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South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre July 20th 2008

Hello Perhaps you´d wondered if I´d fallen off the continent or wandered into the Amazon jungle. Sorry I haven´t been keeping this up to date too often. It´s not that I haven´t had anything to report - more that I keep forgetting to write it up or when I decide to do it, something else comes up. So where are we? Since I last wrote, I travelled to the east of the province of Santa Cruz into an area called Chiquitano where there are some beautiful villages very different from other parts of the country. It is an area also called Missiones for the missions established by the Jesuits in the 19th century. Each village has a church designed and built by the Jesuits with most beautiful carvings inside and out and decorated ornately. Twice a ... read more
Impressive Musicians
View of Sucre
The new house

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre July 10th 2008

Jake: Sucre was, as it turned out, a lovely city. Only as much brown as the other colours of the spectrum, as many taxis as people that actually wanted to ride in them and as many town squares with actual living trees and plants as the austre blocks betwixt them. In the pages of our much loved, worn and beaten ´lonely planet´ we found a review of the ´joyride cafe´, a self confessed ´gringoified´ cafe beside the main square and it was there that we came to spend a good deal of our time. It was cosy, pretty, friendly and most importantly cheap, which is a good thing because we still had next to no money due to the palava with our card. I will say again and I´m sure it wont be for the last ... read more
Joyride Cafe
Central Square
Caiparinhas in Joyride

Dag beste mensen! Na een tijdje van stralende afwezigheid, is het weer tijd voor een update! Uiteindelijk ben ik (Christi) na een lange reis goed aangekomen in La Paz, Bolivia. Het had uiteraard wel wat voeten in aarde, met urenlange vertraging door niet functionerende rookmelders op de toiletten van het vliegtuig, waarvoor uiteraard een nieuw toestel geregeld moest worden (??), een Chileense journalist die het wel jolig vond om ´s nachts mijn Spaans te oefenen (is dan niet op z´n allerbest..), en een 10-jarig Boliviaans meisje dat ik van Brazilie naar Bolivia mocht transporteren, wat zo´n 12 uur duurde, terwijl het kind alleen maar Spaans sprak.. Ik was blij toen ik na 36 uur Sander eindelijk zag, en een horizontaal bedje gespreid aantrof. Uiteraard was het even wennen aan de nieuwe omgeving en omstandigheden. Ik kan ... read more
De crew
Plaatselijke trein

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre June 27th 2008

Bolivia, Bolivia, Bolivia. So good they named it once. Bolivia's one of those destinations that people either can't wait to get involved with, or choose to ignore. The bald Dutch giant we'd met in Argentina had told us in his broad Glaswegian accent 'Aaam spending as little time as possible in that shitehole', but most people we've met have been looking forward to it and see it as a highlight of their trip. Probably because it's 'proper' South America. By 'proper', people tend to mean it's where there are lots of indigenous people walking around in funny hats; where home comforts such as working showers and salmonella-free food are nowhere to be seen; and where the landscape is as dramatic and varied as the gurglings in your stomach. All these are true and more. It's where ... read more
Dolph Lundgren
Above Samaipata
El Fuerte pre-Inca site

After a busy few days on the Salar it was lovely to get to the scenic city of Sucre for some chilling and relaxing. The climate here is sunny and warm and we spent most of our time here wandering around enjoying defrosting in the sunshine. The city, which is set in a valley surrounded by mountains, is perfect for strolling around. Its pretty streets are lined with beautiful whitewashed buidings and green parks perfect for lazing in and watching the world go by. Our arrival in Sucre coincided with the start of the European Championships, so we have to admit that much of our time here was spent watching the football in a nice Dutch pub, cheering on whoever we fancied that day. Tony was disappointed that defending champions Greece lacked their previous form and ... read more
Catedral, Capilla de la Virgen de Guadalupe
Catedral main entrance


Day 249 - Monday 26 May We arrived into Sucre about 8 ish in the morning. As were almost 3000m above sea level I´d expected it to be really cold but I´m surprised at how warm it is. I'd found some cheap accommodation on the internet so we took a taxi over. Unfortunately there wasn't room for all of us so we said goodbye to Gary and Bart who went to look for something nearby and waited to check in. We have to wait until midday which is a bit of a pain as I´d hoped to have a lie down for a couple of hours. The road last night had been unpaved so had been too bumpy to get some proper uninterupted sleep. Interestingly I´m coping ok with it which shows that when people say ... read more
Sucre Cathedral

Haven´t been able to get to a computer for a while so apologies for the lack of updates.... Cochabamba We arrived in Cochabamba on 1st June quite late and had a couple of days to explore the town. It wasn´t anything amazing but it was good to meet the new group etc. We went out for a Chinese on our first night there - quite an amusing experience - the owner/waiter was very funny. A couple of the group ordered piranha fish - they were huge - had a taste - quite nice but so many bones in it. Everything seems to close in Cochabamba on mondays. We headed to the local markets to have a look around - usual stuff, clothes, food, bags, wooden carvings etc. In the afternoon we attempted to go to the ... read more
Me, Luna and Jeff
Slightly drunk

We left Brazil and crossed over the border into Bolivia... and our first experience of Bolivia was on a night train to Santa Cruz. The train has been nicknamed the infamous Death Train, as in the past people used to ride on the roof as they put all the contraband inside the train, and the train used to derail all the time so the people use to fall off the roof and die! Luckily we had seats inside the carriage and even though it was probably one of the roughest and bumpiest trains we'd ever been on, it stayed on track!! It was fun to watch the staff try and serve food from the trolley and then for us to somehow try to eat it and drink. We arrived in Santa Cruz and spent most of ... read more
Bolivian Dance Show
The dinosaur footprints...
The children were so happy with their blankets!

Apres Potosi, on est alles a Sucre pour visiter avant de prendre notre tour a La Paz. Sucre est vriament magnifique et est surnommee "La Ville Blanche", du au fait que les maisons et batiments principaux sont blancs, ce qui remonte a l´epoque coloniale. La ville est lotie dans les montagnes mais a moindre altitude que Potosi, ce qui rend la respiration plus facile! A part le fait qu´on a ete bloques a Sucre du aux greves qui apparemment ravagent la Bolivie, on a passe un tres bon moment. Il y a bien pire comme endroit pour etre bloques!!! After Potosi, we went to beautiful Sucre. It is a wonderful and so charming city. It is called "the White City" due to the fact that its houses end main buildings in the center are all painted ... read more
Potosi - Sucre
Potosi - Sucre
Potosi - Sucre

The most beautiful city in Bolivia? Sucre is probably the most beautiful and important city in bolivia. It was here the independece was proclaimed, and the declaration was signed on the 6th og august 1825. Sucre is actually still the judicial capital, but the seats of government and treasury are in La Paz. The city is situated in a valley surrounded by low mountains in a altitude of 2790m. The climate, especially after been in Potosi (4070m) was mild and comfortable. Its many colonial white buildings with nice patios, plaza's perfect for studying the city life, and plenty of bars, restaurant, museums and other activities around. Sucre was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1991. Many choose to stay here longer than they planned, because of its climate, nice surroundins, posibilities to study and so ... read more
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