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South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis December 28th 2006

We had ummed and ahhed for some time about where to stay for Christmas. Josh and I both wanted somewhere where we could hang out with a good bunch of people in an atmosphere that felt like home. On our travels, we had heard so much stuff about this great hostel on Isla De Santa Catarina, which is just over the bridge from Florianopolous, one of the major cities in Southern Brazil. The island is around 60kms long apparently (don´t hold me to that) and the hostel was on the western side, in a beachside resort town called Barra De Lagoa. The name of the hostel…….THE BACKPACKERS SHAREHOUSE, and it was the best goddam way to spend Christmas I could possibly imagine. We arrived there on the 21st January after a 16 hour bus ride from ... read more
Barra De Lagoa, Florianopolous
Barra De Lagoa, Florianopolous
Barra De Lagoa, Florianopolous

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis December 21st 2006

So......... where we left off, we were starting surfing lessons. We were under the expert tuition of Evandro Santos (some ex-"PRO" surfer from the town we stayed at). His tagline was that if you didn´t stand on the first lesson, you got your money back. Unfortunatly for us, this turned out to be in his favour, and we stood up on the second attempt. Now surfing is normally paddle paddle paddle, catch the wave, and jump to your feet. As a beginner, it went more like, lie on board and not fall off, wait for wave, Evandro gave us a push, then STAND UP. Nice way to get a feel for the board and how it all works, but not quite how we had imagined it, but it was the first lesson. Andy was having trouble ... read more
Sequencia de camerao the second course
Cocada con maracuja - Coconut sweet with Maracuja
No cars here

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis December 19th 2006

18th december - 26th December Florionapolis and ilha de Santa Catarina had been whispered on every traveler´s route. arriving at the airport, we were greeted by a black african guy with dreads who set us up in an appartment for us 5 boys to reak havoc. the appartment was left as though it had been bulldozed by mammoth pigs on steroids. and we never mentioned the broken window that one of us used to break into the appartment whilst the other 4 were passed out somewhere else on the island! so the boy band: Elliot- Canadian, never short of something to say (inevitably in reference to the now revered movie BORAT). unable to fathom how one person can get so burnt and peel after 2 hours in the sun! he was constantly peeling his skin off ... read more
its all about the ass
practicing Capoiera
cooking up a xmas eve roast

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis December 16th 2006

Ola everyone! Yesterday was Payday!!! You will be pleased to hear that "peidei", you pronounce it exactly like payday, means "I farted!!!" in protugese! Hillarious! And that is all we did to receive our final salary for 2006 AND 2007!!! Yey! No rent no bills, only fun to be had with the money. We finally flew Ruama´s nest to move towards Buenos Aires. To cut the journey of hours and hours we stopped sort of on the way to enjoy some waves. By cutting the journey, what we actually did was swap a 23 hour journey by bus to Iguacu, for an 18 hour (which turned out to be 19.5 hours) and a 15 hour journey to Iguacu THEN another 20 or so to Buenos Aires. On a map it is a cut OK, but in ... read more

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis November 14th 2006

Headed from Rio down down south for 30 hours to Florionopolis (Yes I said 30 hours! Remember if you're getting bored about me mentioning the bus journeys, remember I had to actually do them!) as luck would have it though they sell valium over the counter in Brazil and I slept like a baby for at least 24 hours whilst Greyhead struggled beside me. We travelled with our new friend Bonnie "Off The" Hook who we had met in Rio and was taken in as my little sister and Steve's daughter! :) Finally arrived mid afternoon and took the local bus over to the islands and the Backpackers Sharehouse where we were staying for the next five days. The bus stops at the end of the line and then you have to cross a rope bridge ... read more
View from the Hostel
Lagao de Concecaio
Rocket Man!


South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis November 3rd 2006

We arrived in Florianopolis on the 31st Oct or maybe the 1st of Nov... anyway we were immediately approached at the bus station by a guy offering us accommodation. Now we had planned to stay in the International Hostel in town but after reading the old guide book we haggled with the guy and got a Pousada (like a guest house, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, roof etc for 40$ Real per night which is approximately 10 pounds and then ate a great meal for 45 Real. - not bad... Florianopolis itself is located on the mainland and the Ilha De Santa Catarina connected by 2 bridges (1 of which is Brazil's largest steel construction bridge). We had a morning in town but the best places are around the Island. Pria Mole in particular is an amazing beach ... read more
Barra de Lagoa view
Rickety bridge

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis November 3rd 2006

Finally left Illa Grande after a few days and spent 29 hours traveling to this place called Florianopolis, when we arrived it was raining........Not the same as English rain though. We actually went on the day that we did to get down there to watch the Billabong world surf competition but when we got there found out that it was further south. So on our second day we caught a 3 hour round bus trip just to get there and find out that it had already finished for the day, typical. Then to top it off on my last day in Florianopolis before I got on a 16 hour bus journey to Iguaçu we got stuck on some dodgy bus due to serious roadwork’s so didn’t even get a chance to see the beach.......Oh well not ... read more

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis October 26th 2006

Wondering what the hell could ever beat rio, we (after much adu, spence and steve we ALL know who was responsible, and ange fear not it had nothing to do with lasagne) finally (after my frist stroke of bad travel symptom, missed the bus to Florinopolous and had to stay an extra night in rio) made it to what I simply cannot imagine not being Brazil´s finest beach, Florinopolous. To get to the hostel we had to cross over this tiny pencil bridge, which swayed chaotically everytime you put one foot in front of the other, meant for maximum four people, swaggering across with a 25kg backpack was a minor concern (where the exampled people anoerecix, or did they have a lot of love to share..?). The hostel was amazing, it was sort of a shack ... read more
The Floripa Crew

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis August 22nd 2006

Brazil, land of beaches and surf...welcome to Florianopolis, a city straddling the mainland and a barrier island, Santa Catarina. This 50 km island has over 50 surf spots, tons of beaches, dunes, and forested mountains. On the ocean side of the island are dozens of small towns full of surfers or commuters, and in the center of the island is a freshwater lake and ´centro´ ie town before you get to town (Floripa as the locals call it). The surf culture is great, when i and a few friends from spain arrived, we had been there maybe 20 min before we met some guys who invited us to come stay and surf with them. I ended up taking surf lessons, sandboarding the dunes, and staying for 2 weeks. (I eventually got my own place, rented from ... read more
Joaquina Beach
beach capoeira

i made it to the south of brazil. I am in florianopolis, the capital of santa catarina. The city is located half on land, half on an island, connected by a bridge. The eastern side of the island is great. it has really pretty beaches ( of course,... this is brazil) and the town is nice. well constructed. Fortunatly, I made friends with some locals, so for the 3 days they took me around to different beaches and local hangouts. probably the highlight was the trance party i went to. Think of a rave, but cleaner- not as much drugs. The idea behind the movement is respect and peace for others and the environment. The place was amazing. it was in the south of the island. you park the car and have to walk through this ... read more
beach and dunes
the center

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