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Oceans and Seas » Pacific July 10th 2010

After we survived ashley's driving on the 405 freeway to LAX, we waited in line to check in our luggage. My mom thought it was a great idea to reserve the emergency exit seats. It turned out to be the worst mistake of my life for agreeing with her. Can't really blame her though since she "thought" it meant more leg room. Then BAM! the double wammy for me was to call the window seat; which is prime seatting... but not if the emergency door was 2 feet thick & pretruding into the cabin which left me with 90% leg room than a regular seat. This ultimately led me to sit in this awkward position with my left leg on the emergency exit door and one on the floor. I looked like a lesbian ready for ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 20th 2010

Hello land lovers!! Today is day 2 of my first cruise to Alaska, and there is already so much to talk about. Not much time to talk about it, but I'll give you a quick rundown. We set sail from Seattle yesterday at about 16:00 (that's 4pm to you!) along side the Golden Princess. I went to a training/welcome meeting, then went to my room (bigger than my room on my last contract, and no bunk-beds!!) unpacked my gear, then headed to the Lido deck for a grilled ham and cheese and some chips. I was supposed to be assigned a buddy to show me around the ship and to answer all my questions, but for some reason that hasn't happened, so the past 24 hours has been interesting to say the least. And I have ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific May 24th 2010

Entry #5: 5/24/2010 The Longest Flight I have to write a thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Noemer for driving Kevin and I to the airport this morning at 4:00 am. Wait, was that this morning? I can’t even tell anymore. I haven’t seen the sun set in an unusual amount of time, with the whole traveling forward in time as we flew west. I think we literally skipped an entire evening. Neat. Anyway, we saw a ridiculous amount of traffic for 4 in the morning on a Monday, so thanks for putting up with that guys. Oh, also for the free bagel. So far, everything has gone much more smoothly than expected, given how much of a pain all the planning was. At the time of my writing this, we are sitting in one ... read more
Ronald Reagan AIrport
Tram at Chicago
Chicago Airport

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 28th 2010

For the last couple of weeks, Canada has been hosting the Olympic Winter Games. I’ve had so many mixed emotions. The continual footage and news from Canada really makes me want to be home while everything is going on. But compared to regular life on the ship, it’s really exciting right now. I constantly have the games on in my teen club. It’s nice to have news from Canada for a change. The fact that my name tag says I’m from Canada has so many more people striking up excited conversations with me. I feel like I really have the chance to be uber-patriotic and that everyone else is happy about that too. I have however been very disappointed with the US coverage of the games. There are so many events I wish I could see ... read more
Dressed to Win!
Canada Dry Only.
Proud Canadians Singing the Anthem After the Win

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 9th 2010

I have family on board with me! My Aunt Renee and Uncle Allan booked a cruise with me this past December, soon after I arrived here on the Spirit. For a Christmas gift, my cousin Kelsey got to come with them too. For months now we’ve been emailing back and forth and counting down to their arrival. Finally their cruise has arrived! They flew into San Diego the day before their cruise. That last sea day, it felt so exciting to know I was cruising towards my family. The next morning when the ship was docked in San Diego, I went out and met them at their hotel across the street. As I approached the hotel room door, I could hear their voices inside before I even knocked and I was just grinning away. We got ... read more
San Diego Sailaway
San Diego Sailaway
San Diego Sailaway


Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea February 8th 2010

Mon 2/8/10 Super Monday Down Under It was another lazy sea day aboard the Volendam in the Tasmanian Sea. We got a late start having lost another hour to get to New Zealand time so headed to the Dining Room for a late breakfast before posting the previous day’s blog. Later that morning we went to the Theater to see “Cooking with Drew” where they had the Cruise Director making a Black Forrest Cake with the Executive Pastry Chef and an audience member. It was pretty funny but no one wanted to eat his creation for some reason. We had Lunch in the Dining Room Hamburger for me and Flounder for John. We then headed back to the Culinary Arts Center for a demonstration on decorating cupcakes that looked like ears of corn, Sheppard’s pie, and ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 7th 2010

It always amazes me how immense the Pacific Ocean is. You can travel for days and not see land or even another ship! So, once again, we left San Diego for a six day sojourn across the great Pacific knowing we’d see nothing but water for days. We have a really spectacular corner room on the back of the ship this year, with a wrap around balcony and windows that make for some really terrific views. I can sit mesmerized for hours just watching the water churn behind the ship, displaying a beautiful array of deep blues, turquoises, and white foam. The further south and west we go, the brighter the blues, the warmer the temperature, and of course the dreaded humidity … lots of bad hair days running around on this ship! We’ve had many ... read more
Michael & Stephanie
Bob & Sandra

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea February 7th 2010

Sun 2/7/10 Meeting Kiwis in the Tasmanian Sea Today was a sea day which everyone was ready for after two busy port days in Australia. We lost an hour on the clocks overnight and will lose another tonight to get to New Zealand time. After two sea days we’ll have a day of Scenic cruising in Milford Sound. It was actually a busy work day for us starting out with Laundry which it was good we started earlier since it was very busy the rest of the day when we walked by. We had things in the dryers before we headed to mass at 8. After mass it was time for the daily Suduko and then updated the blog for Tasmania. I had a lot of trouble getting the photos downloaded so will try again today. ... read more
Sharon with Wombat
Tasmanian Devil

Oceans and Seas » Pacific January 27th 2010

We are fortunate that the Pacific Ocean is the largest of the world’s four seas because it takes a while to cross this vast expanse of water. Thus we get to begin our cruise with six sea days. This is just perfect planning by the maker of the world and the cruise line. After all the last minute frenzy of getting ready to go on a four month cruise, it is heaven to board the ship and have plenty of time to unpack, settle into our stateroom, meet our passengers and get into the rhythm of shipboard life. With so much luggage, it does take a bit of time to get organized. We figured that we probably brought too much stuff, but then again this is our home for four months and we want to be ... read more
John and Babs
Mike Smith
Michael and Gudrun

Oceans and Seas » Pacific January 21st 2010

On this current run that I do every week, there are a LOT of sea days. Of each 8 day cruise, 4 days are spent at sea. That’s a big reason why my blog has been rather quiet in terms of port stories compared to other contracts. Days at sea are just filled with work and lots of it. When I’m not working, I’m eating or sleeping or maybe getting to read or watch TV for an hour or two. Not much interesting to say. But in the last week or so, there have been a few happenings at sea out of the usual that I thought I’d share. I’ve been working on ships for more than 3 years now, yet I’ve never seen whales or dolphins. You just don’t see them in the Caribbean, or ... read more
Helping Haiti
Helping Haiti
Helping Haiti

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