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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz June 4th 2013

Highlight video of Argentina and Bolivia. Follow this link to Vimeo or the embed below: Argentina & Bolivia from Charles Green on Vimeo. ... read more

(post by Mike) What in the world could convince us to wake up at 6 AM and walk across town to lurk in a quiet coffee shop? In this case, it was our long-anticipated day tour with Gravity Bolivia (highly recommended) to bike down what Jess has renamed "The World's Most Exciting Road". We met Dave, our English-speaking guide from North Carolina, and Javier, our Bolivian guide, and loaded onto a bus headed to the mountains outside La Paz. After being given a warm jacket, pants, and a well-maintained mountain bike, we began biking down a paved road to get used to the bikes. Jess and I were a bit worried about whether the day would be too physically demanding, but 95% of our day was spent biking downhill. Eventually, we got to the gravelly section ... read more
Taking in the view!
Couple shot
Delirious grin

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz May 31st 2013

(Post by Mike - Sorry for delay in posting, was in a region of Bolivia with no internet and minimal electricity for the last 4 days - will catch up shortly!) Today started with extreme celebration as we learned finally how the showers work in Bolivia! A surgeon's hand is required to carefully manipulate the water flow in order for the electric water heater to work its magic. After hearing Abba for what felt like the hundredth time during breakfast, we hustled over to San Pedro square for a free English walking tour of La Paz. We got to observe the outside of the San Pedro prison, where guards only patrol the perimeter and allow the inmates to run their own mini-cities with their families inside. Prisoners can run businesses inside to generate money to purchase ... read more
Wall Art - La Paz has it everywhere!
Bullet holes from gunfighting in front of the presidential palace
Bullet holes remain in some buildings

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz May 31st 2013

La Paz is one of Bolivia´s capitals (Sucre is the other), and it takes a bit of getting used to. Firstly it is 3660m above sea level, and we did it in one day from Arica (sea level) in 10 hours by bus. Just walking up 5 stairs takes your breath away and as La Paz is in a valley you always have to go uphill at some point, the pollution doesn´t help either. Secondly I did a lot of research before we arrived here as we weren´t planning on visiting Bolivia when we set out on this adventure, I didn´t want us to be unprepared. That, however, meant reading lots of stories about tourists getting kidnapped by fake police and being robbed! So, I spent the first 2 days completely on edge with excess adrenaline ... read more
Music Museum
Tiwanaku Sun Gate
The alter, San Francisco Church

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz May 30th 2013

May 30 - Day 2 in La Paz After a first day in which we went somewhat overbudget due to our foolish decision to eat meals in tourist trap restaurants, we committed to a lower budget for the day today. That was assisted by the fact that we finally learned what the fireworks were about! It is a national holiday in Bolivia and basically the entire town was shut down. Stubbornly, Jess and I marched from district to district in the city in an attempt to find the most gringo of the gringo bars/restaurants to potentially meet people or wile away the time. After over five hours of walking through the streets - running into street jugglers, a Bolivian Burger King, and what looked like an "Occupy La Paz" movement on their main street, we settled ... read more
Calle Jean
Coffee with a side of cream


South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz May 29th 2013

(post by Mike) May 29 - First day in La Paz We have made it to beautiful Bolivia! Landing at 3:45 AM (Aeroplan point restrictions limiting flight options), we quickly made it through customs. The customs officer seemed so happy we were tourists coming to spend money in his country. We then met the wonderful Pepe, our pre-arranged driver to take us from the airport to our hostel. The airport is situated in El Alto, a poor branch town of La Paz, and we passed by many boarded up buildings and some debris on the roads. When we got to our hostel at 4:15 AM, we were a bit disconcerted to see the place totally locked up with a large metal gate and no lights on. But Pepe came through for us, finding a doorbell to ... read more
zebra crossing
La Paz

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz May 28th 2013

Having arrived in Uyuni mid afternoon after a bumpy bus ride, quickly located a decent hostel, we ventured out to the "happening" town that is Uyuni to find a tour for the next day. The town seemed to consist only of tour company's offering various trips out to see the famous salt flats, but having spoken to several other travellers it appeared they all provide the same things so the mission was to find the cheapest. An hour later and most places were closing down for the night, we managed to book a tour for Bs600 starting at 10.30am the next day, I was happy with out choice of tour company and pleasantly surprised to be getting a lie in! The next day anddddd we're off, we've met the rest of our group; a Canadian couple ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz May 20th 2013

We spent three weeks in Bolivia. Starting and ending in La Paz. We travelled to Sucre, Trupiza, a four day tour to the Salar de Uyani, then back to La Paz. From there we did the death road, moon valley, and golfed the worlds highest golf course. The altitude was high the entire time, and nights were cold, one night on our tour was at 4400 meters and -20 with no heat. There was a transit and labour strike which made travel difficult, as we had to rearrange our plans several times so as not to be stranded, Rosalyn even felt the effects of tear gas while shopping one day. It was very beautiful, and we made some great new friends along the way. We tried to put the photos in chronological order. Hope you enjoy. ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz May 18th 2013

Blog 8th May - 18th May "Soaring Salt Flats" With the bus strikes finally lifted we eventually got back on the move. Sadly there was no vino or bubbles on this 24 hour marathon and we were forced to stand for half the overnight journey due to overcrowding. Nevertheless we arrived safely into Salta, north west Argentina. This picturesque little city is lined with pedestrian streets and a lovely central plaza. Having not slept we soaked up some sun and observed the locals as they supped on the local 'mate' tea brew. This engrained habit requires hauling around the special 'mate' chalice and straw (the Argentine's pride and joy), a separate hot flask and a bag of the god awful 'mate' tea mush. Its a logistical nightmare but they absolutely love it. I'd take a bag ... read more
Pata Rios - Gaucho, Sayta Ranch
Jo chilling, petrified lava tree

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz May 11th 2013

I'm a tad behind in writing my blogs because as it turns out, there is way to much to do and just not enough time!! I keep trying to think of a job that will pay me to do this travel thing full time!! I can't think of one, so I've decided to charge you all $... read more
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Salt flats tour
Salt flats tour

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