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We arrived in Buenos Aires (BA) less than a week after local boy Jorge Bergoglio was appointed the 266th pope, becoming Francisco I. Posters around the city streets and magazines proclaimed "Dios Eligió a un Argentino!" ("God chose an Argentinean!") In the few days since he had been appointed already street vendors were selling posters with images of the new pope. The square outside the national cathedral was decked in banners with the Argentinean colours, billboards, posters, film crews and large screens. All of this was in preparation for the Pope's opening address scheduled for that evening. With nearly 14 million people, BA is big - that's London and New Zealand's populations added together. It is set up in a huge grid pattern with various significant neighbourhoods (called "barrios") with different characters. By extreme good luck ... read more
La Boca graffiti
Pope time
La Boca

I originally planned to take the bus over the Andes from Chile to Argentina and stop in Mendoza for a few days on the way to break up the journey. However, roadworks meant that the crossing was only open at night, and so I would see nothing of the scenery, so I settled on the slightly pricier but faster option of flying direct to Buenos Aires. On arrival at the hostel, I met up with Alice, a lifelong friend from back home who was undertaking her own round the world trip in the opposite direction. It was great to see Alice and an ideal opportunity to exchange notes - she had just completed an excursion in South America, taking in attractions such as Machu Picchu and the Salt Flats of Uyuni and was heading to New ... read more
Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires
Alice tucking into her steak at La Cabrera
Colonia del Sacramento

Wednesday 24 April to Tuesday 30 April (Buenos Aires) Refreshed after a good sleep, my full Buenos Aires experience begins. After my first day in the city, next stop was Recoleta to see some of the cities major tourist attractions and landmarks. Heading north I passed through parks containing historical monuments and pieces of contemporary public art, before reaching a bridge over one of the main arterial roads. The bridge, covered in political statements and graffiti, led to the Centro Municipal de Exposiciones. Passing this dominating building I entered the Plaza Naciones Unidad to see the Floralis Genérica shining in the sun. Designd by Eduardo Catalano in 2002, this piece of public art is a giant sculptural flower with petals that close up at night (well, at least when it's functional) - a gift from the ... read more

Well here it folks, I have officially fallen further behind on this blog than I have on the little amount of homework I constantly neglectJ I have two really awesome trips to write about, so I figure I can make this entry a daily double and talk about them both! The first happened 2 weekends ago when everyone from my API study abroad group traveled to Buenos Aires for the weekend! The second was this past weekend when a couple friends and I traveled 12 hours south to a touristy city called Pucon. Both trips were very different experiences, and that just made them all the more fun! Our first stop on the Buenos Aires trip was through…Chilean customs and immigration. Our director told us when we first arrived that it is important for us to ... read more
La casa rosada
street art
Hiking at a national park in Pucon!

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires April 14th 2013

There are “stray” dogs everywhere in Argentina. I'm not even sure if they're strays at all, or if their owners just let them wander around like cats do because they all look healthy and fairly well kept. Cuba also had lot's of stray dogs, but they were definitely strays, and there were a lot more of them. So it's different in Argentina. And there's a lot less of them, actually. While waiting for the airport shuttle bus in Bariloche, I got approached by a stray dog. Not an unusual experience, and when you ignore them they usually go away right away. This dog trotted up, sniffed my backpack, and then.... lifted it's leg!!! WHAT?!?!? Luckily I reacted quick, and moved my bag and startled the dog just enough that he didn't manage to pee on it ... read more
In-flight snack box
Speed is proven to help you stay awake...
From Cristian's apartment


South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires April 10th 2013

Viva La Boca!!! God what a game! It finished Boca 0 - FC Lanus 0, but we were watching the fans more than the match. I cannot begin to describe the passion and love that the Boca fans have for their club, but that was last night and we've done so much since then that I don't want to miss anything out for anyone reading this that's wanting to come to visit Buenos Aries. On Thursday we went to rent some bikes that we had seen people knocking about on, as we found out the other day that walking round B.A (Buenos Aries) is a massive task. Unbeknownst to us at this point you have to have Argentinian citizenship or an Argentine passport to rent these bikes. We found this out after eventually finding a place ... read more
Casa Rosada, The Pink House
The church we walked round
The underground underground

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata April 2nd 2013

Bon pour faire différent j'ai décidé de pas choisir la musique pour ce blog-ci, mais de demander à quelqu'un de choisir à ma place. Premièrement, je trouve ça mauvais et deuxièmement, ça me rappel de jamais confier ses décisions à d'autres ou encore pire, à personne... sinon soi-même. Fak tout ça pour dire que je la mettrai pas la toune que j'ai pas choisi pis je vais mettre elle à la place qui se trouve à être un des groupes de musique invité pour mon événement. Je spécifie d'ailleurs que le dude du groupe Thomas Agustin est un être formidable qui m'a véritablement touché malgré qu'on se soit parlé qu'une seule fois. Maintenant, parlons voyage, j'ai fait mes comptes et les voici: 2 B.A. - Bahia Blanca en train ... read more

We left Colonia via ferry for Buenos Aires on 25th March (first class by mistake! dressed like typical back packers garlic cloves in pocket and everything to be greeted with champagne on the boat! shame it wasnt a longer crossing). We spent one night in BA just to organise our onward journey. We took a bus the following day to Mar Del Plata (5 1/2 hours). What can I say about Mar Del Plata, not the nicest beach, not the nicest sea, a very modern town but some what lacking in character, but despite this it is not entirely without charm. This is essentially a surfers town and everyone here is very "hey guys, hows it going" very laid back and nothing is too much trouble. The town is spread over a vast stretch of coast ... read more
San Salvador
Commercial Fishing Harbour
The Beach

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires April 1st 2013

From Iguazu it was a 19 hour overnight bus ride to Buenos Aires. I had a full-cama seat which means it reclines about 80% flat. It was quite comfortable and I managed to get some decent sleep on the way. Buenos Aires has a pretty cool vibe about it. It has a good balance of everything - lots of sights and activities, a good night life, and lots of places to eat a good steak. I had a few of those. It's a big city but you can walk around most of it providing you have the fitness and motivation. I spent my first couple of nights staying in the Palermo district which has lots of nice cafes, bars and restaurants. It's where BA's middle class tend to live and hang out. I then moved over ... read more
Recoleta cemetery
Colourful La Boca
Colonia del Sacramento

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » La Plata March 23rd 2013

Voilà votre découverte musicale Me voilà à ma troisième partie du voyage, soit le stage après-évènement. Il ne reste que les documents à écrire pour la Fondation Biosfera et pour l'Université. J'avoue que je prends ça relax. Non pas que je me sois tant fait chier pendant le reste du stage, mais disons que j'ai réalisé une chose. Je ne suis pas ici pour faire un stage, c'était une excuse pour partir loin à l'aventure et si possible seul. Le stage n'était qu'un détail relativement intéressant dans le portrait bien qu'il représente près de 70% de mon temps ici! Ce précieux 30% je comptes bien en profiter. Partir à l'aventure, partir sans savoir, sans pouvoir prévoir ce qu'il va réellement arrivée. Décider à chaque moment du prochain évènement. S'év... read more
La folie
Le travail

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