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June 9th 2007
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EDIT / photos to come soon!!!

I´m leaving Huaraz tomorrow. This is so strange, time here has gone by so quickly. I´m really going to miss this place. It has a great community spirit and there are soem real characters here. Oh well, lets get onto my week.
Sunday we all went horse riding in the cordillera negra. It was me Laura, Tom, Jess and a guest called Brian who we made friends with. We rode all the way up a mountain and the view was spectacular. My horse wasn´t very well behaved and kept biting Laura´s horse. His name was Tomotei. I think he was just a bit gender confused really. We went for a walk along the top of the mountain and had a lunch. I had the smallest banana I have ever seen.
The rdie down ws pretty scary as it was very steep. It was also startign to get very uncomfortable. The horses knew what they were doing, but we had no control over them. At one point Timotei started cantering, which is scary without a proper saddle or a helmet. After 6 long hours we got off and my lefs were so weak I could hardly walk. We then took a cramped cellectivo back to huaraz, where some lady in the back kept tutting and muttering about ´gringos´. When we got back I started feeling really really sick so went back to the hostel. Then later we all went up to the Lodge.
Monday was uneventful, just working as normal. Tuesday both Laura and Tom were sick and stayed in bed all day. t was just eb and Jess but then I started to feel sick and went back to bed. I just got some horrible nausea and stomach cramps for some reason. So for an hour Jess was working by herself. After lunch however I staretd to feel a bit better so went back to work. We were just sifting gravel when all the boys from my homestay came up and started to help. It was very cute. They were really helpful actually, it was like having our own child labourers.
Then Wednesday I was still feeling ill and Jess decided to take the day off as she was by herself for a bit of yesterday. So all the girls decided to go down to Huaraz. got tested for parasites but it came back negative. The doctor kept saying somethign to me about comign abck tomorrow but he just spoke to fast I couldn´t understand him. And whenever I asked him to repeat it slower he just said the same thigns just as fast.
Wednesday night we made a big bonfire and sat outside watching the stars, it was very nice. The night sky here is amazingly beautiful, when the moon shines the whole night sky is lit up. Its like afternoon, but in moonlight. Very magical. Then in the night I started throwing up again, which wasn´t pleasant.
I didn´t get much sleep that night and felt like rubbish on Thursday so didn´t go to work. The other did but took the afternoon off. We met some english boys and hung out with them for the afternoon. We played soem board games and cards in the veening and it waas nice.
On Friday I was supposed to go to the school for ym last day of work, but Tristan was sick. Alex told us to take the day off so we went down to Huaraz. On the way down I decided to go Cuzco for the next week and startred planning it.
So on Sunday night I´m takign a night bus to Lima and on Monday a flight to Cuzco. I´m staying there till Saturday and then flying ti Lima and then to NY. Wow its so exciting!!!
Today is my last BBQ and on Sunday is a Pacha Manca which is food cooked underground with leaves. They are going to kill a lamb for it and aparentely we have to watch!
Fingers crossed my flights come through!


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