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South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine March 6th 2010 the Mapuche word for describing the blue colour of the glacier.... read more
baby guanaco
one more panorama

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine March 2nd 2010

When I first decided to travel round the world for a year or so, one of my greatest concerns was how I would manage to get around South America when I didn't really speak the language. The idea of doing it all on my own, and the risk of ending up in the wrong location, or even the wrong country, was a little concerning. So, I booked a three week trip though Patagonia with a tour company known as Tucan, thinking that easing into the solo trips might be a good idea. Of course, after I arrived in Argentina I went off and explored Iguazu and Mendoza by myself, so I was feeling a lot more confident in my abilities to find my way around South America by the time I flew south to Ushuaia to ... read more
Ushuaia Town
Charles' own Beer
The Beagle Channel

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine February 27th 2010

We left Ushuaia heading towards Punta Arenas on a bus leaving at 6am and taking about 12 hours. The journey was fairly uneventful, but some of the tundra scenery was lovely to see. When we finally arrived in Punta Arenas we were unsure what to do, I think we were a little punch drunk from the trip, so we wandered around for half an hour not finding a place to stay, however we didn't really look that hard, and finally decided to move on to Puerto Natales, so booked a ticket and left about an hour or so later. When we arrived in Puerto Natales it was late, gone eleven, but the bus was met by a hoard of Hostel owners touting for business, we chose Hostel Nancy, and were driven to the hostel where we ... read more
Ram, Liz, Byron and Marika
Orange Michelin Men
Camp site Rio Serrano

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine February 22nd 2010

The trip is beginning to come to an end so it was time to really organise what we have to do in our last 12 or so days. One of things I did not want to miss out on was The Torres del Paine in Patagonian Chile near the city of Puerta Natales. So after we had seen the biggest continental glaciar in the world we headed for Puerto Natales for one night to get ourselves ready for a two day trek to Torres. Our one night in Natales was nice, we camped near the main centre and met a nice French couple. That evening we went to the Banff Film Festival and enjoyed some short movies on mountaineering etc. We headed to bed after as we were up at 6am to head to the National ... read more

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine February 16th 2010

So after much anticipation, renting gear, attending talks at the Erratic Rock hostel as all trekkers do in Puerto Natales, we took off at 7 am in the morning on the famous bus to Torres del Paine. Rita spent many an hour figuring out how to make sure that we were able to book all of the refugios, bunk beds in a lodge or cabin, and not get stuck with a tent. The bus ride took a couple of hours to get up to the park and it was very rainy and cold outside so we were a little anxious that the weather would stay so gloomy. Everyone had told us though, you can experience 4 different seasons in one day in the park, so they said "dont even put your rain gear on, it will ... read more
The Towers
Look! A mountain!


South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine February 15th 2010

After a few days settled in Argentina and Parque Nacional los Glaciares, it was time to hit the road again and head back to Chile and Chile’s first national park - Torres del Paine. It was about 4 or 5 hours drive and a border crossing from El Calafate. It was another late evening arrival and we found somewhere to camp at Campamento Torres. If we’d thought we were on the gringo trail in PN Los Glaciares, we were well and truly on the trail now. The park is full of hotels and campsites and the campsite at Torres was a sea of tents. Unfortunately, we had arrived at the park with hardly any food, due to the border restrictions when crossing over into Chile, which do not allow fresh produce (fruit, vegetables, meat etc) to ... read more
View up the valley from the mirador
Driving towards the Cuernos from the south-western side of the park
The Cuernos - view from our campsite (not bad!)

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine February 10th 2010

As our travel guide, the South American Handbook, puts it: "Nothing prepares you for the spectacular beauty of Parque Nacional Torres del Paine." Well I won't dispute that, but I must add that nothing prepares you for the wind, the rain, and the rivers of ankle-deep rainwater flowing right along the trails. Weather is often tricky in this beautiful park in the Chilean Patagonia, but we had come during a very funky EL Niño year, and the summer weather was the worst it had been in years. On Saturday, Feb. 6th we travelled by bus from Rio Gallegos, Argentina, westward across the Patagonian tundra to Puerto Natales, Chile, a quiet and pretty town on the edge of the Senoret Fjord. Our hostel was overbooked, so they shuttled us to hotel Niko's II. Hotel Niko's II was ... read more
Welcome to Torres del Paine
All aboard!

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine February 4th 2010

Beste allemaal, Eindelijk weer een computer kunnen vinden voor een korte samenvatting van onze avonturen hier. :) En avonturen hebben we zeker beleefd!! Puerto Natales Het verhaal begint met de voorbereidingen voor (eindelijk) onze eerste meerdaagse trektocht die we gemaakt hebben. Dit hebben we gedaan in het park Torres del Paine in Chili. Voordat het zover was hebben we onszelf een aantdal dagen rust gegeven in het dichtsbijzijnde plaatsje Puerto Natales. Een gezellig, maar toeristisch plaatsje met veel zwerfhonden. De zwerfhonden zijn erg bijzonder hier want ze zien er allemaal eigenlijk wel redelijk goed uit. En ze zijn vooral op zoek naar gezelschap en lopen dus constant achter elke voorbijganger aan en dat straten lang, ook vaak tot aan de camping waar wij op zaten. Het is echt een komen en gaan van honden door heel ... read more

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine February 3rd 2010

Hola! Back from Torres Del Paine and now in Puerto Natales so giving you a quick insight into what we did. 29/1/09 Get the bus from El Calafate to Puerto Natales in Chile. The border crossing is a real pain in the ass. Have to go though 2 separate controls - one in Argentina and one in Chile. Dogs are running around giving most things a sniff. Get to Puerto Natales and immediately get accosted to a hostel by a female Chilean whose English sounds a lot more like Chinese - ´I have boyfwiend in Basil!´. I don´t care about your Brazilian boyfriend. Her hostel is terrible. When we ask her where we can leave our bags when we go to Torres Del Paine she thinks for a bit and then points to a nearby ledge. ... read more

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 29th 2010

After an unsettling night with a very early start and the fact that I was woken up at 2.00am with two new dorm mates arriving in the dorm, I got up for a 5.30 am start for the day trip to Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. Noelina, my dorm mate, joined me and we waited in the lobby for the bus. After spending a lengthy time at Argentine/Chilean immigration/customs, we met our guide who was going to take us round the park and after a comfort stop at Cerro Castillo, a Chilean border town, we transferred to our mini bus. We first stopped at Lago Sarmiento then onto Laguna Amarga where we saw stunning views of the three Torres, that the park is famously renowned for! We saw a variety of animals in the ... read more
View of the Cuernos!
Torres del Paine National Park
Cerro Castillo

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