Photos from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, South America

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Luiz found me upstairs near my seat
Luiz proudly wearing his Fluminense jersey
Messi taking a corner kick (Luiz took this photo)
Messi on the field (Luiz took this photo)
Messi is playing (Luiz took this photo)
Found Luiz in his seat
Inside the Fan Fest
Welcome to the Fan Fest
Luiz and I outside the Fan Fest
The crowd leaving the game
Photo with cardboard cutout of Brazil's coach Felipao
Me inside the stadium
Messi on his way to taking a corner kick
Messi scored the first goal of the game
Start of the game
National Anthems
My beer cup at the game
Argentines in the stands
View from my seat
WC sign
Close-up of the stadium
Beira-Rio Stadium
Me and a Nigerian fan
Me outside the stadium
The crowd arriving at the stadium
Luiz's turn to take a photo with Brazil's coach Felipao
Luiz and I at the Fan Fest
Band playing at the Fan Fest
My ticket
Close-up of sign
Arena do Gremio (front)
Arena do Gremio (back)
My Addiction to Mate Continues
Family Churrasco
Joao and His Father
A Watched Asado Doesn't Grill
Joao and Thales
Joao and His Meat
Post Christmas Churrasco
Finally, relaxing
Thales and Me
Christmas Chester
In Home BBQ
With Juliana and Thales
Santa Found us in Brazil
Christmas Parade in Gramado
Palm trees
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