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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Ipanema August 11th 2013

Episode 2: One week in Rio 11.8.13 Hello folks We are safe and well and have come to the end of a week in Rio. Is is truly an excellent place, highly recommended. Apart from one day of miserable grey weather, it was hot and sunny and about 30 degrees the whole week - not too shabby at all for a southern hemisphere "Winter." The beach culture here is fab. You dont take anything to the beach but yourself and a few dollars (it would otherwise be stolen). Instead, for a few dollars, you hire towels, chair, umbrella, etc. Vendors walk up and down the beach, selling snacks, cold drinks , even booze. Or you can walk a few feet up onto the promenade to one of the many juice bars and the guy behind the ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Ipanema August 7th 2013

Episode 1 August 7, 2013 Ola, Cidade Maravilhosa. Greetings from Brazil, the land of sun, sand, samba (and soccer). After a long and arduous journey that involved flights delays, missed connections, lost luggage and an unexpected overnight stay in Sao Paulo, we finally arrived - with our luggage - in Rio de Janeiro (River of January in Portuguese, because the the European settlers thought that bay was the mouth of a large river). The title above means "Hello, Marvelllous City", as the cariocas (Residents of Rio) call this place. Indeed it is the most physically beautiful city I have ever seen, sprawling between huge rocky outcrops, golden sand beaches and with lush rainforest trees permeating all the streets. The people have been nice and friendly, although most do not speak English. Portuguese is the language here, ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Ipanema August 4th 2013

Headed along to Christ the Redeemer in the morning - very lucky as was another sunny day and 32 c (in the middle of winter...). Chose to get a van up to the top rather than the tram as was a 2 hour wait to get the tram. Very easy to do and got amazing views over the city as it stopped halfway up to let us take photos. The top was very busy but got some good photos and more amazing views, and had our packed lunch at the top overlooking the lake. Headed back to the hostel ready for the footy - Vasco da Gama vs Botafogo, a big Rio derby. Still struggling a tad with jetlag so had a kip before we went. Maracana looked amazing, was basically a giant bowl - in ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Ipanema August 3rd 2013

Had a picnic on Praia vermina beach. Much flatter water than ipanema and amazing to swim in. Then went up sugarloaf mountain in the cable car - amazing views. Walked down from the lower station then walked to Copacabana beach. Awesome beach but like ipanema has huge waves. Watched an amazing 11 a-side beach football game, lot more long ball football than I was expecting but probably probably because it's so hard to pass on the sand. Then walked back via ipanema beach to the hostel. Tried to find somewhere to have a fesoiada (rio Saturday night speciality) for supper but either places did not have it or were sold out. Had an amazing stroganoff instead!... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Ipanema August 2nd 2013

Flew from London via JFK. Got fire access seats both times so not too bad. Arrived in rio to carnage trying to get through customs - massive queues to start with, which then descended into a big mess as people tried to jump it. Worked in our favour - I was in the loo at the time but suspect Hattie started it. Shared a taxi to the hostel with a couple of Americans who ends up pretty much paying for the whole thing - very generous. hostel really nice, got a picnic and had on ipanema beach, then walked along it and went swimming. Beautiful day. Then took Hattie in a swan pedalo on the lake here. Very nice. Trying to not fall.asleep before 8pm!... read more


We spent 6 days in Rio, and it was fantastic!..To kick start the trip we decided to tandem handglide from the moutains in the Sao Corado region which is amongst the rainforest...Thoroughly enjoyed it despite questioning why l wanted to run off a platform into thin air strapped to a strange Brazilian called Alex! but we managed it and loved every second. We flew above the rainforest like birds, over the sea and finally landing on the beach. We also completed the main gringo trail, walking along the copacabana and Ipanema beaches (Craig and myself competing to find the man with the smallest pair of budgey smugglers on), going up to the Christ de Redentor to marvel at the city from one of its highest points, walking around the lagoa and watching sunset and Rio lighting ... read more
Handgliding fun!
Both safe on the ground again!
Acai Drink

Well we braved the public transport again. Can´t say that our experience what quite so good. The buses just fly and there are hundreds of them. The one we wanted only went every 1/2 hour and the first one flew past in the centre lane so couldn´t stop it. So eventually made it to Sugar Loaf. Unfortunately it was hazy but we are running out of day so just had to go up. Amazing view from the top. Came back and caught the same bus number back. Little did we know that we would get a complete tour of the southern past of Rio before we getting back to our starting point. Don´t suppose I should complain as it only cost $1.50. James and I both knew we weren´t quite in the right spot when we ... read more
Copacabana from Sugar Loaf

Decide to try and see if we could navigate our way around the city. Caught the bus and metro into the centre of town. We were very lucky to meet several different people who were very helpful. One girl who spoke very good english chatted to us for ages. Said there was to be a protest tonight and that they were expecting 1 million people to attend. Its is over an increase in the transport costs. We caught a bus up to santa teresa looking for the ¨Steps. We walked quite a long way before we found them. We were looking to far up the hill. We then walked down onto the harbouralong to Flemengo.... read more
Step at Santa teresa

Slept a lot better! The altitude played havock with the sleeping and breathing. Had a great breakfast and the walked along Copocabana beach and back. Its about 4.7 kms so took a while. During the afternoon we hired bikes and rode along Ipanema Beach and around the lake where they are going to hold the rowing for the olympics. The temperature is a pleasant 26-29... read more

Luggage suprisingly arrived!In the mean time we bought some basic stuff. Hardest thing was to find a 'normal' bikini as they all wear strings over here (also the people above 90 years old). We bought an Ipanema Bum Bum (and bum bum stands for ass). Hereby some first impressions of Rio. Culture They say that to know a country you should experience the culture. So we decided to taste beers, Itaipava - Skoll - Antartica - Brahma - Caiperinha (ow yes that's not a beer of course).... you can also find Stella everywhere, Leuven is not far away.... Brazilians are drinking all day long, and they drink lot's... Beside drinking we also checked out the local food. Rice, beans and great 'Picanha' meat. We had dinner together with friends of Lidia (the mother of Roger - ... read more

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