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South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island April 5th 2008

Chiloe, an island off the coast of Chile is promoted as being a tranquil, undeveloped and beautiful island with a country feel and a very strong and interesting culture. One of the hostels we were looking forward to staying in was promoted in our lonely plant book, and a travel brochure as being a seaside hostel in a beautiful coastal town (Chonchi) with a friendly host that took you on tours of his seafood farm and occasionally cooked big meals from that day's harvest. He had bikes, boats and fishing gear to rent, centrally heated rooms and hot water. The island lived up to the promotion a little more than the hostel. I was a little let down by the island though and very let down up the hostel. Still, it was still an interesting experience ... read more
Dinner being cooked in Ancud
Dinner in Ancud
Dinner on a deck which is falling down

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island March 5th 2008

I went to the island of Chiloé (Chee-low-ay) hoping to find few tourists, peace, quiet, and time to read, write and meditate. Well, I certainly found it. After a 17 hour bus ride, I arrived to an island with beautiful landscapes and quiet seaside villages. As soon as I got there, I wandered around the city of Castro, Chiloé´s largest city. The island is known for its culture of wooden architecture, especially its churches. I visited Castro´s church and was very impressed how beautiful it was. It was definitely unique. Since I was alone, I had an amazing amount of liberty and was quite indecisive as to what to do. I knew that I wanted to accomplish a little sightseeing while finding places to relax throughout the journey. I decided to head to the least visited ... read more
Apple empanada
Pre-sunrise, Castro

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island February 18th 2008

Eilisiltana lahdin viela kaymaan lahibaarissa enka paassyt sen pidemmalle. Yhdessa poydassa pelattiin shakkia. Jain katsomaan pelia ja paasin sitten itsekin pelaamaan. Voitin useimmat pelini. Baari tuli valilla tayteen vakea ja juttelin myos muiden asiakkaiden kanssa. Eilen olin pohtinut sita olisinko ostanut 12000 pesolla pakettimatkan kansallispuistoon. En ostanut. Tuli nukuttua pitkaan ja vasta klo 12:n jalkeen paasin bussiasemalle. Klo 12.30 lahti bussi kansallispuistoon Cucaon lahelle. Ostin lipun siihen. Vieruskaverina oli chicagolainen Stephanie, joka oli Santiagossa vaihto-oppilaana. Noin 70 km:n matka kesti sen verran, etta perilla oltiin vasta klo 14. Kavin ensin katsomassa pienta jarvea. Pyysin yhta naista ottamaan minua kuvia. Han oli Ana Barcelonasta. Lahdin viela hanen ja hanen ystavansa Sofian kanssa katsomaan Tyynen valtameren rantaa ja kuvasimme toisiamme. Rannelle me... read more
Tyyni valtameri
Lahdossa Chonchista
Chonchin kirkko

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island February 16th 2008

Hyvin nukuttu yo. Runsas aamiainen: leipaa ja lisukkeita riittaa. Majapaikkana on siis Eilisen paivan olin ilman kahvia ja alkoholia. Kahvia tuli juotua taas tana aamuna. Eilisiltana oli hyva tilaisuus taas tarkkailla etelaista tahtitaivasta. Tunnistan jo Etelan Ristin, Kentaurin, Kölin ja Purjeen tahdistot. Vein pyykit pesulaan. Poikkesin puukirkossa. Tulin katsomaan nettiini chilelaisliittymani saldoa. Nakojaan ulkomaan viestit ovatkin kalliita, joten enpa enaa lahettele niita. Soin runsaan lounaan ja hain pyykit pesulasta, hintaa tuli 2400 pesoa, siis vajaa 4 euroa, painoa 2,2 kg. Minulle oli suositeltu Chiloelaisten tapojen juhlaa (29. festival costumbrista chilote). Juhlaan paasi kun hyppasi bussiin jossa luki "al parque" eli puistoon. Puisto sijaitsi muutaman kilometrin paassa keskustasta maella. Sisaanpaasy oli 600 pesoa ja bussimatkat te... read more
harkia ja emantia
liha paistuu

