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We arrived at the lovely Tucano hostel on Florianopolis island (which we nicknamed Flopo) in a place called Lagoa, a small town with easy access to many of Flopo´s 42 beaches whilst still having a good night life. After checking into our penthouse suite (see picture) we quickly headed out for lunch. Long bus journeys tend to make one rather hungry. We were recommended the (Cruzcafe) round the corner and were not disappointed after ordering four servings of tenderloin steaks with pasta in a creamy Gorgonzola sauce. Feeling thoroughly refreshed we set of on a search round the island to find one of its many famed beaches. Walking along the edge of the lagoon we spotted a high bank of sand and quickly ascended to see the view. One one side was the vast lagoon with ... read more

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Blumenau June 29th 2014

I woke up a bit stressed out over figuring out how to go about visiting my grandmother’s apartment, then the family friends, then having lunch with my cousin while also trying to squeeze a phone call with Janel. We had agreed to talk in the morning around 10am or 11am my time before my day got busy. I ended up waiting until 10:30am my time (7:30am in Saskatchewan) to phone her but ended up waking up my father-in-law. I’m sure he didn’t expect that. Haha I had counted on Owen being awake early but that was not the case. My aunt Gladys then did me a HUGE favour lending me her car so I could do everything I wanted. Just as I was about to head out the door, the phone rang, so I got to ... read more
Selfie with a Nikon
My cousin Luiz, his wife Ana and I
Aninha and I being silly

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Blumenau June 28th 2014

Today was a big day for Brazil. We were up against Chile for a spot in the quarter-finals. Historically, Brazil has always fared well against Chile, but Chile has a young group of players that are playing very well together. They were in a group with Holland and Spain and qualified to the Round of 16, so that in itself is quite a feat. In fact, they beat the defending champions 2-0. Brazil’s coach has been praising Chile for years, and has always said they were dangerous and wanted to avoid them in the tournament. Here in Blumenau, everyone was counting on a 3-1 or 4-1 game, which was a common score line. I thought this was going to be a very difficult game in large part because they are also from/in South America, and thus ... read more
Ominha watching the game with Clara and Aninha

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Blumenau June 27th 2014

My first day in Blumenau, my hometown, was great. I got up and renewed my Brazilian ID. It was slightly outdated as the old one had a picture of a 14-year-old version of me. I think I’ve change a little bit in 24 years. Haha Since renewing the ID went well and quick, I stopped by my friend Ruy’s shirt factory. Ruy and I were neighbours growing up, played tennis together, rode bikes, etc... so it was nice to see him. He has an event organized for tomorrow with recent NBA Champion Thiago Splitter, who plays for the San Antonio Spurs. Thiago is from here and went to the same school we did growing up. My friend Jean then picked me up to go for lunch with a bunch of my school friends. They have lunch ... read more
My grandmother Gloria

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Blumenau June 26th 2014

Today was our last day in Porto Alegre, and it rained most of the day albeit very lightly. We hung out at the hotel until noon as I was booking the remaining flights on my itinerary. Now that I know where I have to go, I decided to get this bit out of the way. I also emailed my hotels in Brasilia and Sao Paulo asking for a date change and cancellation respectively. The last little bit I have to do is find a place to stay in Belo Horizonte, and I'm hoping the email I sent will do the trick. Once we checked out, we walked to a nearby restaurant and ate is really nice buffet lunch while watching the USA vs Germany game. Even though a tie would satisfy both teams, it turned out ... read more


South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Itapema June 23rd 2014

Had a really nice day in Itapema today. I woke up, had breakfast (ate a maracuja, one of my favorite fruits...passion fruit I guess for you North Americans) and then went for a nice walk along the beach. But before I took off on the walk, I went on Facebook and chatted with a few friends of mine regarding my upcoming visit to my hometown of Blumenau. That chat delayed me a bit in leaving but at least I know I will be having lunch with a bunch of my school friends on Friday. Once I started the walk, I picked a building way far ahead for reference and decided that’s where I was going to turn around. I had about 2 hours to spare before the Holland-Chile game that I wanted to watch. I also ... read more
My godparen'ts place is just behind the bigger boat (light beige color)
Starting my walk
Itapema beach

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Itapema June 22nd 2014

I spent all day at my aunt and uncle’s place today visiting with them and with my cousin Ana and her husband Ube. The highlight of the day was eating a fish for lunch called “Tainha”, which is a fish that migrates from southern Brazil all the way up to Rio only when it gets colder. I think it was my first time eating it and it was delicious. I took a photo to show everyone. I also played a word game with Ana’s son Dudu on his iPad, putting together words in English to score points. He’s pretty good at it. Dudu is a sweet kid, his only flaw of course being that he likes Flamengo, my team’s biggest nemesis. J During the Algeria vs South Korea game, we hung out outside in the patio ... read more
My cousin Ana and I
Ana's son Dudu and I
View of the bay at sunset

Arriving into Brazil was easy with our taxi driver who just pointed to where we put our passports and that was it, no searches, no checks and within 5 minutes we were in. By far the easiest border crossing to date! We stayed over night on the Brazilian side of the falls before we boarded our final long distance bus to Florionopolis. We were all excited about this as it meant relaxing on beaches after zooming around Argentina and seeing the other 3 boys who had gone through Bolivia to Brazil for various reasons. As much fun as it was in Argentina with the 3 of us it was good to be back as a 6. The hostel was really beautiful and overlooked a lake and was a 5 minute walk from a really amazing beach. ... read more
Skate bowl in Flora
Beach in flora
Looking mean on the moped

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis March 15th 2014

Arrived fresh from a 12 hour bus from Sao Paulo at 8.00am which had turned out to be another good overnight bus journey, not the most comfortable but fine. A word for people travelling on buses overnight in Brazil. It gets freezing in the middle of the night. Like uncomfortably cold if you have t-shirt, shorts and flip flops on like I did. I will have a jumper in the bag from now on (like Alex intelligently did and I tried to steal when she was asleep). We walked a few hundred metres to the local bus terminal to catch a bus out to the Campeche area of Florianópolis and our hostel, Green House. Approx R$25 a night for 6 bed dorm. The instructions said to ask the driver's assistant to tell us when we passed ... read more

Florianopolis didnt work out as anticipated and we were disappointed to not get to spend more time there. Firstly, our bus which left at 7pm was meant to arrive at 10am, due to traffic jams/accident/not sure what, we were stuck at a standstill on the motorway for close to 2 hours. We didnt end up getting in til almost 3 oclock. The plan had been to have 2 nights and 3 full days here, but due to the fact there wasnt a connecting bus to Uruguay on the Tuesday we had to get the earlier one on Monday day time. By the time we got to our hostel it was circa 5, so we only had one real day here which was a real shame. Rare in the fact that the city is divided between the ... read more

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