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Äpologies for the delay in updating the blog - too much fun and too little internet access. Day 25:- We started the day by picking up props for the Salar de Uyuni - a plastic dinosaur and a few beer bottles. Then we boarded our 4x4's and headed toward the salt plains, stopping at a little village en route that sold handicrafts. Our first stop on the plains was where the locals dry the salt in the sun by piling it into pyramids, once dry trucks come and take it for further drying and packaging. We continued oo to Isla del Pescado, an Island in the middle of the plains, the scenery is so surreal - nothing for miles and then an island comprising of cactus that are up to 1000 years old. We had lunch ... read more
Surviving the mines
Quad biking

Pour ce 50ème post, pas n’importe quel chapitre ! … En effet, la Bolivie possède une petite merveille du monde bien planquée au plus profond du sud du pays. Et évidemment, on ne pouvait pas passer par là sans y faire un petit tour… Mais reprenons chronologiquement, si vous le voulez bien… Nous quittons la ville de Potosì, un lundi matin frais, avec un bus qui va nous déposer à Uyuni, ville départ des excursions pour le sud. Le trajet se fait en 6h. La voie est presque entièrement goudronnée mais plusieurs fois tout de même, nous devons faire des détours par des pistes, heureusement sèches, car les travaux empêchent encore de circuler entièrement sur l’asphalte. Les paysages que nous traversons durant ces quelques heures sont déjà très beaux. Depuis Potosì, nous quittons vraiment la civilisation. ... read more
Trajet entre Potosì et Uyuni : lamas sur l'Altiplano
Uyuni, au milieu de rien
Sur la route d'Uyuni

Le lendemain, nous nous réveillons à 7h00 pour aller prendre le petit-déjeuner et écouter l’actualité de la nuit précédente puis nous partons un peu après 8h00, contents de ne pas partager la voiture avec les haleines fraîchement alcoolisées, pour la plus longue journée de l’excursion. Nous allons en effet avaler beaucoup de kilomètres aujourd’hui, on va pouvoir tester l’endurance d’Oscar, notre chauffeur. Nous quittons alors définitivement le Salar d’Uyuni, encore plein de splendides images devant les yeux. Tout en apercevant ici et là quelques vigognes (animal local, à mi-chemin entre la biche et le lama), nous nous dirigeons vers le sud. Nous allons traverser un autre Salar, bien plus petit, le Salar de Chiguana. Avec ce Salar, nous entrons dans la province la plus australe de la Bolivie : le Sud-Lipez. Cette province compte 5'000 habitants ... read more
Vigognes sur le chemin
Laguna Cañapa, quel reflet !
Laguna Hedionda, il y a foule !

"The salt flats was amazing! We took so many pictures that were crazy. We took pictures of me in a can, me eating my dad and me pointing at my small daddy. My dad kissed my barbi. It was shivering cold. I put salt down my dad's pants. I slept in a salt hotel. I got a salt crytal that I took back to our house. And it was fun. The old trains were verycool. I kept saying ' all aboard to Africa' "- Sofia ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After 1 night in La Paz, we took a private ride to Orouro to catch a train. The drive took almost 4 hours and I had fun with Daddy and Jen in the car and did a lot of math. We stopped for lunch "in the middle of nowhwere" and ... read more
My best hiding place ever!

I had acually tried to make a reservation for a trip here in Potosi. On A recommendation of a tour company - eviently the only one that spoke english - I had wanted to ring from Potosi just to let them know I was wanting to do it if they had placed. Whilst the operator indeed did speak perfect English, the connection was so bad that it almost foiled my efforts. "Can I take your name please?" "Thomas" "Robin?" "Thomas!" "Ok Robin, see you tomorrow" "No, Thomas, Tom, T- O- M" "Ooooh sorry! Ok then Jon, sorry about the phone, it´s a bad connection" No kidding. Anyway we got there in the end, and after a half night bus, half hostel nights sleep I was rearing to go, especially after caramel and pankakes for breakfast. It ... read more


The overnight bus to Uyuni was supposed to arrive at 7....but somehow it managed to arrive at 5:30, which meant that I had to walk around for ahwile searching for a hostel:( However, me and some others managed to find one that let us put our things down and rest, before booking our tour of the salt flats. I had originally planned to do a four day tour, but due to the cold weather and snow, some parts of the usual tour were unreachable. Therefore, I shortened it to 1 day. The Salar was formed as a result of transformations between several prehistoric lakes. It is covered by a few meters of salt. Our tour took us to the train cemetary, salt hotel and incahuasi island.....and as the pictures will attest to it was beautiful, especially ... read more

The day dawned bright with a few clouds and we waited till 11am for our pickup (late and an indication of what was to follow - we are now on Bolivian time where 15mins actually means 50 or even longer). There were 3 others on the tour with us, a Bolivian from La Paz and a very nice young German couple who translated for us, we had a lot of fun with them. First stop is the train graveyard just out of town and now that the snow has gone we see the countryside in all it's rubbish. Wind blown litter surrounds most towns on the Bolivian altiplano. These trains once took minerals from the mines until the 1940's when it all ended. Back along the road to La Paz we come to the salt producing ... read more
the train graveyard
a few kms out of Uyuni is the train graveyard
train graveyard

Day One Crossing the Salar de Uyuni was one of the things I was most looking forward to in South America and it is one of the renowned trips of the backpacking world. Much like Machu Picchu and Foz do Iguaçu, if you are South America and anywhere near to them, it is compulsory to go. We arrived early on the morning of 28th June, at the office of La Torre Tours and were quickly introduced and left in the care of our guide and driver for the trip, Franco, and his wife, Ancelma, who was our chef. Lots of tour groups leave every day from Tupiza and as such, we there was a long line of 4x4’s being prepared and we noticed that ours was several years older than any of the vehicles present. It ... read more
First Day Lunch Stop

Our first day in Tupiza - set at 2950 meters above sea level and surrounded by an amazing landscape of rainbow coloured rocks, hills and canyons - was spent recovering from our night of no sleep. It was near this town that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were killed after robbing a payroll from a small settlement 40 klms away from Tupiza. The colours in the hills really were vibrant and it was easy to appreciate them as we explored the town in the late afternoon as they were very close - Tupiza is only tiny. Jerry climbed to a hill above the town and had a great view of the surrounding countryside but that seemed too hard for me - I stayed in the hotel with my book! Next day we visited three of ... read more
Scenery around Tupiza
Sylvia unpacking our picnic lunch
Lunch, salad and dried llama meat

Salar de Uyuni was an absolutely amazing experience. On Wednesday night we hopped on an unheated..... super cold bus for an 11 hour overnight to Uyuni. When we arrived our guide met us, dropped us off in the town square to pick up breakfast and then we left for our day. The first place we stopped was the train cemetary which was a bunch of old school abandoned trains. Then we went out to the salt flats. It was amazing. Nothing but stark white salt for miles and miles with beautiful snow-capped mountains in the background. We took some geeky photos and headed off to the Ojos de Sal or the "water eyes" where the salt meets holes of bubbling water. Then off to the Tunupa Volcano. There was a really small town there where we ... read more
Photo 13
Photo 14
Photo 15

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