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South America » Chile » Easter Island February 9th 2011

Coincidence heureuse, j'arrive à l'île de Paques durant le festival du Tapati. Durant 10 jours, 2 équipes de Rapa Nui (habitants de l'île de Paques) s'affrontent dans tous les sports et traditions ancestrales pour faire gagner leur reine respective, qui deviendra reine de l'île durant un an. Un interville du Pacifique en somme ! Je suis accueillie sous le soleil et avec un collier de fleur, de quoi me donner immédiatement le sourire après la nuit de voyage que j'ai passée. Après m'être installée au camping, avec ma tente face à la mer, je pars au festival dans le seul village de l'île: Hanga Roa. Les compétitions sont de toutes sortes: confection de colliers de coquillages, surf, natation, courses à cheval, sculpture de moais en bois, peinture, gravure sur bois de symboles correspondant à la langue ... read more
Les danses le soir venu
Competition de surf
Le lieu de la course de chevaux

South America » Chile » Easter Island February 7th 2011

Vrijdag 4 februari , Het paaseiland, We slapen in Santiago in het zelfde hotel als de vorige keer dat we hier waren, ik zou niet meer weten hoe lang dat geleden is ,het benul van tijd is hier volkomen verdwenen.! We gaan natuurlijk om 6 uur nog even deze gezellige stad in,nu met de taxi , het is hier allemaal nogal groot .! Boven op een berg staat een enorm groot,wit beeld van Santa Lucia,wat vanaf ,bijna, elke plaats in deze immense stad is te zien, dat is waar we heen gaan. Het laatste stuk de berg op gaan we met een kabeltreintje van 1823,daar zullen de kinderziektes dus wel uit zijn, van waar uit we een uniek uitzicht hebben op de stad. Het is schitterend mooi weer, volop zon, geen wolkje aan de lucht en ... read more
003  zonde van dit mooie huis met iets achterstallig onderhoud in deze luxe wijk.
004 hier ook weer genoeg prullaria te koop.
004 op de top, zichtbaar in bijna de gehele stad , staat dit enorme beeld

South America » Chile » Easter Island January 25th 2011

Regardless of the name its like an open museum with the added bonus of cool geographic features (like lava flow caves) and sparkling clear waters. The massive moai were amazing and we were lucky enough to run into the director of archaeology doing some photography and measurements on the latest dig and he showed us a newly excavated moai and where in the mountain it came from, explaining what they found etc. Oh and flying there and back 1st class was an experience in itself!... read more

South America » Chile » Easter Island November 28th 2010

Reckless and expensive? Yes. But you can only really get to Easter Island from Chile, and what are the chances of us being in Santiago again with a few days to kill? Slim. I blame my brother. We were so sad after he left us in New Zealand that we went ahead and booked our flights to cheer ourselves up. So, this week was spent on Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, a speck of volcanic rock a 5-hour flight away across the Pacific, 2000 miles from the nearest land mass and the most remote inhabited place on earth. Landing there was a bit like when James Bond arrives on a tropical island - drummers playing, hula girls putting flowers around peoples' necks, the whole island out to meet the plane, dogs barking, palm trees swaying, and ... read more
The best airport transfer ever?
This is Tongariki.
Day 1 and the walk round the coast. That's one of the stone platforms in the background

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa November 16th 2010

Hello from Chile! “you must do the thing you think you cannot do” Im not sure who said that or if its a true quote but here i am doing it. Except after my sabbatical I knew i could do it….! That’s quite a yummy feeling. Ive bought a second flat, left the security of my job and flown thousands of kilometers to come back to a continent that grabbed my heart the first time round. 24 hours of travelling, leaving the cold, grey wetness of autumnal London arriving to the hot sunshine of Santiago and 7 months (at least!) of adventure lie ahead! Iberia were as dreadful as I remember and my 3 hr stopover in Madrid airport was all too familiar of previous sojourns in its wooden vaulted architecturally award winning space. 1100 pounds ... read more


South America » Chile » Easter Island November 16th 2010

Vil ikke komme med en laengere redegoerelse for Ritoque og Paaskeoen endnu, men lige fortaelle at vi er blevet overfaldet. Af alle steder at blive overfaldet, saa var det Paaskeoen. Alle havde fortalt os at det var sikkert at gaa i gaderne om natten, hvilket det er, men ingen fortalte os om farerne ved at tage i nationalparker om formiddagen. Her maatte vi forsvare os med pinde da blev vi overfaldet af 2 sure musvaager. Heldigvis var der ingen der filmede de to drenge der loeb for sit liv med en pind i hver haand svingende over hovedet. Nu har vi det dog godt :)... read more

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa November 8th 2010

Arriving in Easter Island (Rapa Nui to the locals, Isla de Pascua to the Chileans), I was once again greeted by a group of musicians playing traditional music, which was a wonderful way to set foot on the island. It is certainly a small place, as the plane seemed to be flying just above the water, then we were on the runway, before once again seeing water where we had to do an about face to head back to the 'terminal'. Whilst it may be a tiny outpost and one of the most, if not the most isolated inhabited island on the planet, it is rich in history and quite simply a wonderful place to be. I was met at the airport by the incredibly friendly and helpful hostess from the hostel I was staying at. ... read more

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa October 31st 2010

Hola, So we got up at the crack of dawn and went to the airport for our first flight in over a month. Where were we going you ask? Well, we were off to Rapa Nui or Isla de Pascua. Still trying to figure it out? How about its more famous named: Easter Island. It is 3760 kilometres away from anything, and is thus the most remote lace on earth. The flight was only 5 hours or so, and when we arrived we were gived leis by Camping Mihinoa and then they drove us to our hostel which was located on a penninsula overlooking the waves of the South Pacific crashing on to the rocks on the shoreline. We wandered the capital of Hango Roa, but it was Sunday and during siesta time so everything was ... read more

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa August 4th 2010

Wednesday 4.8.2010 day 294 Fly from Rapa Nui to Santiago We got up at 7:30 and took a packed bfast with us to Sunrise at Tongariki where there are 15 standing Moai. We took our quad bike with us and took the beach road so we could see the sun coming up all the way along it looked fantastic. When we got to Tongariki the sun was coming up over the hill not the ocean so we knew that we were not going to get the sunrise photos that we hope for, even though it still looked very nice with the sun coming though the Moai and reflecting on the hill behind. We had our bfast then headed back to town where we dropped off our quad bike and walked back to our accommodation had a ... read more
Photo 24
Photo 25
Photo 28

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa August 3rd 2010

Tuesday 3.8.2010 day 293 Quad biking around Rapa Nui We woke up to the most fantastic sunrise and a beautiful sunny day so we headed to the markets and got some more freshly caught fish from the market this time we got a smaller fish about ½ k for about $5 Aus dollars. Then we walked to the bike shop and picked up our Quad Bike and got the same two helmets (including my very big one). We dropped the fish back home and took a packed lunch with us. We headed to Orongo were the bird man ritual were held and the site of a fantastic volcano creator. The bird man ritual started after they got rid of the heads so instead of leaders being born they now chose the braves and strongest men to ... read more

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