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South America » Argentina February 23rd 2014

-SP- Esta mañana hemos mejorado la chapuza de la City-Bike. Ademas he cambiado dos radios que la pata de cambio arranco de cuajo antes de morir, y he centrado la rueda. De esta manaera hoy se andaba mejor que ayer por la noche. Hemos pasado muy cerca del Fitz Roy, y ha hecho un vieno fortisimo del norte, tanto que en llano se iba a 20 o 30 km/h y frenando, cuesta arriba a tramos tampoco haci falta pedalear. Hemos llegado de esta manera a El Chalten. Una vez aqui hemos buscado conexiones la Calafate, comer algo y conectarse a Internet. El pueblo es pequeño y no hay mucho por ver, ademas hoy hacia mucho viento. A las 6 hemos pillado el bus para Calafate, eso nos ahorra 220km de desierto argentino aburrido. Una vez en ... read more
A windy day near Fitz Roy
Fitz Roy
A windy place

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz February 23rd 2014

El Chaltén - Calafate - Puerto Natales El Chaltén impresiona porque es una ciudad en medio de el Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, y desde el que se ve el impresionante Fitz Roy. Los Argentinos dicen que es la ciudad más joven del mundo y es posible, porque se creó a finales del siglo XX con el objetivo de establecer una población permanente cerca de una zona de glaciares de todavía sin repartir entre Chile y Argentina (un rectángulo que aparece en los mapas muy cerca de esta zona). En cualquier caso, decidimos no quedarnos a pasar la noche en El Chaltén porque no ibamos a hacer ningún treking ya que habíamos tenido suficientes vistas del Fitz Roy durante los dos días anteriores. Compramos billetes para el autobús hasta el Calafate ya que ibamos un poco justos ... read more

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia February 22nd 2014

I have been in Ushuaia 5 days. The overwhelming feeling (and one that is yet to wear off is that you are at the very tip of the Americas) with only a relatively thin strip of ocean between you and Antarctica. Ushuaia is not a beautiful town but it is a town in a beautiful location. It feels part port and part ski resort. As you might expect from a town that is built at the foot of a mountain everything exists on an angle, making it something of a challenge to get down into town and a major expedition to get back up again. I get the impression that as a natural staging post for trips to Antarctica it doesn't have to try too hard and as a result has not had to develop its ... read more
Parque Nacional - Wetlands
Parque Nacional
Parque National - Panorama

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén February 22nd 2014

Itinerario: 19/02 - Villa O'Higgins - Bahía Bahamondes (7,5 kms) 20/02 - Bahía Bahamondes - Candelario Mancilla - Laguna del Desierto (4h en barco + 22 kms) 21/02 - Laguna del desierto - Camping Estancia Ricanor (1/2h en barco + 18 kms de ripio) 22/02 - Camping Estancia Ricanor - El Chaltén (19 kms, ripio) En Villa O'Higgins decidimos pasar la noche en el mismo puerto para no tener contratiempos por la mañana y nos despertaron los primeros coches que llegaban a preparar dos de las embarcaciones cinco embarcaciones que allí había en ese pequeño puerto. Embarcamos las alforjas y las bicicletas por separado y zarpamos. El recorrido nos lleva... read more

South America » Argentina » Chubut » Trelew February 22nd 2014

DAY 4 Jet lag kicked in today with 1 hr sleep before midnight only to get back to sleep for another hr before our alarm woke us again at 5 am to catch a taxi to the airport. Meet our fellow travellers at Trelew airport after a 2 hr flight from Buenos Aires to start our tour of Patagonia. Dynamics seem ok. 3 other couples (I Anglo/French, 1 Canadian & 2 Aust all similar to our age). Boarded our own mini bus with guide (Marta) and headed 110 km south to Punta Tombo Reserve, the largest Magellan penguin colony on the continent. It was amazing to be able to walk through the trails and around the nests of the more than five hundred thousand Magellanic penguins that gather each year in the colony along with many ... read more


South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 21st 2014

Day 3 We always thought that a 3 month trip would be filled with highs and lows and hopefully not too many lows but unfortunately we met with our first scarey experience today when some people tried to rob/mug us. We had a another full day of walking, our B & B is surrounded by every shopping outlet brand name known to man & Ruth managed to pass them all without entry. We passed through the cosmopolitan Palermo area with lots of cafés and restaurants intending to reach the upmarket Recoleta area with the wealthiest streets in BA. After feeling very safe yesterday we were almost robbed today, we were down near the zoo entrance taking a photo when I thought a bird had done its business all over me. I felt & saw a greenish ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate February 21st 2014

From city to jungle to desert to mountains to glaciers, Argentina is amazing. I knew that I had booked a ‘nicer’ hotel in El Calafate but I had no idea how nice- if we could have moved in forever, we would have. When we walked in to our massive room and looked out the window at the amazing view of Lago Argentino, I never wanted to leave! There wasn’t a lot to do in El Calafate but we didn’t care, we were there for Perito Moreno! 5km wide, 60m above sea level, up to 100m below sea level, and 250 km2, this massive ice block is an incredible beast of nature. Perito Moreno is a stable glacier, meaning that it freezes as much as it melts, therefore it is not receding like most glaciers. Being from ... read more
View of Lago Argentino from our hotel room
Busy bees in the lavender bushes

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Iguazú National Park February 20th 2014

So one of our last adventure here in Argentina was to go to the North of the country to Iguazu and visit the national park with it's world famous waterfalls - officially listed to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world. We flew from BA Ezeiza to Puerto Iguazu with Aerolineas Argentinas. It was a short enough flight, only about an hour and a half long, and as we had an early morning flight we arrived in Puerto Iguazu well before lunchtime which meant we got the most out of the day. I have to say Aerolineas was one of the best airlines I have flown with - this is comparing it not only to the European airlines but also to the American ones. The service was great and the flights left on ... read more
Our chalet for the week
Complete with pool, hot-tub and bar!

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 20th 2014

Day 2 Topped up the B&B's Sube underground credit card to take a trip into town. Each trip costs P3.50 (approx $0.50) regardless of the length. If only so cheap back home! Considering the number of busses we will be taking over the next few months a minor head to tail crash between 2 buses was sobering (one of 3 accidents we saw today!) they seem to drive fast and furious over here and as a pedestrian you have to be very alert to get across the road. Not much of a plan to start our day due to an inadequate map. Started to get the feel of the downtown area with a decent map from the info bureau. A tour of the famed French Renaissance style opera house (Teatro Colon) was a highlight. We got ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 19th 2014

ARGENTINA & URUGUAY Gerald Hasser If it’s January and you like warm places; the Southern Hemisphere should work. We’d been considering travel to South America for some time, and were ready. The list of countries of interest included Argentina and Uruguay to start. First, how to get there; and then how to get around; and then how to get back? I had about 120,000 miles on American Airlines and found we could use them for two first class one-way fares from San Francisco to Buenos Aires. This is a very long set of flights, so going first class seemed a fine way to start the adventure. The first leg would leave San Francisco at a civilized hour for a three and a half hour trip to Dallas. After a reasonable layover in Dallas the final leg ... read more
Buenos Aires Tango Porteno Theatre
Colonia del Sacramento 17th century buildings
Montivideo La Rambla

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