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South America » Chile » Atacama May 20th 2008

Dimanche soir, en route (de nuit) pour Antofagasta d´ou on a pris un bus le lendemain midi pour San Pedro de Atacama. 18 heures de trajet plus tard (dans un car tout confort - excellent), nous voila arrives a San Pedro, petite ville de 1900 habitants, perdue au milieu du desert d´Atacama, un des deserts les plus arides et secs du monde. La ville en elle meme est tres jolie et malgre l´influence touristique, a garde beaucoup de charme. On peut y faire plein d´activites: surf sur sables, aller visiter les vallees de la mort et de la lune et autres endroits incroyables, ou simplement deguster un repas traditionnel de la region avec un verre de vin … chilien bien-sur! En plus il y a des ruines d´une forteresse Atacamana que je suis alle visiter. On ... read more
Desert a perte de vue... - Deseret everywhere...
dans le car couchette - in the super bus
Lever du soleil - Sunrise

South America » Chile » Atacama May 20th 2008

L´apres-midi on est alles visiter la Vallee de la Lune, appelee ainsi car le paysage rappelled un paysage lunaire et la Vallee de la Mort (rien n´y vit!!) et vu un magnifique coucher de soleil (encore un!) sur les montagnes du desert d´Atacama … pour observer une magnifique pleine lune apres! Que de beaute! The afternoon of our first day we went to visit with a tour the Moon Valley (reminding us of a lunar landscape - not that I have ever been to the moon but), the Death Valley (because nothing lives there) and (another) magnificent sunset over the mountains of the Atacama desert. We also saw the perfect shining full moon. What a sight! ... read more
Valle de la Luna

South America » Chile » Atacama May 20th 2008

(Holly writing) So, after Salta Jane and I headed to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, which is the highest desert in the world - there are parts of it where rain has never been recorded! San Pedro itself is a tiny town/village which caters solely to tourists. It used to be an essential stop-off for merchants crossing into Bolivia from the Pacific, and was also once agricultural. now however, flying's easier and farming's harder. It's true what they say about deserts... they're hot in the day (marvellous) but FREEZING at night. it's so wierd having to take your fleeces around town with you,but once the sun goes down you lose 1 degree of heat every six minutes. While we were in San Pedro, Jane and I went horse riding at sunset through Valle del Muerte, ... read more
Jane by the Valle de Luna

South America » Chile » Atacama May 13th 2008

Hey everyone, i hope this finds you all well. quick update which will be my last from chile, tomorow i cross the border, hopefully into peru. chile has been great, La Serena was amazing little beach town that could have been anywhere in the world and was not in keeping with the general standard here, huge mall and really western. we went on a trip to the pisco brewery the national drink, and the elqui valley which was amazing and really some of the best scenery and little towns i have sene so far. we ate a 3 course lunch at a solar powered resteraunt whee all food is cooked in by solar outside, amazing. Later that evening we went to an observatory which has some of the clearest night skies in the world. All the ... read more

South America » Chile » Atacama » Vallenar April 5th 2008

Hola It's a saturday, I'm lazing around right now, gym class killed me yesterday, and I've discovered that black tea with honey is amazing I'm definitely getting into a really relaxed phase of my exchange. I hang around the house with my host family a lot more. I like to cook. I study. I read. I salir on weekends. I've got school, but it's so much easier now. I understand a lot more, and they're not really passing much new material now. This year is more for getting ready for the PSU, which is like an ACT that gets way too much importance I'm getting anxious to get back, but I don't look foreward to leaving. You live in a place for a year, and it becomes your normality, a second home. I go to el ... read more


South America » Chile » Atacama » Vallenar March 25th 2008

hello y'all My mood: tranquilo. I got my tooth fixed at the beginning of the month. School is going well. I haven't been homesick, though I've had some healthy nostalgia. Like, looking back and saying "those were good times" but not feeling sad about it. Life is good. I guess I could use a weekend. Well, I haven't been homesick, but every now and then I have a sad moment. Easter was cool. My gringa friend Laura came to visit for easter. We hung out, visited an iron processing plant in Huasco, and made nostalgic cooking projects. Banana bread and pancakes. We made my mom's and her mom's recipe, so we came out with two very distinct banana breads. Next time will be key lime pie and cheesecake. Good times And when we talked english (the ... read more
En el muelle
The Black Corsair

South America » Chile » Atacama » Cerro Paranal March 25th 2008

I am ashamed of my deliquency but as my students say "the dog ate my homework" No internet for a few weeks then trying to catch up on unread emails took sooooooooo looong Any way I am here now and there are photos to dress up the events of the past few weeks as soon as I get them off the CD and into my Adobe Photoshop. The trip to Antfagasta was fraught (love that word) with troubles. Planes that have no pilot and crew and therefore the flight is cancelled. That is a good way to get a very fancy hotel for the night in Miami, but it screws up all the future connections. So the3 next night you get a freebee in Santiago but only for three hours. That is enuff time to eat, ... read more

South America » Chile » Atacama » Vallenar March 23rd 2008

Having spent (for us) a relatively long time in Cusco waiting for our Inca trail tour we were keen to push on. We headed towards Bolivia across the undulating Andean highlands of Peru. A scenic drive running parallel to the railway, a sort of Peruvian version of the Orient Express. At one point it crossed the road with its wealthy passengers waving enthusiastically at us. I waved back enthusiastically with my middle finger. Our final destination in Peru was the town of Puno on the shores of lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca is a 8,000sq km lake, at an altitude of 3,820m divided by the border of Peru and Bolivia. The purpose of our stay was to visit the famous floating islands. The floating islands are literally that, inhabited by the Uros people for many hundreds of ... read more
Peruvian Highlands
Floating Islands
Floating Islands

South America » Chile » Atacama » Vallenar February 18th 2008

Hola This has been quite the summer. It's been plenty long, but I haven't gotten bored. It's great. Not really looking foreward to school starting the 28th, but it'll be ok, I guess Goals for this half of a chilean school year: 1. read all the books they assign me to read 2. get a 7 (100 %) on some test that's not english, PE, or music 3. get good study habits. Some sort of daily routine. Never quite got that down 4. stop buying from the kiosko at the school. The overpricing there is ridiculous, as much as 50% price raises from what you get in el centro. Gotta bring food from home or something Nathaniel was here for most of January, and it was sweet. I'm sad he had to go. Miss having him ... read more
This is the Atacama
Love this photo

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó January 31st 2008

just kicked aroundarica for the day,waiting for our night bus to copaipo, the carnival was still carying on but at a much slower pace and the costumes seemed to be less revealing aswel, which was much nicer to watch. We saw Alex the guy we saw in puno in Arica and it turned out that he also lefton the same flight our of england as us, which is proper weird and he is doing exactly the same as us just in 5 months instead of four. we walked up the cliff over arica pretty damn good veiw, very different to what we have been used to, just vast amounts of mountainous desert, could feel the heat coming off the sand, which was pretty immense. the night bus was so nice, loads of room, and massive windows, ... read more

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