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Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea November 1st 2012

November 1 I haven’t blogged for a couple of days since we were cruising and basically read, slept, ate, read, slept and ate some more. The weather has been lovely but Hot, Hot, Hot and the seas calm. We did attend a show, a combination of a comic violinist and a wonderful concert pianist. The pianist was wonderful and her selection of material was familiar and accessible to a wide audience. I am enjoying a delicious bowl of orange slices and ML is off for a scalp massage. We are now on our way to Indonesia. Yesterday we visited Darwin. The temperature was between 80 and 90 but the humidity was very high. We took the shuttle into town. It is a lovely small city, impeccably maintained, no graffiti and parks manicured. We stopped in the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Southern October 31st 2012

Guess I decided to go to Antarctica. Here's a picture of some stairs.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea October 28th 2012

Monday – 10/29/12 5:00 am “Good morning, this is your Captain speaking from the bridge. The alarm you just heard was the fire alarm. A fire has been detected in the Security Office on Deck 2. Fire Station 2 crews, man your stations. No action is required of our guests at this time.” “This is your Captain. Please evacuate cabins 2622 to 2657 and 3622 to 3657. All guests in these cabins please assemble in the Atrium.” “This is your Captain speaking from the bridge. There are no signs of fire detected in the area. We are now trying to determine where the smoke in the corridors is coming from. We will keep you informed.” “”This is the Captain. The smoke in fire area two resulted from a filter that failed. It has been replaced and ... read more
Linguine with Lobster

Oceans and Seas » Indian » Java Sea October 22nd 2012

Three days at sea after visit to GBR although we saw lots of islands including Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the Torres Straits where they used to trade the heads of tasty Europeans with the people of Papua New Guinea. Enjoying the ship's activities including the gym, the bar, BBQ on deck with M & E captured on film dancing to Dancing Queen! Darwin was next stop where we sweated our way round the town which had to be completely rebuilt after the 1974 Cyclone Tracy. Nice dock area with netted swimming beach to keep out the crocs. Then more sea, sea and sea- looking forward to Bali and land tomorrow. Weather is terrific with perfect blue skies and yesterday an absolute flat calm fortunately we are steaming not sailing otherwise we would be drifting just ... read more
Sunset over perfect sea

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean October 12th 2012

Hello from the Island Princess – somewhere in the Caribbean and unfortunately, heading home. We have two sea days left and we are going to enjoy them for as long as it lasts. We slept in this morning without any wake-up call and completed a good night’s rest. Somehow yesterday had been kind of tiring so this is a good day for doing very little. We had a little breakfast in the Horizon Court, and this time Janet got to try their “Texas-sized French Toast”. She initially asked for 2 slices, but changed to just one slice after she saw how large it was. David had his usual Ham & Cheese Omelet but added a Belgian Waffle today. We went down to the Captain Circle representative. This is basically someone to ask whatever questions you have ... read more


Oceans and Seas » Caribbean October 12th 2012

Hello one more time from the Island Princess. We continued today on our cruise back to Florida. Earlier today they reported that we were about 50 minutes off the coast of Cuba. Anyway we should arrive on schedule. This morning we slept in until almost 8:00 – tomorrow will be a much earlier morning – so we wanted to be well rested at the end of our cruise. We went up to the breakfast buffet and had our usual breakfast. I guess we haven’t described that process as much as the dinners, so here’s our chance. Each person starts with a platter which is much larger than a full-sized dinner plate. There are virtually every kind of breakfast item you can imagine and you can take as much of everything as you want. Then you can ... read more
Fruit Carving in the Galley
Baked Alaska Parade

Oceans and Seas » Pacific October 7th 2012

Hello from the Island Princess, cruising in the Pacific again. We are back in the Central Time Zone after resetting the clocks last night. Before we describe today’s activities, let’s explain that we have added photos to yesterday’s blog AND have added some additional thoughts to that entry which we did not remember last night. There is even more to say about Costa Rica, but your will have to settle for what’s in the blog now. Oh well, one more thought. Costa Rica turns out to be directly south of Pittsburgh. A lot of people would have thought it was further west, but that’s what the guide said. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Also where we were is almost the geographic center of the Americas (tip of northern Canada and tip of southern Chile). Also, just before we sailed ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Saint Helena October 7th 2012

With all due respect, Ma’am If you have given any thought to your South Atlantic correspondent, you might have imagined him sitting in the shade of a banyan tree, wearing a strong fedora and sipping long gin and tonics to keep cool. Well, it hasn’t been quite like that – the weather has been damp, cloudy and cool for the past three months and, looking out of my window this Sunday morning, today doesn’t look set to be the first day of spring. Apparently there is a distinction to be made between a ‘tropical island’ and ‘an island in the tropics’. You will undoubted know which of these categories Saint Helena comfortably sits in. When I write ‘damp, cloudy and cool’ I might have written ‘wet, foggy and cold’ for, during the last couple of weeks, ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific October 4th 2012

We wanted to go to sea in a ship and today was our chance to experience it when it felt like a real ocean instead of a lake. We had strong winds all day and you could definitely feel the ship’s motion either while you were sitting or when walking around. The noon report from the bridge said that it was 86 degrees and we were sailing southeast at 24 miles per hour, aided by a 52 mph wind from the north. However that produced a lot of whitecaps most of the day and everyone walked with a distinct sway back and forth due to the roll of the ship. Having said all that, it wasn’t bad enough to make you sick, but it is certainly more motion than we’ve had any other day. We went ... read more
Another view of the seas
Closin the Pool
Formal Dinner #2

Oceans and Seas » Pacific October 3rd 2012

Hello from the big blue Pacific ocean. Notice we did not include the words quiet or smooth. About 3:30 in the morning we sailed through a fairly big thunderstorm. We heard it and saw the lightening, but we didn’t get up to watch. Other did and described it as very heavy rain. We just went back to sleep. In the morning it was sunny again but this afternoon became overcast and periodically there were more showers. This has given us some “ship motion” that we really hadn’t had before. And it was a little cooler than yesterday’s near-90 temperature. Other than not getting any suntan, it wasn’t actually bad weather. We tried the deck-side breakfast bar this morning, but again it was just waffles, pancakes, and French toast. David grabbed a waffle and then we went ... read more
Uncarved Ice Block
Carved Ice Block

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