Arequipa was a 9 hour night bus, very comfortable seating but such a winding road that we couldn´t sleep. We arrived at 7.30am went straight for breakfast before checking into our hostel. Arequipa is a lovely city, over 800,000 people making this the second largest in Peru, it still has a small feel to it. A lovely main plaza filled with trees surrounded by the Cathedral and colonial buildings fronted by arched walkways, it has a nice atmosphere and feels safe. Surrounded by Volcanoes it also has some lovely views around the city. There is a wonderful monestery, Santa Catolina, not far from the plaza. For over 400 years it has housed nuns and still does today. We did a night time visit as they light the old nuns cells and ... read more
More volcanoes in the distance
Santa Catolina Monestary
Condor in Colca Canyon

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon July 10th 2013

Arriving in Arequipa just as the sun rose on a Monday morning, we got a cab to our hostel and after waking up the owners, we luckily had our room available where we could have a hot shower and pass out for the rest of the morning. As you don't sleep much on the long bus rides here, it feels like mild jetlag the day you arrive somewhere and inevitably means that a good part of the day is lost. Stumbling out of the hostel sometime after lunch we were greeted by a bustling city, heavily influenced by Spanish Architecture with a lot of the main monuments being made out of the white basalt rock that was mined from the 3 huge Volcanoes that tower over the city nearly 4000m above us. At 6057m Chachani is ... read more
View over Arequipa to the Pikchu Pikchu Range
Condor at Cruz del Condor
Juvenile Condor at Cruz del Condor

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa May 19th 2013

Firstly, thank you for all the contributions to my Free Belinda fund!! If someone could just let work know it'll be 2014 before I head back that would be super! Please don't stop the donations though, happy to never return to work, or maybe remote login?? Ok, ok, no more boring work talk! This last week has been busy as usual! When I last wrote I'd just arrived in La Paz ( world's highest airport, thank you for reminding me Rick) Highlights!! Survived the worlds most dangerous road on a push bike! 6 hours, a drop in altitude of 3,500 metres and 63kms with my hands squeezed on the brakes! No pedalling required! Found a few spells at the witches market which I know will totally change my life! Wish I had invested in ear plugs ... read more
isle del sole
Special altitude tea
Where the condors fly

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon May 3rd 2013

6 hours of busing took us from Puno to Arequipa, surrounded by a handful of volcanoes and double that in mountains. Arequipa is nicknamed the white city because of its unique brickwork made of the volcano deposits. But less of the facts and more about what we have been up to! We'd made no plans for our first day in the town, simply to get there, find some accommodation, buy some food, eat and have a drink. The hostal that we got was one of the cheapest in Areqipa, £7 for a double room, looking out onto the main road and with a bed fit for a jail cell. Safe to say it wasn't the Ritz. On the food front though things were looking up, we found the supermarket and grabbed a load of food for ... read more


South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon April 30th 2013

On route to the Canyon (around April 8-13) We explored the town, Cabanaconde, and the Colca Canyon via a stopover in the city of Arequipa. First, some quick points about Arequipa. This busy city is a nice size of about one million people. The main square is very lovely with many offshoot streets filled with shopping and restaurants. We luckily found a great local diner on San Francisco street, not far from the square (on the left side if walking away from main square). Otherwise, there are other places to try alpaca or cuy (guinea pig). A good place to stay we found via a local was Los Andes which was 50 meters from the main square. Aside from walking around, city tours are popular, but book through an agency in the main square not the ... read more
They are huge!
Hike down, 5 hours
Hike down into canyon

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa April 26th 2013

26-27th April ’13 Arequipa Our final couple of days in the lovely city of Arequipa, but before I go into that I have to add in a bit I missed about our Colca Canyon Trip. The whole of the time we were in the minibus Howard was opening and closing the window so he could stick his arm out and take pictures – infact he took well over 200 pictures on this trip! He was so attached to the camera I had to virtually prise it out of his fingers to take the few snaps I wanted. Anyway despite taking pictures on the journey there he had to then take pictures all the way back again to Arequipa – as ‘we were now on the opposite side of the road so the view would be different’, ... read more
Monasterio D Santa Catalina (34) Entance Way
Monasterio D Santa Catalina (1) Novices Cloister
Monasterio D Santa Catalina (2)

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa April 25th 2013

The Arequipa Cooking Experience is great for learning to make a certain dish and building your confidence level in your abilities. It WILL NOT instantly turn you into a world class cook of Peruvian cuisine, but you will know how to make the dish that you signed up for. Being the first to sign up is the trick. If you are first, YOU get to select the menu item that you will prepare. Get in touch with them as early as possible: If memory serves, the three menu choices are lomo saltado, ceviche and chorillos pan fried fish, and rocoto relleno. Rocoto peppers are the chiles that make Habanero peppers cry. Since my wife, Rose, is Peruvian she is already an accomplished lomo saltado cook, so she selected ceviche, a dish she has never made ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Colca Canyon April 23rd 2013

24-25th April ’13 The Colca Canyon Trip We were picked up at 7.45am to start our 2 day 1 night trip to the Colca Cayon. Our minibus was a right mixed bunch of ages and nationalities, there were 2 Argentinians, 3 Chinese (including the mad camera woman who we had thought was Japanese from our trip to Cachi in Argentina), 1 Thai, 4 Polish, 4 Peruvians, us and 1 American. Our guide, Wilber was a young, funny guy who spoke very good English and had a penchant for cracking jokes. The American lady, who was in her 70s was sat alongside us and we chatted for ages, she was incredible – retired and had lived in Mexico for 7 years and more recently Guatemala where after 4 years she had packed up to travel some more ... read more
On the long road to Chivay
Vicunas on the Andean Plateau
High Andean Pateau

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa April 23rd 2013

22/4/13 Arequipa I slept the whole night through, no gasping woo hoo! Today we did next to nothing, just getting acclimatised or rather sitting in the garden being lazy! Hunger eventually drove us out and we ate with the locals in a tiny little place with about 8 tables squashed into it, luckily one was free. For £1.30 we had a huge bowl of Peruvian broth (like scotch broth with lots of lentils), followed by chicken, rice and salad, a glass of orange squash and 8 slices of banana for pudding! Bargain!! We walked back up to the main square and had a bit more of a mooch around the city streets looking at the lovely white buildings and architecture before heading back for more lazing about. Arequipa is known as The White City, with building ... read more
Arequipa - Cathedral

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