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South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island November 13th 2012

Day one in the Galapagos After an early flight from Quito with our fellow travellers from Gap tours we finally arrived at our boat after a bus trip across the island of Santa Cruz then a tender across the bay of Las Gretas and picked up our boat. A total of fifteen people on the boat from Canada, Australia, America and the UK of varying ages and a great bunch. After lunch we visited the nearby Darwin Centre and caught our first glimpse of the wildlife including marine iguanas sunning themselves on the rocks, sea lions on the jetty and giant frigate birds hovering overhead. We saw giant tortoises that were bred on the island to help restore the depleted stock that had been made nearly extinct by predators including the human variety as well as ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island September 6th 2012

We departed Colonial House at 6 AM for the airport in order to catch our flight to Isla Baltra where the main airport for the Galapagos is located. After a bit of confusion regarding how to purchase transit tickets and where the security line started, we made it to the gate with plenty of time to spare before our flight departed at 7:40. After a short comfortable flight connecting through Guayaquil to Isla Baltra, we met up with the guide and the rest of the passengers on the yacht. From there we took a bus to a small pier, hopped on a Zodiac, and boarded the Floreana. Our first stop on the Floreana was the Island of North Seymour, which it is tiny island just North of Isla Baltra/Santa Cruz. On the way to the island, ... read more
Snorkeling in North Seymour
Pelican on the motor
Land Iguana

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island August 16th 2012

This morning we had to say goodbye to the Queen of the Galapagos and her wonderful crew members. Primicias Ranch We rode the bus up to the island to go to a privately owned ranch which allows wild Giant Galapagos Tortoises to roam free in and out of the property. Javier showed us some giant shells from some tortoises that had died in previous years, and we tried them on. They weighed about 60lbs. The whole tortoise could weigh about 500lbs on average (most of the weight coming from their 30% bodyfat), and could live to an average of 150 years. We explored the ranch, finding tortoises having mudbaths or snacking, or inviting Galapagos Finches to come clean them of pests. The Twins Next we visited the twins, where giant underground caves ... read more
Justin Hiding
I like toitles
Galapagos Tortoise & Finch

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island August 15th 2012

We got up early this morning to watch the sunrise, and observe the boat pulling into the spot where we would spend today. Justin and I argued over whether the island was called ''Chinese Hat'' Island or ''Chinese Hut'' Island, until the capitan came out, pointed to the island and said ''Sombrero China!'' HA! I win Chinese Hat Island We had a wet landing on this island, jumping out into the surf on a gorgeous white sand beach. We then walked over lava flows around the island, spotting more Sally Lightfoot Crabs, Galapagos Sea Lions kissing, and an American oystercatcher. On the other side of the island there was a cliff down to the water, and right after we got over there, several huge waves hit, spraying up 20ft into the sky. One was bigger than ... read more
Brown Pelican
Gail being swallowed by wave
Galapagos Flamingo

שלום לכולם! אני רוצה להגיד תודה לכל האנשים שמדי פעם כותבים לי מייל ומגיבים לבלוג. זה ממש מחמם לנו את הלב! כשאני כותבת ככה פוסט אחר פוסט, זה מרגיש שאני שולחת אותם לאויר ו - פוף - בזה זה נגמר. אבל כשאתם כותבים משהוא בחזרה - זה נותן לי הרגשה שיש שם מישהוא בחוץ, אז תודה רבה!!! בצער רב וביגון אני רוצה להודיע שבדרך פלא נמחקו לנו בערך 100 תמונות מהאיים, מהמצלמה. אלו היו תמונות משגעות, בהן אני עושה פוזות של כלב ים ודימה עושה פוזות של דוגמנית בגדי-ים, על החוף הכי יפה בגאלפגוס. שנינו לא נגענו במצלמה - זו בהחלט... read more
שלט שראינו בגאלפגוס
המיטות שלנו על הספינה
המיטות שלנו על הספינה 2


Arrival Day Day 1 So after a few days settling into the Galapagos way of life it was time to get on a boat and see some of the other islands. It was an early start which I was soon to find out would be a common theme and I waited outside the tour agency for 2 others I was meeting before going to Baltra Island to meet the boat. Soon after I arrived the others turned up...they were a couple, Mike and Elise from Canada. We had a good chat while in the taxi before meeting our guide Veronica at the airport then getting our bus transfer to the port where our boat the Aida Maria was waiting. My first impressions of the boat were good everything seemed very posh and expensive and completely out ... read more
Sally Lightfoot Crab
Puerto Ayora
Nazca Boobie

A 10 hour bus took me back to the action packed Quito. Paola and her family insisted that I stayed with them when I returned so I kindly accepted their offer and they picked me up from a nearby bus station. I then spent the Monday picking up my passport from the Embassy and also seeing if my cards had arrived (which they hadn´t). I had re-arranged my flight to the Galapagos for the Wednesday so I was really hoping the cards would arrive on the Tuesday....I spent the day waiting in and around the Spanish School I was at hoping a FedEx van would pull up. Eventually at 4pm the package turned up and I couldn´t take the smile off my face...I went to the cash point and checked they worked which they did ... read more
Me with the Nicest Family In Ecuador!
Tortuga Bay

Sarah and I were up and on the deck at 5:30 to watch the sunrise. It was a bit cloudy so we did not get a spectacular sunrise. Still, it was nice to look out over the glass-like ocean as the colors changed. To the north we could see Chinese Hat and the new lava flow on Santiago. It feels like ages since we were there, yet at the same time it was like yesterday. We motor east now, for our last visit, a dinghy tour around Daphne Major. It is a pretty small island so the boat tour did not take long. About 10 years ago it was possible for small groups to do a land visit, but not any more. It sounded like there are a ton of blue footed boobies that nest in ... read more
We will 40 years...
Sunrise over the Beagal Islands
Moon over water

Blog on Santa Cruz - our Galapagos extension. The extension was easy enough... Think they are glad to have people stay on....extra revenue and all, at Galapagos prices!!! We only had to pay $10 to change that was all and it would have been free but we changed our destination to Guayaquil instead of Quito. So the six of us (Lisa, Andeas, Hanita and Archna) headed back into town (bus-boat- bus... About an hour and a bargain at only about $3) and began our search for a hostel.... After looking at almost all of them, including 'The Red Footed Booby', which at $80 per night there was no way in the world we could ever afford, but we tried our luck for a deal nevertheless, we plumped on 2 triples at 'Hotel Gardner', which had a ... read more

We were up earlier than we would like given that we did not need to meet our boat at the channel between Baltra (the island with the airport) and Santa Cruz until noon. But when the last bus is at 9 (for $1.80) and the alternative is an $18 cab, up by 7 is the logical choice. We visited our favorite breakfast place one last time (although we may never know the restaurants name) and ordered the usual: pancakes for Sarah and the continental for me. $8.54. At 8:30 we caught a cab to the bus station which, for reasons I can't begin to imagine, is well out of town on the north side. It's as if they are expecting a huge amount of sprawl and to some day have service to Quito... We arrived at ... read more
Upper deck
Joined by a frigate bird
Frigate bird

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