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November 8th 2007
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spring is here, a suffering is here

I'm sitting here typing and eating toast with raspberry jam. I love it. The simplicity. I think the only thing that beats it is manjar. It's like caramel, but you can spread it. And it's not like that fake caramel syrup for ice cream. This is the real stuff

At this point my life is filled with school. I guess this is crunch time of the year. Just finished a video for english class, now I have a philosophy project to work on and we just got a biology project dumped on us. Luckily, there's only a month left of school. This last week was especially blah. I need a party.

Lately I've been listening to Los Prisioneros. A band from the 80's, and their style is social criticism. Also, I really like a Mexican group called Maná, though I haven't explored their stuff much yet. I'm reading "El Fantasma de Canterville y otros cuentos" (The Phantom of Canterville and other stories). I'm a slow reader, and short stories are easy to read.

Each saturday, there are futbol (soccer) games at the school. Each grade has its team. I play defense with the Juniors. Team WAF

Micheal, a Chilean Smoked 20 years He lost his larynx because of cancer it's on every pack
(weones aficionados del futbol). They're really good, but none of the teams practice. Just play for fun. I play ok, and have a great time. Especially with the dirt playing field. It wouldn't be worth it to maintain a grass field in the desert, so we have dirt. You're marking some dude from the other team, he changes direction, you put on the breaks, and slide about a meter before you can go the other way. I love it the way I love barefoot ultimate frisbee. And it covers your shoes. When I'm wearing black shoes, I can draw on them.

Had a practice the other day for the Spanish and math portions of the PSU. The PSU is a test comparable to the ACT, for college. It sure felt like the ACT. Number 2 pencil and everything. And lots of little circles to color in. The main difference is that blank questions are better than guesses, like on the SAT.

A lot of english words have been integrated into Chilean spanish. People say "ok." A medlely of songs is a "mix." Other words: shorts, CD, DVD, sexy, super, rockstar, jeans day (wear street clothes to school for

I believe this tree is a Hacaranda
a price of about 60 cents). Toilet paper is "confor." I think there's a brand called Comfort or something" I don't know. It's like how we call every nose tissue Kleenex.

Love you all


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El KioskoEl Kiosko
El Kiosko

This is the snack-selling monopoly of my school. For example: a candy called Game costs 100 pesos downtown. 150 at the Kiosk. It's ridiculous. But they have some good stuff.

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