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Chocolates and mountains, thats what Bariloche is famous for. We crossed the Andes from Pucon in Chile to San Martin de los Andes in Argentina stopping the night before heading on to Bariloche. What beautiful scenery we passed along the way in the Argentine lake district, rivers, lakes, valleys and mountians, monkey puzzle trees and lots of big birds (not any condors yet though). Bariloche is within the national park Nahuel Huapi on the lake of the same name surrounded by snow capped mountains. We arrived at mid day and didn´t do too much apart from check into the hostel,orientate ourselves a bit and check out the different treking options, unfortunately the weather was about to change for the next few days to persistent rain. We decided to suit up with waterproofs and get out to ... read more
Wet Lago Gutirez
Tree trunk crochet
Waterfall near lago gutirez

Waiting for the bus after our trek, I had the usual doubts about whether or not the bus would actually come, did we already miss it, etc. It always seems to happen. But it showed up, of course. Arriving back in town and getting off at the correct bus stop (See? I'm learning...) we walked up to Hostel Achalay for two reasons: To see if they had any free beds (they did not) To sign up for the asado! Ah asado! And the good people at Achalay didn't even mind that we wouldn't be staying there, but we were more than welcome to share their food. And they had also lent us sleeping bags for the trek, so this was even more proof that they're totally awesome. We popped across the street to Periko's youth hostel, ... read more
Best ice cream on earth
And there are also chocolate shops everywhere
Tree cozy

There was a whole day to kill before we set out on our trek, and most of it was spent getting ready. I first had to go to the Aerolineas office in town to change my flight on Saturday to a later time. That took about an hour and a half, and it wasn't even busy. Still, job done, and I met with the girls to get groceries. I also gave in and realized I needed hiking pants. Jeans weren't going to cut it if it was going to be even a little bit wet. So I picked up a pair at one of the many outdoor clothing and gear shops in town. They were not exactly inexpensive, so I'd better get some mileage on them back home after the trip. The day of our hike, ... read more
We're setting off!
On the trail
My hiking companions

The bus station is a really long way from the town centre in Bariloche. You've been warned. It's still walkable, but I think it took me 45 minutes, with my pack. So figuring out the city bus system would be a good choice. I'm not that smart. But I made it, and ultimately checked into Achalay, the same hostel that Will and Morgan had two hours before. It was a hostel recommended by the owner of the hostel we had stayed at in El Bolson, and so far it was looking like it would be another good time, with a lot of the same people. One bonus here is that they give discount cards for Bariloche businesses, from restaurants, to bars, to clothing stores, etc. So after meeting up with Will and Morgan, we just looked ... read more
El Homero?
Pretty good, I guess

We arrived in Bariloche around 8am after the most hellish bus journey yet! 30 hours on a squashed bus with minimal legroom and arctic temperatures. We got off the bus and headed straight to the taxi rank, there was no way we wanted to get another bus to the hostel even if it was only 10 or so minutes away. Our hostel (Tango Inn Downtown) was pretty nice and we had our own room again with a view of the lake and a BATH!!! I was sooooo excited, the first bath I'd had since leaving in February. The hostel also had a jacuzzi which we could use for free as we had a double room which was a real luxury. The breakfasts were also incredible; pancakes, scrambled eggs, toasts and cereals. Nice change from just bread, ... read more
World's best steak
Jon finishing the World's best steak


Well, i have come down with a dirty, stinking cold... Although annoying, it has given me a chance to start on the blog. On a more happier note, today Emiliano finally gets to skydive after waiting one week for the weather to be right. Even though the sun has been out the last few days, there has still been enough wind to cancel the skydive each day. He is one happy dude, and we are all excited for him. Mike, Bruno, Jo and I head down to the lake to eat some lunch and catch some rays, and hope to see Emi freefalling from the sky while we are down there. We have lunch and listen to some tunes, and look for Emi, to no avail. We head back to the hostel and await his return. ... read more
Mojo enjoying the Sun
Looking for Emi

Despite getting to bed after 5am, i woke up at 8am to our first sunny day. Therefore i decided to drag my sorry arse out of bed, leaving a snoozing mojo behind, and go for a walk around the Lago Nahuel Huapi. It was still fresh, but just the thing to shake out the cobwebs. Got back to the hostel around 10.30, just as the others were waking up (except Mike who smehow managed to make it home as the sun rose drunk as a skunk). As it was our first sunny day in Bariloche we decided to do the Cerro Companario trek. Bruno and Emiliano wanted to come, despite already doing the trek before we arrived. The walk up the mountain was a ****, with some parts involving scrambling up 45 degrees. However, the view ... read more
Morning walk views
Morning walk views
Morning walk views

Woke up to a gorgeous day, with not a cloud in sight, and no sore legs, suprisingly after the previous days walking. The legs must be getting used to the mileage. Mike, Emiliano, Jo and I are keen to tackle a hard trek today, with Bruno skipping out. We decide to walk up the Cerro Catedral, the mountain we caught a gondala and a chairlift up on our second day. After getting the bus out there, Emiliano chats with a local who runs a cafe, and he recomends that we trek the Condor instead, which is black/blue ski run next to the Catedral, and apparently has better views. So after feasting on some chocolate, we head off. The climb starts at around 1100 metres and tops out at just under 2000 metres. Instead of following the ... read more
Guacho on the Cerro Condor
Jo weaving her way up thru the thistles
If you look hard enough, you will see Jo

Quiet day today, as the weather has set in and the legs are sore. No-one is in the mood to do much during the day. The five of us grab some lunch at morfies and then make our way back to the hostel to chill out before heading out for the night. By now we have gotten over the jetlag, and are used to eating dinner after 9pm, usually around 10pm, which is the time we venture out tonight to De Alberto's, a famous steak house in Bariloche. Once again the steaks are amazing, as we share 3 massive cuts of meat between the five of us, along with some ensalada and papas fritas (salad and chips). Plus a great bottle of malbec. Dinner is finished after midnight, from where we head off to a the ... read more
mmmmm meat.......

Woke up to another cold and drizzly day, but decided to not let the weather dampen our spirits and go for a trek to Cerro Llao Llao. It took around an hour on the bus to get to the start point. The weather was grim, but we were somewhat sheltered from the wind and the rain in the forest, and managed to get a break in the weather to have lunch at a beautiful spot. After lunch the weather got worse, and by the time we reached the summit of Cerro Llao Llao it was really closing in. The rain today melted the majority of the snow that had fallen on the peaks a few days prior. After descending the Cerro, we walked back through lowlands covered in raspberry & blackberry bushes, and huge apple and ... read more
Lago Nahuel Huapi
Arayan Forest
The trail to Lago Moreno Oeste

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