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Oceans and Seas » Pacific October 2nd 2012

This morning we arrived in Mexico, at Cabo San Lucas and anchored in the Sea of Cortez. About 1000 years ago Cabo San Lucas was part of the Mexican mainland. Then a massive rupture of the San Andreas Fault sent the waters of the Pacific crashing into the newly formed depression, creating the Sea of Cortez and the Baja Peninsula. Lying at the very tip of Baja, where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez, Cabo San Lucas - or "Cabo" - is a premier resort. We had set the alarm for 5:30 because we needed to be in the Princess Theater for our tour at 7:15. It turns out that we allowed quite a bit too much time, but that’s better than the alternative. We went up tot the Horizon Court for breakfast and met ... read more
Island Princess in Cabo
Arch at Cabo San Lucas

Oceans and Seas » Pacific October 1st 2012

Had trouble getting on the satelite last night, so this is a little late. Today we got up around 8:00 and had a wonderful breakfast in the Horizon Court which is on one of the top decks. They offered a breakfast on the pool deck this morning, but all they had were pancakes and French toast, and we wanted bacon and eggs, so we ate at the Horizon Court buffet. Anyway, with the time change, many people had not gotten to breakfast yet, so we have a fairly quiet morning breakfast. The weather has gotten considerably warmer. The skies are almost cloud-free and the temperature in mid afternoon was high 80’s or low 90’s (good pool weather). And thankfully, the seas are smooth and you can just barely feel the ship moving. Afterward breakfast we did ... read more
Janet in our Cabin
Cabin Diagram

Oceans and Seas » Pacific September 30th 2012

Hello, We started the day with the “sit down” breakfast in the Bordeaux Dining Room. We were seated with a couple from England who had started the cruise in Anchorage and had taken the Alaskan Cruise, the 2-day cruise from Vancouver to San Francisco, and were staying on all the way to Ft Lauderdale. They said that each time the cruise changed, they had to move to a different cabin, but that the staff had loaded everything on racks (not needed to pack suitcases) and moved stuff for them. Anyway we had a good breakfast to start our day. After breakfast we stopped in one of the ship’s stores and bought a couple of souvenirs for ourselves. Janet always gets a mug from each cruise and we try to find a representative T-shirt for each of ... read more
Captain's Reception

Oceans and Seas » Pacific September 27th 2012

27 September 2012 Thursday. This was our first full day at sea, with four more to go before we arrive in Pago Pago, American Samoa. So we slept in to 8 am and had breakfast at the Windjammer Café above the bow of the ship before touring the ship to see what was on offer. We also perused the daily Compass schedule to see what events we might want to attend. I relaxed by the pool until the first event…Progressive Trivia at 10:15 am…which will be ongoing for the days we are at sea. A group of people called me over as they were short one person. Our team is “Oz and US,” there being three Australians and three Americans. Anyway, the American couple had been on the cruise from Vancouver to Honolulu, and half of ... read more
45 Pool deck on the Rhapsody of the Seas
46 Chefs preparing lunch on Rhapsody of the Seas sundeck
47 Dinner on the Rhapsody of the Seas

Oceans and Seas » Pacific September 9th 2012

8thSeptember Up at 4am. Graeme took me to the airport so was there around 5.30am. Had to wait until 5.45am to check in but that was very quick. Luggage was booked straight through to Buenos Aires as I had printed off my boarding pass for the second leg. Had hours to kill so went and had breakfast and logged on to check out the wi-fi process. This little thing works well.. Went through customs about 8am. Had to practically empty my backpack to pass through security but I suppose that’s what you have to do these days. Plane was late so we didn’t leave until 11am (flight supposed to leave at 9.45). Great flight and it was a quick flight as we arrived only 10mins late. Must get great tail winds going East. Absolutely unreal coming ... read more
Crossing the Andes up close


Oceans and Seas » Pacific July 27th 2012

Flight. NZ2, seats are waaay small, cant even store my bag under the seat in front, lucky there's no one next to me:) Butter chicken (after meticulousy removing every piece of coriander i can find!) "The Lorax" movie, half a sleeping pill, a travel sickness pill, some natropathic travel essence and two glasses of wine.........DR SEUSS U R A GENIUS!!!!!! 1972 he wrote "unless someone like you cares an awful lot.....nothing is going to get better....its's not". Time for zzzzzzzz... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific July 23rd 2012

An OBS Swan Song Sunday, 22 July. Day 15! After all the watches have been stood, all the proper instruments have been collected and deployed, bathymetry data compiled, there remains only one last thing to do… write about our bittersweet last day at sea. The 0000-0400 found John and I with a lot of spare time. Part of it I wrote the blog, but then we settled into The Life Aquatic with Bill Murray. It was appropriate for a couple sailors at sea, funny, but really strange. We ate some snacks and just generally chilled out while a vast majority of the crew slept. The watchstanding goals were to survey on our watch and the 0400-0800 watch and when the Jason team and ship’s crew were up and at ‘em, we would do a favor for ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific July 22nd 2012

Friday, 20 July and Saturday, 21 July. Days 13 and 14. I can’t believe it’s the two-week mark already! I guess time flies when you’re picking up and dropping off Ocean Bottom Seismometers. When I left you last, there was some frustration over a string of complications and my lack of attendance at a music festival… If you’re into reading abstracts and skipping most of the paper (which I am), I will tell you that one of those problems has been rectified and I write to you this evening a happy man. To get you there is a bit of an adventure… When I was just a boy…. Kidding, kidding. What was ahead of us, however, was no laughing matter. We were left with 7 TRM’s that had malfunctions of some sort and were going to ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific July 20th 2012

….And we’re back! Days 11 and 12 (18 and 19 July) are in the books with plenty of excitement, trials, and tribulations. When we last left each other, we had a line snap and a TRM crashing back to the seafloor. Jason and Medea were called into action and they were hot on the trail of retrieval. Well, Jason clipped on and the collection process began until a series of large swells got the best of our line again…. You guessed it…. SNAP! It’s an old sailor’s tale that the Pacific doesn’t give up her TRM’s when the skies of July turn gloomy. I guess that is Lake Superior not the Pacific, lives not TRM’s, and November not July, but you get the idea, she wasn’t letting go of FN09A quite yet. It would be another ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific July 18th 2012

Days 9 and 10. Monday July 16th and Tuesday July 17th First order of business, I’m noticing that days 6 and 7 have somehow managed to sink to the first page of my blogging, so they are there, just out of order. Now on to the new stuff! Monday kicked off with an OBS deployment bang. When John and I relieved the mid-watch (0000-0400 for you newcomers), we were in transit to site M10B for an A-Frame (TRM) deployment. Within a half hour, we were on site and preparing for action. The co-chief scientist, Dr. Richard Allen, requested a move to the north in accordance with a recommendation from local fisherman that had hung their nets on a rock structure in the area. Of course for seismologists, no fisherman = no OBS’s stuck in their nets, ... read more

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