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September 27th 2012
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NOTE: THIS TRIP WAS GORGEOUS. The travel through the mountains made the drive close to 3 hours, but it was awesome.

Just like to give an update on some of my experiences.

1st: I have found that a TON of people here play instruments and love to play in bands. One of my best friends here is an avid drummer, and he and I have gotten together with a few kids at my high school to jam. Very cool.

2nd: Last weekend I took a trip to buenaventura to go whale watching. While the day was extremely fun (and a good excuse to get out of school) we only saw one whale, and it was very far away. However, the boat ride was awesome, and we got to see some beautiful areas including a couple of waterfalls. I will do my best to upload pictures asap.

3rd: I've realized that here in Colombia family time is extremely important. I have yet to have a weekend where my family does not get together with cousins, aunts, grandparents, etc. This is reaaaaally cool.

4th: I've also realized that during the week, friends never hang out. If I wasn't involved in soccer, I think I would be pretty bored during the week. I've asked my friends what they do after school and the answer I keep getting is "I don't know, watch TV, study, I don't know." The main reason for this is that everyone lives kind of far away, and transportation is a hassle. Also, it gets dark around 6, so there isn't much daylight. Instead, kids host parties on the weekends and hang out by pools all day (this is super awesome ).

5th: I'm changing soccer teams officially. The first team I was with (el Barca) turned out to be fairly disorganized and unfortunately I wasn't learning much. I have a couple options that I will be checking out this week and next week.

Anyways, next update will be soon. Sorry about the huge delay here I'm just a little bit distracted with all the awesomeness


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