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Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea March 29th 2014

This is the last full day at sea before we get to Sydney. That means it is the last day of enjoying all the pleasures of cruising. It does NOT mean the end of our story because we have about 10 more days scheduled on land before we return home, but it does mean we will slide down a little on the “pampered passenger” scale. That being said, this is as good a time as any to proclaim our appreciation and praise the service we received this cruise. However good this was, it actually is not unusual – we always get excellent service from Princess Cruises. We don’t want to make this into a commercial, but this is a terrific way to take a vacation and we recommend it to anyway who wants to see different ... read more
Pool on Last Day
Janet waiting at Terrace Grill

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea March 9th 2014

Hello following another restful Sunday sailing on the Tasman Sea. The low today was supposed to have been 66 and the high was 76. It was cloudy early in the morning, but mostly sunny the rest of the day. This was fairly low key day today. We had breakfast at the buffet and then went to a few of the shipboard activities. Janet spent part of the morning with her Knitters and Natters friends. She brought along two different projects, so today she worked on the second one with her friends. David went to watch the Fruit Carving demonstration and then stayed for the Martini Demonstration. Both of these were held on the steps of the Grand Piazza and David was able to get a nice close place to view from. Unfortunately he did not get ... read more
Another Fruit Carving
Pyramid of Martinis
Janet & David

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea March 8th 2014

Saturday, March 8, 2014 This will be my last blog entry for our cruise to the South Pacific. On Sunday, we disembark and fly home to Houston. In typical fashion, I was woke up super early this morning, not to run, but to work on my blog in the Royal Promenade. There are a few other crazy people on the ship that are also up early. Cindy also was up early, however not until 6:15am. I truly enjoyed sitting in the lovely Royal Promenade in front of the Irish bar each morning, drinking a cup of coffee, and writing about how much fun we are having on our trip. We are very fortunate to be able to experience this. Cindy and I ate breakfast in the dining room this morning. The food is much ... read more
Cindy and I on the ship
Cindy and I posing in front of a car located in the Royal Promenade
Cindy and I when we first boarded the ship

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea March 8th 2014

This morning we woke up to the sound of the ship’s horn booming about 6:20. We’re not sure why they did that, but it was a very effective alarm clock. It did follow a good night’s sleep though, so we declare ourselves fully adjusted to the time zone changes. We rested a little longer and then got up for a fresh day at sea. We went to the Regency Dining Room for their sit-down breakfast, instead of the buffet we will probably have during most of our days in port. Janet had found out on the last day of our Baltic cruise that she could have ordered Eggs Benedict any day in the dining room and she didn’t have to wait for it to appear as the “special” on the morning menu. It turns out to ... read more
Pool Area
Internet Cafe
Janet at High Tea


Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea May 7th 2012

Bulaaa everyone! Da er vi nok en gang ferdig med et land. Denne gangen Fiji. Det har vært seks dager med total avslapning, noe vi virkelig trengte etter tre hektiske måneder med mye farting. Da vi ankom flyplassen i Nadi, Fiji kjente vi varmen strømme på og det var bare å ta av seg alt av fleecejakker og langbukser. Selv om det har vært flom her for tre uker siden merket vi hvertfall ingenting til det. Igjen har værgudene vært med oss! Etter å ha sovet en natt på fastlandet var vi klare for å utforske de tropiske øyene rundt hovedøya Vitu Levu. Fiji består av i alt 320 øyer, men vi hadde bare tid til to av de. I to netter har vi vært på Beachcomber Island. Da vi ankom øya ble vi møtt av ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea April 7th 2012

Hi everyone, well what a night, we rode thru a storm with Gale force winds and large waves shaking us all around. We have just come back on board after going into Burnie, I was hoping to get a sim card (Vodafone) but they not have access or a shop here so it will have to wait until tomorrow in Melbourne and with it being Easter Sunday I am not sure what is open will have to wait and see. Last night again Maureen and I went to the theatre for the show, it was 50's and 60's music and the show was called "Unforgetable" it was beautiful. They do an amazing job all the artists. We have been nearly every night to one. After that we went to the Finals of the competition in the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea September 19th 2011

Auckland: The opening game caused few upsets as expected. However, two particular highlights were finding my first pint and the referee disallowing New Zealand a perfectly legitimate try. As well as rugby, the sights of a wine tour and several parks on Waiheke island come highly recommended. Other highlights included picking up the campervan and blasting the horn for about 30 seconds until the novelty wore off. Overall reflections: Kiwi’s moan a lot more than the English, especially when it comes to rugby. Tauranga: A day’s surf on the north east coast was abandoned, due to hangovers and terrible weather! (English are only fair weather surfers I’m afraid). Fortunately, we settled on a quiet night and watched England play in the evening in a quiet bar… The night ended with us drinking with the Samoan rugby ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea December 16th 2010

Good Day Friends and Family- I am sitting here in Taupo, New Zealand listening to a cricket match on the T.V. The weather is overcast and a bit cool. We have had quite an emotional beginning to our travels. We traveled to Tahiti without a hitch. The flight went quickly, we ate, we rested, we watched movies, we ate again and then we were there. We got a ride from Po Po, who became our guide two days later for a ride around the island. Po Po's step-father was on the filming crew for the movie Mutiny on the Bounty with Marlon Brando. Movie night option for the Spring, friends. That film was shot in Papetee, where we are staying. I have attached a few photos. The weather was hot and humid, but nice in the ... read more
Liz and friend
Bathing beauties

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea February 8th 2010

Mon 2/8/10 Super Monday Down Under It was another lazy sea day aboard the Volendam in the Tasmanian Sea. We got a late start having lost another hour to get to New Zealand time so headed to the Dining Room for a late breakfast before posting the previous day’s blog. Later that morning we went to the Theater to see “Cooking with Drew” where they had the Cruise Director making a Black Forrest Cake with the Executive Pastry Chef and an audience member. It was pretty funny but no one wanted to eat his creation for some reason. We had Lunch in the Dining Room Hamburger for me and Flounder for John. We then headed back to the Culinary Arts Center for a demonstration on decorating cupcakes that looked like ears of corn, Sheppard’s pie, and ... read more

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