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A few kilometers behind our house, there is a vast and secluded area of forest and streams. This place, like much of the region around Bariloche, has a stunning variety of vegetation since three distinct forests converge here. We are on the western edge of the Valdivian Rainforest which brings a dense canopy of alerce, arrayan, cipress, and the giant coigue trees with thick patches of bamboo on the ground. A Deciduous Alpine Forest blends in from the higher elevations and a Coniferous Forest located to our east adds pine trees. This fusion of wildly different vegetation makes a simple walk throught the woods a real experience.

On a Sunday afternoon, we discovered a stream called "Casa de Piedras " that became more amazing as went further upstream. The weather was overcast with a light shower here and there and brief periods of sun. Nevertheless, the spirit and the place were right for a very enjoyable afternoon in a beautiful place.

These pictures were all taken within three hours.

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Gorge Gorge

As In Gorgeous
The Water Color The Water Color
The Water Color

Varies As The Angles And The Sunlight Change
Sam Braves The Cold WaterSam Braves The Cold Water
Sam Braves The Cold Water

Which They Say Is Warmer Than The Lake (I Wouldn't Know)

10th April 2010

Truly lovely and as was said, pristine. It almost seemed as if you were the first to be there. Isn't it unusual for there to be so many different types of trees, together. Love to all from Me
From Blog: Shades Of Green
10th April 2010

Holy smoke! That looks like an incredible place. I hope it's still accessible and nice in June>
From Blog: Shades Of Green

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