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South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine February 3rd 2010

Hola! Back from Torres Del Paine and now in Puerto Natales so giving you a quick insight into what we did. 29/1/09 Get the bus from El Calafate to Puerto Natales in Chile. The border crossing is a real pain in the ass. Have to go though 2 separate controls - one in Argentina and one in Chile. Dogs are running around giving most things a sniff. Get to Puerto Natales and immediately get accosted to a hostel by a female Chilean whose English sounds a lot more like Chinese - ´I have boyfwiend in Basil!´. I don´t care about your Brazilian boyfriend. Her hostel is terrible. When we ask her where we can leave our bags when we go to Torres Del Paine she thinks for a bit and then points to a nearby ledge. ... read more

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 29th 2010

After an unsettling night with a very early start and the fact that I was woken up at 2.00am with two new dorm mates arriving in the dorm, I got up for a 5.30 am start for the day trip to Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. Noelina, my dorm mate, joined me and we waited in the lobby for the bus. After spending a lengthy time at Argentine/Chilean immigration/customs, we met our guide who was going to take us round the park and after a comfort stop at Cerro Castillo, a Chilean border town, we transferred to our mini bus. We first stopped at Lago Sarmiento then onto Laguna Amarga where we saw stunning views of the three Torres, that the park is famously renowned for! We saw a variety of animals in the ... read more
View of the Cuernos!
Torres del Paine National Park
Cerro Castillo

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 18th 2010

Op 9 januari aangekomen in Puerto Natales om heel de namiddag grote inkopen te doen om "el circuito" in het nationaal park Torres Del Paine te overleven. Een gasvuurtje, pan, bekers,bestek, regenkledij, handschoenen en kilo´s eten gingen de volgende dagen onze rugzak maken tot een stevig pakket van 15 kilo. De volgende dag om 7.30u de bus genomen naar Torres Del Paine om rond 11u onze eerste stappen te zetten van onze 9 dagen durende tocht in de natuur. De eerste dag hebben we 14km gestapt tussen de bloemen op een vlak weggetje dat tussen de bergen kronkelde naar de eerste camping Seron. Deze dag was niet zwaar maar toch even wennen vanwege de zware balast die we voor de eerste keer gedurende lange tijd op onze rug droegen. Diezelfde avond kennis gemaakt met enkele mede-el-circuito-stappers ... read more
Dag 1: 14km naar camping Seron
Dag 1: 14km naar camping Seron
Dag 1: 14km naar camping Seron

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 11th 2010

We spent the weekend at Torres del Paine National Park and what a weekend it was. All the superlatives you can muster don't do justice to Torres del Paine - a stunning setting with snow-capped granite peaks, lakes, rivers, glaciers and mountain valleys. On Friday we drove from Punta Arenas to the National Park via Puerto Natales and arrived there for a truck lunch near Lago Grey Hotel. Then it was off on a boat tour on Lago Grey to see the Grey Glacier at its northern end. It took an age to get there but was well worth it when we did - the sheer size of the glacier along with the sculpted, blue-tinged edge was spectacular. While the boat was wandering along the glacier's edge, we were served with pisco sour (a local drink) ... read more
Approaching Grey Glacier
The TorresMirador with the peaks in the background
Francis valley glacier

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 11th 2010

Lions, Tigers, and Bears.... Actually it is Guanacos, Nadus, and Zorros... What a beautiful place. Reminds me of Yosemite in California... read more
Sheep Hearding


South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 7th 2010

Hi, Torres Del Paine National Park, is probably the most famous National Park of Chile, although it is very remote and you have to bring your own supplies from the city of Puerto Natales, 120 Km away from the Park... Since we arrived by car from north - and not from Puerto Natales as most muchileros do, we found that there is no place to get information nor to buy food for the staying in the park, which means BAD news - since we could not bring with us fresh food from Argentina... We arrived to the Park directly after passing the borde, due to Chilean strict regulations in the border. Luckily, we did bring with us a lot of dry food (pasta, tuna, biscuits etc.). We did manage also to find a tiny shop (sadly ... read more
Clouds on the Cuernos
The Skunk
Crossing the suspension bridge

