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South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi October 30th 2013

My asthmatic lungs wheezed out a tune as I climbed the steep hills of one of the world's highest cities, Potosi, at 4,090 m/13,420 ft. For a couple of weeks, I explored the labyrinthine, narrow streets, ferreting out rich churches and monasteries encrusted with gold and silver, colorful, balconied 17c colonial palaces, and church roofs for grand views over the city and surrounding countryside. Travel Drama I'd come from little, wild west Tupiza on the only bus traveling the five hours by day. Everyone else was continuing to the capital, and the driver forgot about me, passed the terminal, and let me off only when I started shouting. By then we were in a dodgy part of town from which I had to walk uphill with all my things to find a taxi; this wouldn't have ... read more
Ojo del Inca Hot Springs
gorgeous details on colonial buildings
looking through old city gate to Cerro Rico

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi September 27th 2013

Dès le lendemain de notre arrivée à Potosi, c'est équipés de la tête aux pieds que nous partons aux mines de Potosi. Premier arrêt au marché où le guide nous explique ce que les mineurs consomment : feuilles de coca pour couper la faim, gros cigares, dynamites et alcool à 96° ! Nous profitons de l'occaz pour goûter aux salteñas, petits chaussons fourrés de viande et de légumes, délicieux ! Arrivés à la mine, nous pénétrons dans un passage déjà étroit et qui ne fera que rétrécir. A la fin d'un conduit, nous faisons une pause à côté d'une sculpture du diable. Les mineurs lui font des offrandes afin d'éviter des éboulements dans les galeries. Nous rencontrons ensuite des hommes en plein travail avec qui nous nous asseyons longuement en buvant des coups. Nous en apprenons ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi July 26th 2013

It’s 4 weeks until we leave Bolivia after 10 years here. Our final official Latin Link activity is the Team retreat. Andrea being a professional retreat leader has been asked to lead the 2 day retreat. She’s chosen the title “The art of letting go” which is fitting for us. So the past few weeks have seen Andrea spending many hours writing the material. We’ve decided we’d like to visit some friends (Walter, Adela, Brisa and Cielo) who live in Tarija and we’ll take in Concepción and Santa Cruz whilst we’re at it. Today Wednesday we’re up at 5:30am. It’s cold in Cochabamba this morning and making the porridge the milk seems off. I open another bag of milk and that’s off too, so give up on the porridge. We’ve run out of tea bags too ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi June 6th 2013

(Post by Mike) Well, while I have perhaps gotten a bit too used to doing minimal work and so have not been updating this blog for a while, I have promised Jess I would work to catch us up today. Disclaimer: Any Brewer or Neufeld parents should probably not read this blog post. If you do, just know we were totally unharmed by Potosi and have learned our lesson for the rest of the trip. Potosi bills itself as the world's highest city, sitting at over four kilometers above sea level. It was fortunately just a short, paved bus ride from Uyuni and had a great hostel (heating in the rooms and hot showers! What brilliant features), so we made it our next destination. The morning of the 6th, we started the day with a short ... read more
Cerro Rico - The Silver Mine

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi May 19th 2013

Loved, loved, loved Sucre! The white city really is beautiful with gorgeous buildings and suspiciously well kept gardens everywhere! The 5 nights we spent there flew by, arriving at the hostel at around 6.30am on Monday only to be told that reception doesn't open until 8 and there "might" be beds for us right away. Luckily we were able to crawl into bed by 9 (oh after climbing a ladder up to the loft where we were sleeping) and have a nap before going out to explore the city a bit. First job; find somewhere for Spanish lessons, yep I had 16 hours of Spanish lessons over 4 days and I think I must have improved a bit (or I at least hope) the good thing so many people are awesome at Spanish and English I ... read more


South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi April 17th 2013

Back for some more ! After finishing our tour in Uyuni we made our way to the beautiful city of Potosi - commonly referred to as the highest city on the planet at 4070m. During our stay in Potosi we learnt a lot about how much it played in the history of Bolivia but to the whole of south america and the kingdom of Spain itself. The abundance of Silver in the nearby mountain Cerro Rico indeed shaped the city's history between confronting nearby powers and Spain itself. Later it is as the place where currencies for generations would be forged in the famous La Moneda - the visit of the building rewarded us with invaluable insight, notably that Argentina would somehow get his name from the affluence of Argento coming from the famous city Potosi ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi March 24th 2013

I've added some photos to the previous two entries if you haven't seen them yet! The bus trip to Potosi was actually very nice - spectacular views of mountains, rivers and little villages. It took about 4h. When we arrived, we all went out for lunch - it was very cheap - 4 courses (soup, salad, beef and ice cream) and a drink for only £3.50! After lunch we went on a tour of the silver mine. This was really interesting, and I'm glad I did it, particularly with the mining history in our family. The Spanish discovered silver in Potosi in the ?16th century, and it has been mined since then - initially by forced slave labour. Now there is not much silver left, but they still mine zinc and tin. Each miner now works ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi March 23rd 2013

La Paz / Mount Potosi La Paz is so far amazing! We were here 2 days, and hearing about the Huanya Potasi mountain hike - one place we got information on the hike and thought 'nah, no way we can do that' then we stumbled on a place who specialised in hiking had a chat to them and then abot 1 hour later handing over our money. They make it sound so easy 'beginners can do this its fine' etc. Well. I wouldnt say it was 'fine' and i would not suggest it to anyone who hasnt hiked before! They said it was abot medium in toughness. I would also debate this class. The tour cost us $AUD 146.00 each. It included, 2 guides per 4 people, sleeping bags, sleeping in huts, all ice climbing equiptment, ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi March 21st 2013

OK, so why are we in Potosi I hear you ask? Well we were to have two days in Tupiza, but we got there mid afternoon even after our three hour challenge getting out of Argentina and into Bolivia. The Bolivian Aduana, asks for our moto we can only het it for Argentina and Chile, he said we cannot enter Bolivia!!..haven't I heard this before? Like when we enter Peru!!! So after much negotiating, and flashing of a US$50 note, he would consider making and 'exception' this time ( like every other time) so here we are in Potosi. Getting back to the last day in Argentina, as they have paved all the road to the border, we had made good time, so decided to take an alternative route on a Ripio road a lake ... read more
Hi I'm Eric
Scratch and Tiny
Down at the market

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi February 20th 2013

Gerai išsimiegoję keiaujam į autobusų stotį, autobusas pagal Bolivijos standartus visai neblogas. 5 valandų kelionė neprailgs, nes kaip visada už lango gražūs vaizdai. Atvažiavę į Potosi keliaujam iki hostelio. Hostelyje yra viskas ko reikia: virtuvė, internetas, karštas dušas. Čia sutinkas ir kelis draugus su kuriais gyvenom Orure, tik jie jau šiandien išvažiuoja, tad ilgai kartu nepabūnam. Pasidedam daigtus ir einam pasivaikščioti po miestą. Hostelis pačiame miesto centre tad toli eiti nereikia. Susirandam ryt dienai ekskursiją į šachtas. Eidami atgal į hostelį užsukam į turgų, nusiperkam produktų vakarienei. Pasigaminam vakarienę ir likusią dienos dalį praleidžiu prie kompiuterio. Beveik savaitę laiko nerašiau dienoraščio, tiesiog nebuvo kada. Hostelyje į kainą (maždaug 20 Lt. parai) įskaičiuoti pusryčiai. Tad pavalgę visai neblog... read more

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