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Bonita ciudad, con un centro de aires coloniales, una parte más céntrica donde las calles se están quedando pequeñas. Y alrededores de calles anchas, con buenas aceras y algunas grandes avenidadas. Sorprendidos del gran número de restaurantes, y de la gran afluencia que tienen de gente. Debe ser que la gastronomía es un punto fuerte de esta ciudad. Un gran cristo domina la ciudad, está prohibido mearse dentro. LA subida en teleférico es muy bonita. Un mercado o cancha, lleno de cualquier artículo que podamos necesitar Al estar preparando las maletas para salir hacia Uyuni, Carol se da cuenta que su pasaporte no está, la ultima vez que lo vió en los lavabos del aeropuerto… Por suerte lo encontramos en información ... read more

Well it´s been a very long time since I´ve blogged so this is going to be a long one! I left off in Peru as we were about to head to Cusco. We flew from Lima in a tiny plane (much to my horror) but arrived unscathed in Cusco in the early morning. At 3300 metres above sea level, the altitude hits you right away, I felt like I´d downed a bottle of red after getting off the plane! We spent the next two days aclimatising as we were all feeling pretty horrible from altitude sickness but got to know Cusco as quite a cool city with good restaurants, bars and markets. There are lots of tourists here as it is the gateway to the Inca Trail. Unfortunately I came down with a head cold the ... read more

At last I met the woman of my dreams on this trip on an excursion to a local national park (see first photograph). A friendship developed and we seemed closer with each passing moment (see second photograph), eventually achieving such a rapport that she fell asleep in my arms (see last photograph). However, my future happiness was cruelly snatched from my grasp when due to the callous adherence to petty regulations by the British Embassy they refused to grant her a British passport. What hope for this world if such coexistence is discouraged! Por fin conocí a la mujer de mis sueños en este viaje de excursión a un parque nacional (ver primera foto). Una amistad y nos parecía más a cada momento (ver segunda foto), con el tiempo el logro de una relación que se ... read more
asleep in my arms

We arrived for the second time in Cochabamba's seedy southern part of town. The area smells like a developing country, the streets laden with garbage and full of people. The streets in the southern part are not appealing in the least, the buildings almost universally appear to be in some state of decay. Walking north the city changes quickly, the buildings began to appear cleaner and the litter lessened to nothing. We walked past the central plaza and the cathedral and checked into a huge hostel/hotel hybrid. After much faffing about town, we sat in a huge American style (searching for the right word....) restaurant, Globos. The menu had a huge array of cakes, ice creams, elaborate drinks and eventually a huge selections of sandwiches. We ate well and there was cake left over. Watching Brazil ... read more
Cristo de la Concordia
Cristo de la Concordia

We arrived in Villa Tunari following two journeys, the first a particularly bumpy, crappy and cramped bus journey through the night from Sucre to Cochabamba, the second a bumpy, crappy and cramped shared taxi ride for three more hours. Villa Tunari was not what I had pictured or hoped for, although in retrospect, I had been overly optimistic. In my head I pictured a beautiful secluded little town next to a national park, in my head, Villa Tunari was going to be Bolivia's equivalent to Thailand's Pai - my favourite of the few places I visited there. Instead we were dropped off in a town with little more than 2500 people, next to a major road. Despite my initial disappointment, the four of us found a nice hostel which had a pool that was most welcome ... read more
Cutter Ants
Spider Monkey


Knowing we would be hiking the inca trail few days after arriving in Cusco we spent our time relaxed and preparing. We visited markets, enjoying the meals there for less than £1 and walked around the beautiful city. We had our briefing on the trek, which made us all nervous as they discussed hours of walking uphill, cold weather conditions and carrying large sleeping equipment. The first day didn't start well when our alarm failed to go off (at 5am) and our guide is at our door wondering why we weren't ready! Secondly we quickly learnt that 3 Aussy guys and us were the only people daft enough not to pay for an additional porter. It wouldn't have been a problem if it wasn't for the weighty sleeping bag and mattress we needed to carry with ... read more

VOLUNTEERING AT INTI WARA YASSI, PARQUE MACHIA, VILLA TUNARI THE JOURNEY TO VILLA TUNARI When we finally prized ourselves away from the comforts of Cochabamba to head off to the animal sanctuary, we expected a simple three hour trip in a microbus straight to Parque Machia. As you might expect by now, this wasn’t to be. About two and a half hours in, the micro pulled up at a queue of lorries, taxis and people outside a town called Cristal Mayu. Using our strong grasp of Spanish we deciphered from the driver that there was a roadblock but we simply had to walk for one kilometre until we would reach Villa Tunari where the park was located. Happy enough, we set off walking. And walking. And walking. After about 3km we were starting to realise that ... read more
Photo 13
Donny (Elizabeth) Steps

Having spent 14.5 hours on an overnight Bolivian bus journey from hell, we were very happy to arrive in Samaipata. It's not actually that far from Sucre but the lack of road makes for a very slow bus ride. And by lack of road I mean dirt track that you would probably only consider mountain biking on back at home. Our bus lacked all the mod cons - no aircon, no curtains, an empty tv cabinet with wires where the tv should have been, and comfort breaks that consisted of squatting at the side of the road next to everyone else. At least it was dark but I still wished I'd been wearing a skirt!!! Anyway, we found a real gem of a hostel in Samaipata. The name escapes me but it was run by a ... read more

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Rano sme sa vydali naspat do Cochabamba jedinym autobusom odchadzajucim z Torotoro o 6 rano. Cesta a okolie bolo krasne, ale vsetko sme videli vcera len v opacnom poradi a tak sme vacsinu cesty prespali. Najvacsim rozruchom bolo ked sa autobus pokazil a zastavil, ale soferovi sa nastastie podarilo opravit zavadu. V autobuse mi zacalo byt naozaj zle a to bol aj jeden z dovodom pre ktore sme sa rozhodi stravit tuto noc v Cochabambe a nepokracovat dalej. Po par hodinach spanku som sa citila ovela lepsie a tak sme vyrazili do mesta. V meste bolo strasne vela zobrakov, hlavne matky s malymi detmi. Niektorym sme dali drobne, ale natiahnutych ruk bolo ovela viac ako nasich drobnych. Mali sme so sebou flasku pepsi a v jednom momente sa maly chlapec na tu flasku zavesil a pozeral ... read more
vanocni vyzdoba/christmas deco
vahovy byznys/weight business
cestou nazpet/on the way back

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Der Grenzübertritt von Peru nach Bolivien verlief unkomplizierter und lockerer als erwartet. An einem Tischchen unter dem Bild mit dem dekorierten Evo Morales wird ein einfacher Stempel in den Pass gedrückt. Die einzigen die sich abmühen mussten, waren die US-Bürger, die ein Visum für 135 USD lösen müssen und dafür einige Zeit aufwenden. Nach kurzer Fahrzeit treffen wir in Copacabana ein, treiben ein Taxi auf und lassen uns zum Hotel Chasqui del Sol fahren. Das Hotel ist nett, hat seine beste Zeit jedoch bereits hinter sich. Copacabana ist ein herziges Städtchen, mit einigen Lädeli-Strassen und vor allem einer Imbiss-Buden-Strasse am Strand vom Titicacasee. In einigen dieser Buden assen wir die Beste Forelle die wir je hatten. Das Forellemahl wurde zum festen Tagesbestandteil während unserer paar Erholungstage in Copacabana. ... read more
Unser Hotel...schön aber ausgestorben
Das Hotelkätzchen
Abendessen mit dem Schweizer Geologen Theo

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