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January 23rd 2010
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So it's my last night in chile. Unreal how time flys by! I wish that I would have planned my flights a bit differently. Cause I'm always in class in the week and there hasn't been much time to see the south or north of chile. Apparently the south is unbelievably beautiful. So if I had to do it again, I would have booked two weeks of school and a week just to see the other parts. So that's my tip to anyone who has the foolish idea that they want to learn Spanish in SA. Haha right now, if I hadn't already paid, I would never go back to school to learn Spanish. Maybe that's just cause I am not gifted in languages. But nothing in life worth having comes easy. I'm pretty sure that my Spanish is worse this week than last. Perhaps it was my teacher. Yes, I'm totally willing to put the blame on someone else . The first week, my teacher was amazing but the last two weeks, this guy has been terrible!!! He is so boring and is the opposite of inspiring me to learn Spanish. I'm praying argenina has better teachers.

But I wouldn't take any of my time here in Santiago back. It's been the perfect country to start at. I feel I have an understanding of the culture and country. Which is exactly what I wanted. Ooohh I am so proud of myself, I went salsa dancing!!!! It was sooo much fun! I can totally understand why people love to dance. And when I say dance, I don't mean just flapping around on a dance floor in a disco (that's what they call bars here). It was so funny, because the majority of the people at the school are German or Swiss. So during the class we all are in a circle with a partner and then we swith every 3 minutes or so. Anyway, the most terrible dancers! So the European men that I've met cannot dance! Ok that's a stereotype... There was a couple good ones (I'm not saying I was better than them but now I know how people feel if they dance with me But I danced with a Chilean and wow! So much fun!

I went to a museum of human rights today. Made me feel so sad and just like crying for these people. It is a brand new museum and has only been open for 1 week. There is a section where there is a video of when Pinochet took power and bombed their parliment building... Surreal. The more interesting part is watching the faces of the chileans watching the movie. I really dislike how ignorant I am of world events. So many people were killed here! Sad but it makes me feel more knowledgable of this culture.

On the other hand, it was so nice because it was air conditioned! In 3 weeks, I've found only two buildings with A/C! The post office and the museum. It's a novelty for me now! So send me your address so I have an excuse to go to the post office! I'm just getting used to being in 35 degree weather and being hot and gross. I am quite used to not having fresh clothes either. Ooh surprise, darc is wearing the same clothes again! Stinky Canadian haha.
Overall it's been great. I'm super excited for Argentina though!!

Darc is wearing the same clothes again! That stinky canadian!


24th January 2010

Nevermind the repeat of that bottom sentence. Oops
25th January 2010

...i thought i was me...
....who was dancing good with you ;) now i m really jealousy about that ;))) you are not that bad...just with no experience ....stinky ;) besos muchos..pascal
25th January 2010

Do you know have a mailing address? Maybe I can send YOU something...lets hope its a busy day at the post office, and you can enjoy the A/C longer :) Do you want me to send you a shirt? Love you!
26th January 2010

Darci, I love reading your blog... very interesting, keep it coming. :)

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