I am really in Concordia..but there isnt that option on the website

Published: August 12th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

I made my way across the River Uruguay and back into a familiar country (I have been here three times now...). This time into the city of Concordia in Entre Rios Province. The boat guys and dock workers were real sailors, it was awesome.

It is pouring rain, there isnt much to do (especially when you arrive in the rain during siesta time) but I still convinced myself to go take a walk around. I found the most helpful tourist office ever (they even admitted that there wasnt too much to do in the winter while it was raining...but apparently in the summer there is a nice nation park with 10m tall ferns...thats right, ferns).

But the goal of visiting here wasnt really to see much but to move on north. Tomorrow morning I am going to arrive at Iguazu Falls, which I guess is my last major tourist attraction before I go home. Lets see how it works for me!


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