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 3rd 2010

PUNTA ARENAS, TORRES DEL PAINE 30.12.2009-3.1.2010 Barbadoksella alkoivat Braunin Oral-B -sähköhammasharjan harjat loppua. Arvatkaa yritinkö löytää niitä eri suurkaupunkien - Quito, Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires - sähkölaitteiden erikoiskaupoista, useista suurista tavarataloista ja apteekeista. Kukaan ei ollut koskaan kuullutkaan moisesta. Panin kaiken kielitaidottomuuteni piikkiin. ”Tiene cepillos electricos para los dientes?” Kysyin neuvoa hostellien pitäjiltä, espanjankielen opettajilta, turisti-infojen emänniltä. Eteläamerikkalaiseen maailmankuvaan ei mahdu sähköhammasharja, päättelin. Se on sitäkin hämmästyttävämpää, kun Quiton, Liman, Rion ja Buenos Airesin aika mahtipontisista kaupungeista voi muuten ostaa vaikka mitä ihmeellistä, outoa ja harvinaista. Sinänsä pieni asia - sähköhammasharjan kaipuu - saattaa alentaa elämässä vi... read more
Punta Arenas 065
Punta Arenas 074
Punta Arenas 085

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine December 31st 2009

Hlavni atrakci jsou Torres del Paine (Painovy veze nebo modre veze), tri zulove prsty tycici se do vysky 2850 m.n.m, ktere jsou 800m vysoke. Jsou dost podobne Tre Cime-Trem Prstum v Dolomitech v Italii. Vetsinu casu jsou vsak Torres v mracich, takze ne kazdy ma to stesti, ze je spatri nasvicene rannim sluncem, tak jak jsou vyfoceny na pohledech. DEN 1 Rano mame budicek v 4.10, sice obcas kapne, ale my, stejne jako dalsich 40 obyvatel kempu, vyrazime nahoru na vyhlidku doufajic, ze se to roztrhne a slunce na chvilku vyleze. Hadejte jak to dopadlo. Dobre. Slunce sice nevylezlo, ale majestatne veze jsme videli. Jini videli v jine dny pouze mlhu. Slunecne pocasi nas primeje ke zmene planu. Vyrazime nejdriv na trasu W a okruh pujdeme v opacnem smeru, nez radi pruvodce. Pocasi sice neni idelani,ale ... read more

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine December 23rd 2009

Vik's share: An erupting earthquake interrupted our best-laid plans, and in order to progress southward from Chiloe we first had to retrace our steps north. A mad dash for the ferry at Puerto Montt proved hot and fruitless (said ferry was full) and so it was back to the bus in order to journey on. The prospect of a 24-hour journey 'classico' style (classico being a fancy way of saying 'no frills') was only further brightened by our designated route; a great big lovely loop that took us out of Chile, into Argentina, back into Chile. Four border crossings, brilliant, more games. And the really marvellous bit was that we were aiming for Argentina anyway...but of course we couldn't get off there, we were on a Chilean bus. But as our options were not proving enormous, ... read more
Then it started to snow
The Fitz
Patagonian ice field

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine December 4th 2009

My early morning bus ride took me from El Chalten back to El Calafate where I had a short stop before returning to Puerto Natales. The bus back into Chile was totally full and I was dreading what would happen when we hit the border, as previous experience from Bariloche to Pucon taught me it was a slow painful process. And guess what? It was a very slow, painful process. Whereas before we had passed all our bags through an x-ray machine, the border crossing on the way to Puerto Natales was in the middle of nowhere and I don’t think that part of the world will ever see such a high tech machine. So it kind of went like this, we took all our handheld bags off the bus with us, we then waited while ... read more
Lago Grey beach
The Stag
The woodpecker

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