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March 9th 2007
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At 8:00 a.m. we met the doctors at Ward E of the Public Hospital where the patients are staying and discussed solutions to yesterday’s problems. One problem that I forgot to mention was how we are getting our stuff to Lethem. We are taking a TGA, Trans Guyana Airways, flight from Georgetown to Lethem and they only allow 25 pounds of luggage per person. Dad and I have around 250 pounds together. Someone was supposed to drive down all our bags, but he is working with Wings of Hope right now. We talked to Sheldon and he suggested putting it on the bus that will leave Friday night. Dad and I left the doctors to start their work and drove to Bounty Farms Supermarket to find Sheldon. One of the ladies told us that he wasn’t coming in until 9:30 a.m. and it was only 8:45 at the time.

We walked to the hotel and up to our room to call Vanda. She sent a sent a cell phone and taxi for us so we could do all our running around and people would still be able to contact us. We took the taxi back to meet Sheldon. We exchanged some money, picked up our tickets for tomorrow’s flight to Lethem, and arranged to meet tonight to take our bags to the bus station. Our next stop was back at the Public Hospital. We spent about 20 minutes waiting on the doctors to finish up the surgery they were doing. They gave us the key to the house they are staying at so we could get their bags because they planned on working late. We went to the house, got the bags, and took them to our hotel room. After all that running around in the heat, it was time for lunch. While we waited for our food, Vanda showed up. Just 5 minutes earlier, Dad had said how he wished we had gotten to meet her since he had talked to her so many times and she seemed so nice. She turned out to be extremely nice and very energetic. We talked for a few minutes and she headed for the Public Hospital to help out our patients. Dad and I ate and he headed over to Mercy Hospital to see what he could get done today. I hung out in our room and sorted out some paper work to save myself some time in Lethem. When Dad got back from Mercy Hospital we went across the street to the Guyshop and got some cold drinks. On our way over we ran into Vanda again as she was dropping off the charger for the cell phone.

We got our bags packed minus the stuff we need for tonight and tomorrow and dragged all 6 bags down the 2 flights of stairs. We caught a taxi and went to Bounty Farms Supermarket to exchange another $100 dollars ($20,000 GYD) with Sheldon. Then we rushed over to the Public Hospital to drop off the doctors’ house key so they could go home. It was 7:20 p.m. and they were still doing surgeries. I don’t even know if they got lunch today. We hurried to the bus station after getting slightly lost. They weighed the bags, 101 kilograms altogether, and Dad paid for them to be driven to Lethem. On our way to the hotel I had the bright idea of driving through KFC. The drive thru was backwards to what we are used to so that was an interesting experience in itself. Our taxi driver had to help us order because we couldn’t really understand the lady on the intercom. We finally got our food and drinks, including a drink for the driver, and made it back to the hotel in one piece. We ate our dinner in our room and then got on the Internet for possibly our last chance until we get back to Georgetown. Finally, we went to bed exhausted.


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