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South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center April 6th 2012

Good Friday celebrations in Quito are world famous and I was dead set to discover what the fuss was all about. Picture what the Klu Klux Klan wears, including the face coverings, now make that purple. This is what hundreds and I mean hundreds and hundreds of men and women donned on a sunny Quito day. I didn’t have a watch, but I’d guess that the procession lasted about two hours. Between walking up and down to the Bascillica and standing for two hours I was exhausted, but who can complain with these people dragging GIANT crosses and dressed in dark clothing from head to toe in the heat? Check out the attached photos… hopefully I’ve managed to capture the magnitude of the event (and the crosses) better than my short description above.... read more
Statue from the Basilica
Young girl with cross and thorns
Roman guards

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center April 5th 2012

This statement is actually true. My apartment is the highest apartment in a five story building, affording me the best views of the old city, Basilica, Parque Ejido, the mountainsides and the suburbs that creep up the mountain offer the most beautiful view a night with thousands of tiny lights notifying the cosmos of life this city. It’s basically a studio with walls and doors, but since my bedroom is the only room of any size (if you don’t count the kitchen and the hallway with the dinning table) I think studio fits better than one bedroom. I have one full bath and one half bath and a BALCONY. It’s not big, but I’m hoping to get a small table and a grill out there. A grill, because it’s fast and easy, but more importantly, because ... read more
Mi apartamento #2
Night Views
Day Views

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center April 4th 2012

I was always a strong reader, but the book that taught me to love reading was “Harriet the Spy.” In the book, Harriet, is the only child of wealthy parents who completely ignore her. Thus, Harriet finds the best way to entertain herself, as she has but one friend, is to spy on her neighbors and keep a diary of their comings and goings. The best part of this book is that one of her rich neighbors has a dumbwaiter, which Harriet uses to reach a 2ndfloor bedroom to spy. Now I’m fairly certain that the odd noises coming out of a locked door in my apartment is a dumbwaiter! My first question is, who is sweet baby Jesus’ name is using the stupid thing this much. The second and more obvious question is how do ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center April 3rd 2012

My birthday! What a way to celebrate my 32nd birthday and my 33rd year on this planet. My day started out slow, but pleasant. I read birthday cards, checked email and read in the garden of my hotel. Kenny didn’t stand for being left in the room for breakfast so I had to take him with me. Kenny is (as I expected) my international ambassador. Ecuadoreans are OBSESSED with him. Whether the airport, the street or the hotel, people point and rush over to pet him like he’s Elvis. He is mostly indifferent to his new found fame, but I’m sure once he gets settled he’ll lap it up. Just wait until they see him in his “My Momma Votes Obama” t-shirt. Speaking of presidents, I’ll skip ahead to my new landlady. Saint Jacquie had called ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center April 2nd 2012

There was so much of this trip I couldn’t plan for or control. Traveling with Kenny on his first airline flight was the first hurtle. He was pretty happy being pulled around in his carrier (remind me of this when he’s too old to walk well) and the security people could not have been nicer. Then I met some nice Canadian/Ecuadoreans (what Canadians aren’t nice) with two kids who adored Kenny and he ignored them while he cleaned the airport carpet of crumbs. I then gave Kenny enough Xanex to put down a grown man, but a 14lb dog??? No. The flight attendant at the gate was a witch and forced Kenny to be zipped up completely, which he did not take well. Thank goodness once we got on the plane the rest turned a blind ... read more
Kenny under seat
Enjoying the view


South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center March 22nd 2012

Hello all! When we found our way to the park we were slightly disappointed when it wasn´t surrounded by cages and guards, surely they wouldn’t allow endangered lizard beasts to roam around without some sort of protection? It turns out yes they would. Although the Iguanas were not quite man-eater size it was certainly odd to watch them walking along the path in front of you, or be surprised when one decided to sit under your bench. Much more interesting than pigeons! From Guayaquil we returned to the Andes and visited a colonial town called Cuenca, the definite highlight was seeing human shrunken heads in the museum, though they were seriously creepy! Our nightmares were only made worse when we saw shrunken heads for sale in the marketplace afterwards; sloths and monkeys, not tourist... at least ... read more
Adventures in Banos
Adventures in Banos
Amazon Junge Trip

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center March 20th 2012

From sea level to 2850m in Ecuadors' capital we are trying our best to expierience altitude sickness. With some difficulty we managed to get into Quito airport on Saturday night via LAN airlines. Something about them not wanting us to stay in the country forever they want to see a ticket out. Thanks to American Airlines we printed a fake ticket online and made it into the country! The first day we had to get a taste of the city was Sunday. In this country Sunday is actually a day where people rest, no restaurants were open, no shops, no alcohol was sold ( i did manage to have a beer with dinner in a coffee mug ). The one thing we managed to find open was the grand Cathedrals and bustling Parks. This entire continent ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center March 18th 2012

Sunday 11th March - Otavalo to Quito Our host at the Hostal Rincon had been a lovely Ecuadorian man who we later found out was called Edgar after we read a disparaging review about him on trip advisor where a woman travelling alone had remarked he was a little over familiar with her. I couldn't have disagreed more as we were both very fond of him, especially after he tried to serenade us with his guitar playing. After a bus ride of 2 hours and we were in Quito, the capital and I'd completely forgotten that on our trip we had passed the centre of the earth and yet no sign of Doug McClure? On the city buses into the centre of town it was refreshing to meet 2 australian girls who pointed us in the ... read more
With Carlos
Arch La Ronda Quito

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center March 13th 2012

Day 149 Thursday 8th March We had sort of planned on sleeping in till really late but we found ourselves up and moving by 8. The hotel breakfast isn’t exactly great but I guess you can’t expect much when the room is only 100 Sol’s ($35) a night. Because the room is so cheap we thought we would indulge and walk up town to a café and get a decent coffee and a feed. The café up near the main plaza makes a fantastic Cappuccino but unfortunately couldn’t do us a breakfast so after one cup we wandered around town seeing what other options we had. We didn’t end up settling on a place till 10.30 and for our effort got a really ordinary breakfast….sometimes things just elude us. Had a bit more of ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center February 14th 2012

So here I am in Quito, Ecuador. In less then 3 hours I will be on a night bus to Coca, Ecuador, officially known as Francisco de Orellana. It is a small oil town named after the Spanish explorer who first conquered the Amazon River. Francisco de Orellana started his journey in Quito and then traveled east overland to the Coca River then to the Napo River before reaching the Amazon River, which he rode all the way through Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean. I will be taking pretty much the same path except for the fact when I reach the Atlantic Ocean I will be making a right turn, or I mean I will be heading south while Orellana headed north. Coca is off the "Gringo trail." Travelers do go there but usually fly in ... read more

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