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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic September 13th 2012

For new readers: if you click on the photos, you can see them enlarged. Friday, Sept 7 We eventually sailed at 0700. Sunrise was 07:20. The sea was flat but there was a mist that obscured our exit from the harbour. Sylvia had woken at 0330, disturbed by the noise of containers being loaded onto the ship. They were being loaded right next to our cabin and she was concerned that they would “accidentally” be smashed into our cabin. Having experienced how containers are loaded, it was not a frivolous fear but we managed to survive the loading without any damaging problems. As we get further from the shore, however, the waves grow bigger and the period between the waves increases. We are truly in the Atlantic. Lunch: Ham and pea soup / Fish and potato ... read more
Atlantic Sunrise
Dinner on the bridge
Storm front

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Tyrrhenian Sea September 10th 2012

Sunday – Embarkation Day After a leisurely breakfast at the hotel we taxied to the port and were on board and in our room before noon. There were balloons on the door and flowers in the room and a bottle on Champaign from our dear friends Bob and Beverly. Our cabin location is very convenient, just steps from the elevator and stairs. We enjoyed lunch in the dining room with Jane & Dwayne (I kid you not) retired air force personal then wandered about the ship, checked out the gym, the pools and the buffet and when we got back to the cabin our suitcases were there. We were unpacked and settled in by 2:00. The emergency drill is mandatory now and we were not dismissed until all cabins were accounted for. ANYONE who refuses to ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific September 9th 2012

8thSeptember Up at 4am. Graeme took me to the airport so was there around 5.30am. Had to wait until 5.45am to check in but that was very quick. Luggage was booked straight through to Buenos Aires as I had printed off my boarding pass for the second leg. Had hours to kill so went and had breakfast and logged on to check out the wi-fi process. This little thing works well.. Went through customs about 8am. Had to practically empty my backpack to pass through security but I suppose that’s what you have to do these days. Plane was late so we didn’t leave until 11am (flight supposed to leave at 9.45). Great flight and it was a quick flight as we arrived only 10mins late. Must get great tail winds going East. Absolutely unreal coming ... read more
Crossing the Andes up close

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Sea September 8th 2012

We came home on September 8th - taking the train up to Brightlingsea, contemplating a long hot motor on a calm sea down the Essex coast and a bright, swirling Thames. We had left Nereid there in a howling wind and gone back to work for a week. Extending the trip was a good idea. We were ready to go home but it would not be a shock. The Thames was as familiar as an Old Father should: Southend and Gravesend, Tilbury and Thurrock; under the bridge at Dartford to Erith; past Barking Creek and into the metropolis - Woolwich, where the ferries dance across the water in pairs - through the barrier, this time with rowboats alongside - Greenwich, and zero degrees on the GPS - the Dome, the cable car across the water new ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Saint Helena September 3rd 2012

I have mentioned, but haven’t yet fully shared, my curiosity with ‘names’ on the island. It all started at Donny’s (as usual) with a conversation about the challenging road systems here. Mention was made of ‘Capt. Wright’s Turning’. “Was this the real name?” I enquired. “Oh yes” came the reply. “Why so called?” “Well in the 1800’s poor Capt. Wright was said to have ridden in a horse and carriage at too great a speed to take the said corner safely and consequently both he and the carriage came off the road and his death ensued.” Now whether this is fact or island legend I do not know but what I have gleaned is that Capt. Wright was commander of one of the squadrons that escorted Napoleon to St Helena and was a respected officer on ... read more
Napoleon's Wine Cooler at the Lodge
Heart - Shaped Waterfall Saint Helena
Rupert's Bay Saint Helena


Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Sea August 30th 2012

On Monday, the August Bank Holiday, we sailed back to Brightlingsea with one reef in the main and two in the genny. Twenty four miles in three hours twenty, grey sea and grey sky, shallow water when we got there which forced us to anchor and wait for a rise in the tide. All the while the wind rose. In the harbour entrance one yacht was already aground; we crept in with only twenty centimetres under the keel. What a contrast to yesterday but how typical of our trip. We have taken our chances and they have been slim ones, sometimes. The wind has not been kind this summer. In the Channel, which was to be our cruising ground, it relentlessly pushed the sea up towards the virtual cul-de-sac of the Dover Strait, bringing almost uninterrupted ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Saint Helena August 30th 2012

More from Di ... Why on earth would anyone want to throw tennis balls onto our roof, or at least that’s what it sounds like? As I stir from my sleep I glance at the bedside clock and find it’s 7.30am and I realise, of course, that it’s the roof of the house expanding as the warmth of the sun strikes it’s surface. All the roofs are made of corrugated metal, some green, some pink but most are brown, I guess shipping slate isn’t feasible and so it features regardless of how ‘grand’ your house may be. Now I don’t want you to get the impression that we are basking in glorious tropical sunshine here, far from it. The days start in much the same way at this time of the year. The weather in ‘Scruffy ... read more
Painting at Julie's SH
Nosey neighbours!
To park or not to park?

Oceans and Seas August 30th 2012

You can never get to your embarkation port too early The Monterey was due to sail on the evening of September 1 so we had planned to take the London – Paris – Milan train on August 30, travel on to La Spezia on August 31 and board the ship on the morning of September 1. We checked on August 27 and were told that the sailing date had been brought forward to 0100 on September 1 so we would need to board on August 31. No problem there. We would still arrive in time at La Spezia. We would just need to forgo the night in the hotel we had booked in La Spezia. When we logged on in London on August 29, however, there was an email from the shipping ... read more
Tired traveller

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Sea August 26th 2012

We have been away for 33 days, of which we went to sea on 19. We have visited 17 different destinations: 2 buoyages, 2 anchorages, 4 marinas with locks, 3 without, and 6 tidal harbours where we mixed it with fishing boats, ferries and other commercial vessels. We have been accompanied by 4 friends, 1 dad and 1 brother. We have covered 548 nautical miles, our shortest day being 2 miles and our longest 67. We've been in Essex a week, I will be 47 tomorrow, and we have something short of 100 miles to go. One week from now I'll be walking back into the office. We are a lot better at sailing than we were. Today, we motored from Burnham-on-Crouch to North Fambridge and the Ferry Boat Inn for Sunday lunch. We sailed lazily ... read more
Common Tern
Local boats

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Saint Helena August 21st 2012

Words from Di (you may be lucky and get two blogs this week if Michael gets time to do one). I’m beginning to get into the swing of life on the island – still waving and saying ‘Hello’ to everyone of course, if you don't the islanders say "Bad Manners"! (Standing at Donny’s bar on Friday we were told we should have been there earlier as the whales were close to harbour and ‘leaping’ – shame we weren’t!) The winter rain has persisted over the last week unfortunately limiting activities, except for some sunny intervals over the last few days. On Saturday a group of us obtained the key for the Fort (you go to the tourist office and ask for the key and take it back when you have finished, paying £2 each (if you’re ... read more
Prince Andrew School St Helena

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