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South America » Colombia » San Gil July 7th 2014

Onze eerste ochtend in San Gil begon niet veelbelovend. We wachtten op onze hotelkamer tot 8.00u, want dan pas werd het ontbijt geserveerd, om dan tot de vaststelling te komen dat het ontbijt niet inbegrepen was en we er ook niet voor konden bijbetalen. Dan maar naar de terminal vertrokken voor de bus naar Barichara, toen bleek dat die vandaag uitzonderlijk niet reed omdat de plaatselijke ‘Tour de Colombia’ werd georganiseerd. Dan maar plan B: we zetten de buggy snel terug af in ons hotelletje dat om de hoek lag en namen de bus richting Charala. Onderweg stapten we af om naar de Cascadas de Juan Curi te gaan. Een stevige klim door de jungle bracht ons tot aan de voet van de indrukwekkende waterval van 180 meter hoog. Casper stapte de hele weg zelf, echt ... read more
De 'Tour de Colombia'
Wachten op de bus met in elke hand een nieuw speeltje
Onderweg naar de waterval van Juan Curi

South America » Colombia » San Gil June 20th 2014

Our Arrival Our bus from Bogota dropped us off at the terminal up the hill and over the river from the town at 3:20pm. We walked down the hill and left across the bridge which is calle 12 and took the first right down carrera 11 which is where a lot of the hotels are next to the river. It took 20mins to walk there along the side of the road. There wasn't much of a path. Where We Stayed Hotel San Carlos - Carrera 11 and calle 12. COP$20,000 for a double room with TV, fan and shared bathroom. COP$30,000 for a private bath. Towels and soap provided. Cold water showers. Internet works on both levels. What We Did Walked up to the cross on the other side of the river for views of the ... read more

South America » Colombia » San Gil February 24th 2014

Saturday 22nd February (Odyssey Day 106) Another travel day today, it’s a good thing Ithaca is comfortable since we spend so much time aboard her. We left Bogota at 0900 which was a rather late start actually and Hannah and I managed to find the time to head across the road to a café for muffins for breakfast. Whilst there I got chatting with an American girl who was there doing work for a documentary on Colombia. It was interesting to hear what someone who had already been in the country a few weeks had to say about the increasing tourism of the area, as well as the pre-conceived ideas most people have when coming here. The reputation of Colombia is something we have all heard, and the most common things people mention when I said ... read more
Travel Day
San Gil
San Gil

South America » Colombia » San Gil » Barichara August 19th 2013

san gil y barichara... read more
san gil
san gil

South America » Colombia » San Gil November 27th 2012

With only a few weeks left in Colombia, I really wanted to visit San Gil which is billed as the extreme sports capital of Colombia. About an 8 hour drive outside of Bogotá, four of us went in the car on Friday night and had the Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday there as it was a bank holiday weekend (again!). San Gil itself was amazing, a really beautiftul colonial town up in the mountains with blue skies and lots of sun. Perfect for chilling out in the late afternoons and evenings after the day's activities, especially as we had a nice outdoor jacuzi in the hostel bar! The first day we were a little tired from the journey and decided to save the weekend's main activity, white water rafting, for Sunday. The guys in the ... read more
Photo 9
Photo 11
Photo 12


South America » Colombia » San Gil October 25th 2012

San Gil!!! ohh San Gil!What an absolutely amazing place!I left Bucaramanga on Thursday the 25th early, up at 6am to get to the Paragliding Rendezvous. I wasn't going to let what happened the previous day with the climbing happen for the paragliding! I packed up all of my stuff and hobbled out of Kasi Guane headed for the main road, the 33. Once there I waited for a bus to take me to Papi Quiero Piña. After waiting for about 15 minutes, I became impatient and decided to catch a taxi. It was going to be much easier than trying to s... read more

South America » Colombia » San Gil October 13th 2012

Hello from Colombia. We have made our way up to Colombia, a country in the North of South America. We spent 4 nights in the capital city called Bogota. The city is built 2600 meters above sea level, this means that it can give some people altitude sickness (dizziness, tiredness and feeling sick) because it is so high. For this reason we decided to spend a few days there to get used to the height as we were tired a lot of the time and walking up hills was making us more puffed than usual!!! Once we felt better again, we decided to walk around La Candelaria, the old town of Bogota which had many beautiful buildings in. We also walked along a main high street which could have been in London! In one road, in ... read more

South America » Colombia » San Gil September 21st 2012

When it comes to outdoor sports in Colombia, don’t look further, San Gil is the destination to head to and as I rarely miss an occasion to go white water rafting, rappelling or trekking, here I was slowly making my way toward it from the Caribbean coast. A 10 hours bus ride south from Santa Marta all the way to Bucaramanga followed by another 2 hours and half on curvy mountain roads later, I finally arrived in the tiny town of San Gil. Early morning and the town is already bustling : cattle trucks are queuing to deliver vegetables and fruits to the nearby market, rancheros wearing the classic cowboy hat are going in and out of the building loaded with wooden boxes while the oldest are chit chatting on the town main square. Having heard ... read more
Slowly but surely
trying to keep my balance, easier said than done !
No turn back, behind me 70 meters down....

South America » Colombia » San Gil September 19th 2012

hello friends and fam! it's tuesday evening now, we're relaxing in our hotel room in san gil right now after another long day. i'll jump back to what happened on sunday first, to explain the pictures. in the morning we made the trek up to monserrate, a beautiful church located on top of one of the andes peaks that run north/south and abut bogota to the east. carmen and i rode the cable car up the cliffside, a total gain of about 1700 feet in less than 5 minutes, but adam, being his burly self, took the long way and walked up the steep stairway and met us there. it was a beautiful view to behold...the church itself is incredible, with hundreds of people also making the journey to be present for the sunday sermon, plus ... read more
bogota and monserrate
bogota and monserrate
the hard way up

South America » Colombia » San Gil » Barichara August 20th 2012

Destination-San Gil Colombia, the adventure capital of Colombia. We arrive in san gill after a few days in the countryside in villa de leyva. Seeking a bit of action in San gill, I had the upcoming week planned in my head....Monday mountain Biking, Tuesday River Rafting, Wednesday paragliding. After some convincing, Monday arrives and we sign up for a 12 hour day of extreme downhill mountain biking.The day consisted of driving up into the mountains in a 4x4 range rover and speeding down ski slope type hills through the mountain range. Pure utopia for me, less so for Dani. In my element, I speed ahead of the group soaking up the breathtaking views while Dani, cautiously hangs back and enjoys the ride at her leisurely pace. Now, those who know Dani will already foresee how this ... read more

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