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South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre January 24th 2009

We arrived in Porto Alegre at 11am and checked into the Marechal Hotel, only thing it had going for it was the all you can eat buffet next door! Boucs and I walked around the shops, then got a bus to the Total Shopping Centre where we also walked around for a bit, saw lots of cool little funky boutique stores and had some coffee and a slice of cheese cake - nice! Walked back into town via the soho area, then explored the little markets and fruit stalls. Visited the Museu de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul, which was a pretty cool art gallery. Visited the Parque Farroupila which was a nice little park which also had a zoo, but was closed by the time Boucs and I got there. We then grabbed a ... read more
Palm trees
The famous Porto Alegre sunset!

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre January 11th 2009

Last week I started my Brazilian adventure in the southern state of Rio Grande Do Sul. I was lucky enough to have my good friend Marcus (a Porto Alegre local who I met years back while working in the Whitsundays) and his girlfriend Fernanda, be my hosts and show me around. After my night bus from Montevideo, Marcus kindly met me at the bus terminal and we wandered the streets of Porto Alegre before heading on a road trip into the hills to some gorgeous towns such as Gramado and Canela. The first thing I noticed about Brazil was how green and lush it was. It really is very tropical especially after experiencing a very hot a dry Uruguay. There are also so many different looking people that make up Brazil. Crossing the street you cannot ... read more
Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre December 28th 2008

We left Punta del Diablo having had a different but satisfying Christmas. Ahead of us lay our final month. Our last country, Brazil, the crazy one right at the end. We don't know anyone from Brazil, or even anyone who has been to Brazil, as far as we remember, so our knowledge of the country and its people comes from media and travel guides. Images of hotted headed South Americans, passion, danger, football, samba and so on filled our mind. After travelling for so long, we had developed a slight cockiness, we had managed to survive so far and have few problems, so despite its reputation, Brazil would be a breeze, or so we thought. It didn't start too well, the debarcle at Chuy gave us a slightly negative vibe, and a sense of uselessness and ... read more
Torres and the terrapins 002
Torres and the terrapins 003
Torres and the terrapins 004

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre November 22nd 2008

Been a while since I've had a chance to add to this - lots of shuttling around the place - from floripa I headed to porto alegre to meet Gigi gabi and gustavo (Gigi and Gabis sister is called Graziela) I didn't meet any other porto alegrians so can"t confirm whether they are only allowed names begining with G! The lads surprised me with a trip to Gustavos parents timeshare in Gramado - This town is unbelievable - its been christmas land there for about three weeks already . At 9 they have a big fanfare for turning on the lights and they go go for it bigger than Disney would. So it was nice see a bit of that in case I'm down in the antartctic when it comes around for real. The next day ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Lads, I apologize for the belated blog post, the webmasters of the blog site even sent me an email asking if I’m still traveling, but this experience has been too rich to steal an hour or two for writing each day. I scratch notes if I’m lucky. In Brazil, I’ve caught myself on the verge of tears just thinking of what awesome friends I’m lucky enough to have (DC/NC/Br you know who I’m talking about (Ed in case you’re wondering you’re out)), what beauty there is to behold in life, and the human struggle that links us all no matter what country, language, religion, culture, or color. I’ve discovered a deep thirst for all things Brazilian. My father instilled a taste for traveling adventures when he took younger versions of my sisters and I on road ... read more
Argentinian Sunrise
Spandex & Dog
The horse in rushour.


South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre April 23rd 2008

After Gramado we returned to Porto Alegre, Brasil. Karine and her sister Livia were kind enough to take us in for a few days. We mainly laid low and got our fix of American TV with Brasilian commercials while I sick. After a brief appearance on Brasilian TV, we decided to head for Uruguay.... read more
Billy, Karine and Livia
Three Girls Out On The Town

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Gramado April 20th 2008

We took Karine's car to Gramado stopping by an amazing Buddhist Temple on the way. Gramado is a German town in the mountains of southern Brasil. There is a large German and Italian population in this region and the town is designed in the Swiss Alps style. In the winter they have a well regarded film festival similar to Sundance in the US. It rained while we were there, but that was no problem. It was a great time.... read more
Buddhist Temple Outside Gramado
Buddhist Temple Outside Gramado
Buddhist Temple Outside Gramado

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre April 18th 2008

Due to some construction and traffic, we arrived after midnight to the rodoviaria (bus station) in Porto Alegre. It is a large city that most tourists do not visit, but we met two girls Ouro Preto who live there. Some guy in Florianopolis had recommended a hotel, so we gave the cab driver the address. It was booked and so were the next five hotels we tried. Finally we found one that was twice what we wanted to spend. The room was not very impressive, but i did enjoy opening the window in the shower where you could see the whole city from the 19th floor while showering. The next day we met up with Laura and Karine and saw a completely different side of the city. They showed us around the next two days and ... read more
View From The 19th Floor
Karine and Ryan
Anne Frank Exhibit

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Porto Alegre February 2nd 2008

Wednesday night ended with a skit night. If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, the messages were really appreciated. It was fun to laugh together. We were up well past midnight talking and saying final good - byes. It's amazing how close you can get to someone in just a few days. Thursday we headed back to Porte Alegre. For one last treat, we went for Brazilian pizza and then back to the hotel. Friday we started our journey home. We left Porte Alegre at 12:30 p.m. for Sao Paulo. Since we had an 8 hour layover, Joe Arthur met us at the airport and we were able to go into the city and see the seminary. The traffic was heavy so we had to head back to the airport, leaving at 10:15 p.m. We ... read more
Skit Night
Jeff in Nursery

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Sul » Gramado January 30th 2008

It's hard to believe it's Wednesday already. Rich will be speaking one more time tonight and then we head back to Porto Alegre on Thursday and will fly out on Friday. We have a long lay over in Sao Paulo so hope to see that city before we leave Brazil. It rivals with Mexico City and Toyko as one of the largest cities in the world. Dr. Loftis arrived yesterday and gave an update on ABWE and Dr. Kempton's funeral. It was quite moving. Yesterday we went to the Chocolate Factory - Yum!!... read more
Chocolate Factory
Black Lake
Dr. Loftis

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