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South America » Argentina April 3rd 2014

After visiting the capital Buenos Aires –where for information 50% of the population is living- and making a quick stop in Cordoba Ciudad –which I didn’t like so much-, I arrived in La Rioja Ciudad, where my trip at the discovery of Argentinian natural wonders will begin :) This will start in fact from the bus ride there: the scenery on the road was breathtaking ! There is no village just the nature with bushes, lagoons, ancient salt lakes, which are dry now with small hills of salt. All of this is along the road, so near! La Rioja Ciudad is a small but vibrant city, with his main square, where I liked staying. But, the reason, why I was staying there was the National Park of Talampaya, where there is a nice canyon. This park ... read more
Green tree Parque de Talampaya
Hike near San Juan
Fossils near Malargue

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate April 2nd 2014

Glaciers Galore and Icebergs Aplenty I was lashed by freezing wind and occasional horizontal rain, but I couldn't leave the deck of our big catamaran, The Patagonia--there was magic everywhere! Gliding by us, all around were icebergs from the size of toy boats to cruise ships. They'd been wind- and water-sculpted into a myriad of fanciful, hulking and anthropomorphic shapes. I saw birds, dragons, amphibians, even the Three Graces and a few angels wafting across the water. As varied as the shapes, were the colors from deep cobalt interiors to turquoise and baby blue, most opaque, some transparent, some striped in blues and dirty grays, revealing their checkered origins. Not only were the icebergs impressive, but also was the setting spectacular. Tall, snow-capped mountains towered above the fiords of Lago Argentino, the country's ... read more
cutting through the waters
fine sunrise
sun comes out as we leave

We started the day of the marathon bus journey with a stroll to get postcards. We have collected a few postcards on the way round but are yet to send them. The bus to Bariloche cost AR$1300 each (ouch) and left at 3.30pm so we had a leisurely lunch in the Sun in town. The journey wasn't as bad as we feared, we managed to get a fair amount of sleep, but with few stops along the way we were very pleased to get off at 8pm the next day. The bus station in Bariloche is a few km out of town and as it was late, we were tired and unsure of where to go, we shared a taxi with an Italian guy who generously paid more than his share. The taxi from the bus ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires April 2nd 2014

I thought it appropriate to dedicate a separate piece to this as even before my time here is done I can say that it has been one of the best experiences of my life, the people and mooments I have had will be unmeasurable in time to come. Though I am writing this at the end of my second last week, I will likely not publish until I am done here incase anything new happens which I may wish to share. After extensive research, I settled on the organisation called Life. In Spanish it stands for Luchamos por una Infancia Feliz y con Esperanza, translated it means Fighting for a Happy Childhood and one with Hope. Over here volunteering must be a big business, as most of the organisations wanted to charge relatively large fees, considering ... read more

Before I came to Bariloche I had felt it might be a bit of a watershed moment, and so it proved. Up until now my route had pretty much taken care of itself. I'd booked or at least planned things well in advance and whilst I'd left some latitude to allow time to make arrangements or act on recommendations I'd had a focus and expectation for each stage of my journey. Bariloche was different. I knew it was in a beautiful part of Argentina but it lacked the big ticket draw such as the iconic mountains in the south. In addition the time I would be able to spend here had always been contingent on my earlier progress and limited by the need to get to Mendoza in order to catch my flight to Salta in ... read more
Town Centre
Easter in Chocolate Town
Looking Across the Forest towards the Lake


South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén March 31st 2014

There is no bus route direct from Rio Gallegos (which acts as a hub for buses to places in the far south of Argentina) to El Chaltén, so we got the bus from El Calafate. It left at 8.00am, cost around AR$120 and arrived around 12. The bus stops as you enter the national park and everyone got off to listen to a talk from the park rangers, with the choice of Spanish or English. The talk is really informative and tells you about all the different hikes and trails around El Chaltén. They tell you how long they take (their estimates are pretty spot on) and how far they are etc. We were really lucky with the weather, which was sunny and most importantly clear. The rangers said people could stay over a week and ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 30th 2014

The start of my journey in Argentina was quite difficult because of money issues. At the bus station, there were indeed only 2 ATMs at the bus station from the same bank and none of them were working. So, the girl at the tourist information advised me to go near the Sheraton Hotel, where there were other ATMs. Well, I went there, but the ATMs were telling me “sorry, we cannot proceed with this operation”… The problem was: I had no money and needed at least money to pay the metro to get to my host. So, I went back to the bus station to exchange the few euros I had at an exchange counter. Well, when I arrived there, the girl told me that as it was holiday- thing that I didn’t know until that ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 30th 2014

After spending one week in Paraguay, which helped me to find myself again, I took a 22-hour bus to go to Buenos Aires and begin my trip in Argentina. It was a really long drive, especially when we spent 2 hours crossing the border. Why did it take 2 hours: well mainly because when they stamped the entrance papers at the Argentinian checkpoint, they put the year 2013 instead of 2014. They noticed it after doing all the papers, so everyone had to give back his paper again to get a new one with the right year on it… The other reason, why it took so long to arrive in Buenos Aires is that we were stopping in any small villages in Paraguay to take other passengers. Anyway, after one day on a bus, I finally ... read more
La Boca district
Tango shows
San Telmo district

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires March 30th 2014

Cant quite beleive it has been over 2 weeks since I last wrote! Apologies for this. Partly due to being lazy and partly due t being busy and caught up in the moment. Those close to me have known I am alive and well though so not quite vanished off the face of the planet. After over a month of living in hostels it has been amazing to have our own flat. We are situated centrally in a new apartment build on the 3rd floor in a studio style flat. It has the standard cooking area, living area with TV etc, then bed with drawers and so on. We also have a balcony with BBQ overlooking a large garden, and the building itself is host to a solarium and swimming pool. For the first week whenever ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate March 29th 2014

The bus to Rio Gallegos wasn't the best. The films were in Spanish, the landscape is pretty flat and dry and dinner was served at 22.30. We had also been held up by 2hours by protests on the main road just outside Puerto Madryn. At first we thought it was a really bad accident because we could see a pretty big fire burning, clouds of black smoke billowing, but the police were going pretty slowly back and forth and we couldn't see any firemen or ambulance so we should have realised. After an hour or so we got past and as we were going past a series of hand gestures were exchanged between the protesters and the passengers on the bus. This delay meant we had missed our connecting bus from Rio Gallegos to El Calafate, ... read more

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