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island February 15th 2008

Aamun ensimmainen matka oli lahiosta keskustaan pikkubussilla, jossa oli 26 istumapaikkaa ja sallittu huippunopeus 50 km/h. Kun paasin aamupaivaruuhkassa viimein linja-autoasemalle, ostin lipun bussiin, joka lahti Castroon 5 minuutin paasta. Saareen siirryttiin lautalla, josta tuli mieleen viime kesan matka Turun saaristoon. Tallakin lautalla oli pienoinen kahvila. Chiloen saarella ei nakynyt enaa vuoria. Makia kylla piisasi. Metsia ja laitumia oli vaihtelevasti. Hostellissa oli tilava huone, ja saatoin purkaa rinkkani sisallon kokonaan kaappiin. Sattumalta paikallinen kirjasto tuli vastaan. Rekisteroidyin tahan jarjestelmaan, jotta saatoin kayttaa kirjastossa tietokonetta. Kavin selvittamassa miten pesula toimii. Vien sinne huomisaamuna vaatteitani pesuun. Kavin kavelylla satamassa. Ostin nahkaisen kolikkokukkaron. Kavin syomassa palafitossa lohta. Kavin katsomassa... read more


South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island February 11th 2008

My next stop was Ancud, on the island of Chiloe. The island itself is very different from mainland Chile, geographically anyway - the website for one of the hostels I've stayed at described the landscape as being like that of the Shire in Lord of the Rings. The main industry in the island is fishing, and where there's fishing there are usually lots of seafood I admit my reasons for visting were motivated by my stomach as much as anything else! One the first day I was there, I just spent the day wandering the town and the surrounds. Slightly alarmingly a building in the centre of the town had caught fire and was billowing smoke everywhere...seeing as everyone else in town seemed to be treating the fire as a spectator sport, I didn't feel ... read more
Ancud port
Around Ancud
Seaweed drying

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island February 2nd 2008

After walking in El Chalten, our next destination was Chonchi on Chiloe Island, Chile- chosen for its comedy name (Nic we were particularly thinking of you with this one!) and the local mythology of pirates and witches. The guidebook was a bit vague on the area between El Chalten and Chonchi, so we weren´t entirely sure that we would get there. The first leg was a 24 hour bus journey to Esquel, through the cherry capital of Argentina (which had completely run out of icecream, though was fortunately still fine for cherries). The journey was much enhanced by the sound of vomiting by a Dutch girl with an attack of the trots. We were thrown out of the bus in Esquel at 1am. A good time for finding somewhere to stay. Thinking we might have to ... read more
Loading up for 7am departure from Futaleufu
Chaiten harbour

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island January 21st 2008

I hopped on a bus to the Island of Chiloe to see some peguins and to try some fresh fish that Chile is so known for.. When I arrived at Ancud I found it to be a ghost town.. I went to three different hostels to see if there were any guest and they were all empty. I would have left but I had booked a round trip bus ticket and was not able to change it (I guess thats why it was such a good deal). I spent a day wandering around the town and then a half day in search for some Peguins.. ... read more
The Ferry to Ancud
Fishing Beach

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island January 11th 2008

So, we left Puerto Natales in Chilean Patagonia on a 3 day/4 night Navimag ferry which took us north through the Chilean "fjords" eventually arriving at Puerto Montt. The ferry trip was fun: we spent most evenings playing cards and drinking pisco sours with Pete, our Australian friend from Antarctica (if you see what I mean). The daytimes were spent reading, standing out on deck and complaining about the quality of the food! This was no luxury cruise, but definitely a more enjoyable experience than taking a plane. The days passed by quickly and we arrived early on a monday morning at Puerto Montt. We were only here for about 20 minutes though as we walked to the bus station and quickly caught an onward bus to the island of Chiloe. Our next few days were ... read more
Barry, Pete, Me
Ancud boat
Pacific Ocean seen from Chiloe National Park

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island January 7th 2008

Cruising the Chilean Fjords The first weekend of the New Year found us crusing Chilean fjords on a 3 day, 1500 km journey from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt. North of Puerto Natales the road runs out as Chilean Patagonia becomes an impenetrable mix of fjords, glaciers and mountains. We had to choose between flying from Punta Arenas, going by bus via Argentina or sailing through the hundreds of fjords and islands that make up this part of Chile. An easy choice! We boarded in Natales at midnight on a Friday night, 3 hours late, giving us 3 hours to play cards and drink pisco sours with Peter, whom we knew from our Antarctic trip and whom we had bumped into in Natales. We booked the cheapest cabins available, in this case a dormitory with 22 ... read more
Navimag Ferry
Scenery on the cruise
Glacier Burbuja

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