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South America » Colombia » Bogota September 25th 2013

We survived the Bogota traffic jam and made it back to our hostel safely. Fortunately our bags were still at the hostel and with all their contents! We were again told that we would be staying in an apartment rather than the main hostel building. We were led to the same building, but this time up to the fourth floor and into a large two bedroom apartment – not bad for 30AUD per night! It would have been even better if the hot water worked… I spent the next few hours on the phone to approximately a million people at our airline trying to sort out our flight home which they decided to change to a day later without telling us. Eventually we decided to give up trying to get any sense out of the call ... read more
Worshipping Wok
Art at Museo Nacional
Old door at Museo Nacional

South America » Colombia » Bogota September 21st 2013

We arrived in Bogota just before 9am following an early flight (and even earlier taxi!) from Armenia. Fortunately our room was ready so we were able to check in as soon as we arrived at the hostel. The lady said our room wasn’t in the main building so walked us to an apartment block nearby and showed us to our very own studio apartment complete with kitchen which would be our home for the next two nights. Our apartment was in the La Candalaria district of Bogota, which is close to most of the major sites and museums. The suburb is really strange, there are gorgeous old building (sometimes covered in terrible graffiti) right next to grimey ‘newer’ building which look like they were transplanted from communist Russia. Its shame they didn’t think about architecture of ... read more
Our apartment
Plaza de Bolivar
Iglesia de San Ignacio

South America » Colombia » Bogota June 24th 2013

Posle tačno 8 meseci vraćam se rodnoj grudi. Slećem na aerodrom u Frankfurtu i tačno sat ipo vremena pešačim sa jednog gejta na drugi, odakle za nekoliko sati letim za Budimpeštu. Sat ipo? Ovo nije aerodrom, ovo je čitav grad, ničija zemlja prepuna ljudi u potpunoj panici jer se plaše da će propustiti sledeći let za ko zna koji deo planete. Sedam da pojedem sendvič i popijem kafu i obuzme me zadovoljstvo. Ne jer sam dala za sendvič 10 evra, već jer mi ti ukusi preplavljuju usta i telo. I shvatim. Nisam pojela tako dobar sendvič, niti popila tako dobru kafu skoro godinu dana. A odakle sam sletela? Iz Kolumbije, zemlje kafe i najviše vrsti voća i povrća na svetu. Kakva tuga! Odjednom sva ta kafa u mom koferu zbog koje sam za malo prešla dozvoljene ... read more

South America » Colombia » Bogota June 10th 2013

Etz höckli scho daa in Madrid ufme Flughafebänkli und chans chuum erwarte, ändlich id Schwiiz zflüge =) Natürli bini au chli trurig das mis Reisli scho ume isch, sgad so rassig verbii die 5 Mönet ! Nachdem dConny mich wieder verlah hät, hani mi vo Ecuador uf de Wäg nach Kolumbie gmacht. Wilmer nurno 10 Täg verblibe sind, hani mer zwei Ort ganz zHerze gno zum bsueche: Cali, bekannt fürd Salsaszene und Cartagena, swohl schönschte und farbfrohenschte Städtli ade Küste vo Kolumbie. Ufem Wäg uf Cali bini ines Gspröch cho mitme Kolumbianer, öpe so um di 50i ume. Er hätmer verzellt daser e eigni Kafifarm, öpe 3h weg vo Cali hät. Natürli häter mi grad wele zu sich hei ilade! S ischmer parmal passiert das mich Familie oder kolumbianischi Lüüt händ wele ilade. Bi ois wür ... read more
Hostal Viajero
Hostal Viajero :D
Hostal Viajero


South America » Colombia » Bogota May 28th 2013

(Post from Mike) In retrospect, the plan to packlife our entire life on a Monday and then embark on a 63-day backpacking tour on a Tuesday morning may have been a tad ambitious. But we have done it! I am sitting next to Jess in the wonderful Avainca airport lounge in Bogota, Columbia awaiting our connection to La Paz, Bolivia later tonight. Seriously, the Bogota airport so far puts Air Canada to shame. There are little ham and cheese sandwiches everywhere, high speed Internet, and even a Burger King serving the exact same stuff as we can get on Yonge Street. Most importantly, the security scanning officials here even didn't make me remove all of my miniature liquids one by one and then examine each as if my Gillette shaving cream may contain smallpox 2.0. Thanks ... read more
Mike looking a bit nervous in the 6am cab to the airport - South America here we come!
Mike joyously discovering Canada Dry in the Bogota lounge

South America » Colombia » Bogota May 23rd 2013

Warned by our airline that immigration may turn us around for not having an exit ticket from Colombia we encountered no issues on our arrival and made it to the famous capital city.... read more

South America » Colombia » Bogota February 19th 2013

I want to and have to start writing about Colombia before i start to forget(oh how could i forget it anyway) The best year of my life,the life that i had longed for started on January 31st of 2012 You may wonder,why Colombia? As we all know,it is supposed to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world,it's stuck with drug trafficking,violence,kidnapp,corruption etcetc.From what we read in newspaper it's quite a fucked up country.My friends still can't figure out why i went there(India either) and they didn't even know where it is and thought i went to the Columbia University in US. That's a long story to tell.My major in university is Spanish,so it's normal to go abroad in third year and practice the language and normal people choose Spain,well i was one of ... read more

South America » Colombia » Bogota February 13th 2013

Kolumbija je zemlja velikih rasnih razlika. Izgleda kao da se ceo svet sjatio ovde da napravi najveću mešavinu lica raznih boja i karakteristika. Od crnaca, preko plavih, onih koji bi lako mogli da prođu kao Srbi, Francuzi, Španci, sve do vrlo egzotičnih lica koji nas podsećaju na Maje i Inke, na južnoameričke domoroce. I dalje pokušavam da dokučim identitet svih tih ljudi koji izgledaju tako različito, a svi se identifikuju istom zemljom i u sebi nose isti, jak ponos. Prošlost svoju ne znaju. Svesni su svog izgleda, ali ni ne razmišljaju o genima. Špance nikako ne vole, vide ih kao nekoga ko je došao, sve opljačkao, iskoristio, tlačio ljude, a zatim pobegao ostavljajući pustoš i tugu. To jako osećanje postoji u svima njima i dan danas i ako podsećaju likom na Špance, mogu čak i da ... read more

South America » Colombia » Bogota February 5th 2013

We arrived in Bogota, Colombia on Saturday but before I write about that I thought I would give a quick summary on Venezuela. So here it is… The good bits…. · Surprisingly good food (except at the ranch). We ate very well for very little money. They serve a lot of beef but also chicken etc. Lots of corn based stuff including corn breads like arepas. The largest avocados we have ever seen, also other interesting fruits and veggies. Very tasty soups · Brilliant guides who were delighted to help and go the extra mile including changing money for us at black market rates · Very under developed tourism with hardly any other Brits, no Americans and a few Germans · Very few people speak English · Great and fascinating countryside with brilliant and undisturbed wildlife ... read more
IMG_1311 Bogota

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