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South America » Ecuador » West » Canoa March 1st 2014

Ecuador ist das zweitkleinste Land des Kontinents, doch die Diversität hier ist unglaublich. Im Westen des Landes, an der Pazifikküste treffen sich die Fischer und Surfer an den traumhaften Stränden, in der Mitte sind die Anden mit aktiven Vulkanen über 6000 M.ü.M. und im Osten die gewaltigen Regenwälder mit Flüssen, die in den Amazonas münden. Genau so unterschiedlich wie die Landschaft ist auch die Bevölkerung, die in den jeweiligen Regionen leben. An der Küste geht alles ein bisschen länger und ohne Stress, die Hitze drückt und man liegt lieber in der Hängematte als sich ums Geschäft zu kümmern. Die "Serranos" (Bevölkerung aus den Bergen) sind dagegen konservativer und geschäftiger. 25 % der Bevölkerung sind "Indios" und leben ihre Kultur auch weiterhin, während es vor allem in Quito schon ganz westlich zu und her gehen kann. ... read more
Juampis Rockkonzert
Schweizer Spassgesellschaft :-)

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island February 27th 2014

So on Friday morning, I checked out of my hotel and headed from the old, historic part of town, to the new town and to the hotel where I would meet my group for the Galápagos tour. When I arrived, my room mate was out so I decided to take a trip up the cable car which overlooks Quito from a height of over 4000m. Unfortunately, that afternoon was rather cloudy so my view was much better on the cable car ride up and down than at the top but I got myself a hot chocolate and was happy! In the evening, we had our welcome meeting for the tour, where I met everyone I would be stuck with for the next ten days and got some basic information about our trip. Afterwards, my room mate ... read more
View from the cable car
On the cable car

South America » Ecuador » South » Vilcabamba February 24th 2014

Je passe donc la frontière vers l'Equateur, pays que j'ai déjà visite durant près d'un mois et demi. J'arrive a Tulcan, ville de frontière et je prend un bus vers Otavalo. 3 heures de bus, 3$, 1$ l'heure pour tous les bus du pays. Je me retrouve dans un petit hostal qui porte le nom de La casa del Che. En effet, le monsieur en charge se prénomme Che et accueille des jeunes qui tentent de révolutionner le monde a travers le voyage, la musique, l'artisanat, etc. C'est un endroit merveilleux ou j'ai rencontré des gens tout aussi merveilleux d'un peu partout dans le monde. Nous dormions presque sur le plancher et la douche était glaciale, mais c'est un des endroits les plus chaleureux ou j'ai mis les pieds depuis le début de mon voyage. Notre ... read more
Los locos de la casa del Che

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca February 23rd 2014

The Lord has blessed us with so many new friends here. A couple of weeks before, we decided to get DirecTV. We actually have about 70 English speaking channels. Since we were going to be able to see the Super Bowl Game, we decided to have a party. Most of the people were from our church - Calvary Chapel Cuenca, but there were also some other Ecuadoriano friends that came. Debi prepared all the meat, although Pato, Ale, Braulio and his brother Boris and his girlfriend Mary, did most of the cooking. She even cut up the cheese so it could be put on the burgers (which were football shaped) so it looked like the laces. Regretfully, when put on while the burgers were still on the grill the cheese melted and you really couldn't tell ... read more

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca February 23rd 2014

Many times in the past couple of months Braulio and Chanel told us they wanted to take us to Paute, about 45 minutes from Cuenca. It seemed every time we planned to go Debi either had her accident and was in a cast, or she got sick and we couldn't go. We told them that they needed to surprise (kidnap) us so Debi wouldn't get sick. So one Sunday after church, they just told us we were going to Paute. We took the drive there, which was really nice getting to see the area surrounding Cuenca. But my camera was in my backpack in the trunk of the car, so no pictures on the way. When we got there we stopped and took pictures of the cable bridge over the river, the river itself and the ... read more


South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca February 23rd 2014

Several of the women that attend the Calvary Chapel Cuenca (CCC) Women's Bible Study do not attend CCC. One of them heard about our going to the Columbia Refuge School for Children (pictures later) and how we used balloons to break the ice with these kids. She asked if we could help her with getting the word out to the neighborhood about their church. So we went out and just stood along the street in front of the Rotary International building that they hold their se4rvices, and handed out balloons and pamphlets about their bi-lingual service.... read more

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca February 23rd 2014

As mentioned in the last blog, we are going to this school and trying to teach the children some English. The class that Debi and I and a couple of others go to are age 3 to 5. The first time we went (2/13/14) I took out my camera and took one shot and got the message - Battery Exhausted. So I didn't get any pictures of the kids with the balloons we made. But I have received some from a woman that came with us. So I made sure that the battery was fully charge the next day. The following week before we went I downloaded a bunch of pictures of animals (cow, horse, turtle, teddy bear, dog) and made about ten copies of each for the kids to color. Debi and I would take ... read more
2014-02-13 09.37.59
2014-02-13 09.38.03
2014-02-13 10.36.16

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca February 23rd 2014

I think I need to make a correction to what we told so many people about the lack of insects in Cuenca. We told everyone that when we were here in December 2012 we only saw about three flies in the eleven days we were here. And that was all true. We spent all that time down in the town and especially in El Centro, where there is hardly any dirt or green space other than the parks. But, now we are living in the country. We have cows walking past our home on a daily basis. There is a field diagonally across the street and many days you can find three or four cows grazing there. There are often geese in the field as well; there are sheep at the house at the end of ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Chugchilan February 21st 2014

So the day after I last wrote, I took a hike up to the local cheese factory with some friends I had met at the Eco lodge. I have to be honest, I struggled quite a lot as it was only my second day at altitude and there were some rather steep hills on the way up. It's so frustrating just not to be able to walk normally! The cheese factory was pretty cool, we paid $1 and had a look around and bought some of their lovely cheese (mozzarella and andino) for our picnic lunch which we had further along the hike. When we got back to the lodge in the afternoon, we played a round of frisby golf (aiming a frisby at a series of 9 different baskets around the back of the lodge). ... read more
View from the trek
A church we passed on the trek
Mozzarella at the cheese factory

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center February 19th 2014

Hello everyone! So I arrived safely after my rather long 24 hour journey to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. I arrived to my hotel around 1:30 in the morning. This morning, I woke up around 8 and had breakfast overlooking the historical centre of Quito. I then felt rather lazy so went back to my room for a little while. When I eventually got round to leaving, I had a look around the city centre and saw some of the beautiful churches. I then took a four hour trip South to the Black Sheep Inn, an Eco lodge in Chugchillàn. Good tip from Fi and Dunc- thanks guys! It's amazing here. Once I was settled in, I met the guys who were sharing my bunkhouse and we went for a walk to see some of the ... read more

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