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Apres Potosi, on est alles a Sucre pour visiter avant de prendre notre tour a La Paz. Sucre est vriament magnifique et est surnommee "La Ville Blanche", du au fait que les maisons et batiments principaux sont blancs, ce qui remonte a l´epoque coloniale. La ville est lotie dans les montagnes mais a moindre altitude que Potosi, ce qui rend la respiration plus facile! A part le fait qu´on a ete bloques a Sucre du aux greves qui apparemment ravagent la Bolivie, on a passe un tres bon moment. Il y a bien pire comme endroit pour etre bloques!!! After Potosi, we went to beautiful Sucre. It is a wonderful and so charming city. It is called "the White City" due to the fact that its houses end main buildings in the center are all painted ... read more
Potosi - Sucre
Potosi - Sucre
Potosi - Sucre

The most beautiful city in Bolivia? Sucre is probably the most beautiful and important city in bolivia. It was here the independece was proclaimed, and the declaration was signed on the 6th og august 1825. Sucre is actually still the judicial capital, but the seats of government and treasury are in La Paz. The city is situated in a valley surrounded by low mountains in a altitude of 2790m. The climate, especially after been in Potosi (4070m) was mild and comfortable. Its many colonial white buildings with nice patios, plaza's perfect for studying the city life, and plenty of bars, restaurant, museums and other activities around. Sucre was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1991. Many choose to stay here longer than they planned, because of its climate, nice surroundins, posibilities to study and so ... read more
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Voila deja quelques jours que "mon" avion survolait des collines et montagnes a n'en plus finir quand il fallut atterir... Il faut savoir qu'avec l'altitude, apparement, les pneus des avions sont differents, les distances de feinage doublees, etc... Et bien, quand on atteri face à une montagne au milieu des montagnes, tout le monde freine !!! Cètait jouisif quand l'appareil s'est immobilisè, a fait demi tour pour rejoindre le terminal montrant qu'il devait rester 30 metres de pistes environ, 2 filets (pour stopper l'avion ?) et la montagne !! M'enfin, je ne cesse de rencontrer des gens qui ont fait le trajet par la route et tous disent avoir vècu une sorte d'enfer sur roues, notament un pti couple de bresiliens très sympas avec qui on a partagçe ensuite la route jusqu'a Potosi... Enfin, Victor adore, ... read more
un batiment mais je ne me rappelle plus ce que c'est !
triunfador !!!

Although La Paz is the biggest city in Bolivia (and the seat of government), Sucre is actually the capital of the country. A very odd arrangement. But we had heard that it was a nice, romantic city so we thought that we´d check it out. Also known as "the white city", we didn´t find it as pretty as Arequipa, but we did still find it quite charming. It was a fantastic place to sit about, relax and talk (we spent almost 3 hours just sitting on the Plaza de Armas talking such was the atmosphere), althought there wasn´t a massive amount in the form of museums etc. The only really excursion was to "take the dino-truck" (as the poster said) and see the largest collection of preserved dinosaur footprints in the world. Expecting a vehicle out ... read more

Hi, sorry it´s been a while, as expected, I´ve been in the middle of nowhere for a while. Freezed my arse off and felt my skin boil 10 minutes later. My musical horizons have been expanded, though not in any sensible ways and I´ve worked out how survive 10 days solid sat on my bum. Having a cracking holiday. Peru Cuzco Nice touristy town. More money floating about so most of the houses are finished. Larger percentage of tourists than I´d seen to date. All either looking excited for the walk or lookng knackered but pleased with themselves at having done it. Arrived here before and after the Inca Trail. Before, the pririty was shopping. We all wandered round looking for the basics that would keep us alive for the following 4 days. Gloves, waterproofs, water ... read more


South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 25th 2008

After a long and tiresome visit to the salt flats, we arrived early in La Paz the highest capital city in the world. The salt flats were amazing however on the two days following we visited the desert on the chile boarder, it was driving taking pictures and dealing with the below freezing temperatures. However La Paz exceeded my expectations having spent close to a week there I now wonder what I am doing in Quito. The last day with the group ended and I had contact numbers to get into the Prison, something I was told to do. Each city in South America has a Plaza, one of the four sides of the Plaza in La Paz is fronted by a fortress like building know as San Pedro Prison, the guards marching the surroundings ward ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 15th 2008

Across the road from the central market , we were in the thick of things....the way we like it. We stayed in Charcas & so had quick access to all the fruits & shakes, cakes & popcorn, ice-cream & bread that took our fancy!! As you walk into the market you can see a stand with about 20 different sized cakes decorated with white icing with a lady doing the finishing touches or swatting away the flies & on the other side of her, rows & rows of women with blenders & a variety of fruits, ready to make up whatever concoction you desire. Around the corner will be countless stalls of fruit & veg.......with salewomen eager to better their neighbour & sell you at least one of every fruit before you leave......they would sell you ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 10th 2008

Sucre - the town that cried wolf... You may recall back in November '07 this was the site of the infamous civil unrest that captured the attention of international media and all backpackers with intentions of passing through the Bolivian heartland. And looking around the main square, it still bears the scars of those clashes with police which left 3 dead, one policeman soundly lynched and all the maximum security prisoners on perpetual day-leave. Sucreneans killing Sucreneans, and then in all likelihood, running away yelping from even more Sucreneans! Smashing age-old, heritage-saturated buildings and defacing monuments! Yep, reeeeeal smart. Beat up your sister, that'll sure show 'em back in La Paz. Idiots. Come with me on this one and tell me if it's me that's missed the point: You love your city, people, culture, coca etc. ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 8th 2008

We arrived in Sucre late on Sunday afternoon after a 30min flight from Santa Cruz. We ended up splahing out 37 pounds on business class to get on the flight as we are suddenly realising how short of time we are and how much we want to do before our Inca trek starts from Cusco in Peru on the 20th April. Sucre is at 2790m above sea level and we noticed it was slightly colder (although still sunny) and I was a bit short of breath when we first arrived (though you could be excused for thinking that this is due to 5 months of no exercise and over-indulgent eating). The town is known as "La ciudad blanca" because everything is white washed and very colonial looking. It really is a beautiful town and has a ... read more
Plaza Libertad
Sucre - la ciudad blanca

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 5th 2008

I just found out that changing my flight from a 3-month-ticket to a 1-year-ticket would cost me more than $700. Looks like I'll be going home in two weeks :-(. I wish I could stay longer, on the other hand it might not hurt being there a bit early to get everything organized for Uni. Hopefully I'll find a way to keep improving my Spanish in Santa Barbara..........a few more month of practice sure would have been nice....... It´s a very sudden end to my trip but I guess you can't have everything in life. I've done, seen and learned a lot during my 2 1/2 months (two more weeks to come) in Bolivia and am grateful for having had this opportunity. Won't be my last visit to South America, that's for sure.... read more

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