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South America » Colombia » Bogota December 10th 2012

Well I am alive! Reason for no blog till now is hostel in Santa Marta lost its wifi the day I arrived and likely still doesnt have it. But preceeding that I had milled about the hostel in Cartagena wondering if I ought to go out that Thursday night. I passed by "Havana Club" looked dark and dank, but returned a little later to odd stares by the bouncers! Not the type of place you wear shorts and a wife-beater T-shirt to. So slid home and showered and put a nice shirt on and headed back. Ok the cover alone was 15,000 pesos or 9 bucks and beers were 8000 a drink 23000 and a little bottle of liqour to share started at 150k...big bottles dont ask! Am so glad I did go and it was ... read more
Club Havana
Club Havana
Club Havana

South America » Colombia » Bogota November 25th 2012

The last couple of weeks have been..... eventful, to say the least. Let's start at the beginning, before the robbery, before Colombia, even. Otavalo, the town with the biggest market in South America was interesting, hilarious and a little frightening at one point. We stayed at a hostel called Rose Cottage, about 3km out of town, up in the hills. It is a beautiful property, run by a gorgeous (and mildly insane) Ecuadorean woman named Rosa. She usually lives in London with her family, so we were very lucky to have her there with us, driving us around in her beat up 4WD (and getting lost), cooking us breakfast and telling us... well, everything! On our first day, we decided to go and see the market on a regular weekday, as we had heard it can ... read more
My spectacular dog bite
Bogotá graffiti
Beautiful Bogotá

South America » Colombia » Bogota November 17th 2012

So I did the Funicular up to the top of Montserrat 3200 meters! Sadly its gotten very cool here and rainy most of the time so I'll leave my comfy digs here Monday morning and head the 10 hours by bus to Cali. Last night was a sponsored party bus to a crazy steakhouse/club leaving at 10pm returning at 330am! I signed up....hell I'm a glutton for punishment. So i hiked my lazy but to the other hostel and waited...and waited. Turns out not enough people signed up sadly. So with my money refunded i slinked around La Candelaria till midnight then crashed. Today I hid in my room till the teens here for a conference cleared out for the day then did my shower/morning thing. Off for lunch haha found Bandeja Paisa for 11000 pesos ... read more
Me haha.
City scape.

South America » Colombia » Bogota November 16th 2012

Well tis my 3rd night here and been mellow so far. Was up way to early for any sane human (read 5:30am). Did my morning thing before all the younger folks get up and use up all the hot water and generally make life more difficult haha. The "breakfast" here is coffee and a chunk of bread and cereal....yuck. So I slithered off a few blocks and got fixins' for a better meal for 5100 pesos or 2.90 usd yay. Then come 9am I wanted a certain map and so I pestered Ingrid the stunning receptionist to find me one, but alas to no avail. So wandered to the local tourist office where the day before there were huge albeit peaceful protests. Walked up to a national policeman with a teargas gun and asked where the ... read more
Museo Del Oro.
Local private college
Sprayin' the trees!

South America » Colombia » Bogota November 14th 2012

Well after 36 rough hours I'm in bogota! It's 1130 pm here and after 3 hours of fitful sleep in last 36 hours.....I'm gonna nap haha. No pictures tonight etc etc. I did however in seattle after having pre flight drinks with little brother meet a lovely woman named Carol on her way to Oaxaca. Arriving in LA i wanted a cigarette badlyyyyyyyyy so i left her with my luggage to look at some pictures i have of Oaxaca on my laptop. I was unconcerned about could tell she was a decent woman. Anyways turns out i wasnt allowed back in haha so we called each other numerous times missing each other each time until a TSA agent brought me my bags....haha im such a dumbass. But no harm no foul met a great friend ... read more


South America » Colombia » Bogota November 14th 2012

Buenas tardes from the courtyard of my hostal. Well I wandered the city a bit in between rainstorms and still feeling effectively buggered from my flights down here! But even so I did get out a bit today and took a few pictures. However I feel a nap coming on soon....haha. It's likely the altitude messing with me or the head spinning gorgeous women that are everywhere! It's been cool here which is great because that lends itself to awesome sleep. Bed is cold when ya crawl in but under the handmade wool blanket its perfect come 7am. Ok so a note on transportation here...I'm certain everyone has seen the articulated busses? Well here there are some that are....DOUBLE! It's insane...90 feet of bus.....dang! Pictures to follow of course. Be right back....I need a beer. Between ... read more
Triple threat!
Quiet morning.
Triple threat!

South America » Colombia » Bogota November 2nd 2012

So we made it to bogota after a 13 hour connecting flight from london to paris to bogota. We arrive not knowing what to expect really after hearing many stories about colombias past and lots of fear being driven onto us from the foreign advice bureau website. But after arriving in the late afternoon, we are pleasantly surprised that bogota is less third world and more like a european city. We have had a few problems in bogota but most mainly due to a bit of bad luck, adams bag didnt arrive with our plane and was left in paris however he was given a lovely white tshirt, 100 euros and a free toothbrush as he didnt have it. Next our ordered taxi decided not to turn up so we en up getting in a big ... read more
Cerro de monstserrate views

South America » Colombia » Bogota October 31st 2012

Wednesday - 31 October - Today i took a 5 hour bike tour of the city. It renewed my enthusiasm. It was an excellent insight into the history of Bogota. We visited a coffee factory, a fruit market the size of two football pitches, a cemetery, the red light district, the abortion zone, sampled street food, i even hung upside down on some graffitti (apparently it's what the kids do, not bad for an old bird, still your flexible friend!). I even made a new friend, captain Jack the Llama. It was hallow's eve and the city was thriving for it. Everyone was dressed up, especially the little kids. When we got back to the hostel someone had broken out the rum and people were chatting about what they would dress up as. I hadn't intended ... read more
Halloween Lama
Halloween Street Party

South America » Colombia » Bogota October 29th 2012

Monday - 29 October - touch down in Bogota, Columbia and jumped into a yellow cab to the Cranky Croc hostel, despite it's name, not run by an aussie, come to think of it i never did meet the owner just a series of hostel workers some columbian some other nationalities!! the cab driver was quirky maybe too old to be driving because when i spotted Monserrate in the distance and pointed, he pulled over to make sure he answered 'yes' correctly, this wouldn't have been too bad on a normal road, but we were on the freeway and he had stopped on the fork of a junction off it, much to the confusion and annoyance of all the other cars on the road, it would have been an instant fail in the driving test. i ... read more
Bogota 010
Photo 15

South America » Colombia » Bogota October 3rd 2012

When I was a kid, I remember my dad spending quite a bit of time in Colombia. For those of you that don’t know, at that time he worked for Baker Hughes which is where I started my career. It’s too bad he didn’t have a blog back then because, like me, he also traveled internationally quite frequently and came back home with great recounts of his adventures abroad. Colombia back then was a much different place. I remember he told me that he used to carry two passports; his government issued US document and a fake Canadian version just in case he was kidnapped (sorry, Canadian friends, but at the time, you Canucks commanded less ransom potential). He told me about how on the front page of the Bogotá newspaper they had a daily count ... read more
Bogota from Monserrate summit
Beautiful churches
Leaving the office

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