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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Akaroa February 23rd 2006

Hi everyone, Since we last wrote the blog we have been through sun, rain and pestilence!!! And I'm not referring to John in the last item. We left Wanaka (fabulous place) last Sunday morning. The weather was glorious - wall to wall sunshine and we had a fantastic drive to Haast on the West Coast on route to the glaciers. The senery was quite different from the brown gentle slopes and rock of Wanaka; we were now in rain forest country - towering mountains thick with vegetation right down to the roadside. But .... oh the sandflies and other big back flies. Absolute bastards!!! They bite and draw blood. John braved the elements and sat outside the van smothered in insect repellant courtesy of Culpeppers in York (remember Fleur??) but with his shorts on his head!!!! ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo February 23rd 2006

Back again! Got lots of catching up to do! So here is the start of Steve and my journey over the last 10 days or so. After finally getting onto the glacier we left satisfied and headed up the West Coast. Of course the weather decided to get better, which was a very welcome change. We headed for the Greenstone / Jade capital in the South Island, Hokitika. A little hard to say! Anyway it was almost Valentines Day so myself and Steve bought greenstone pendants for each other and a local bottle of bubbly. There isn't much in Hokitika, just Jade shops and souvenier shops, so we drove a little further to a holiday park just south of Geymouth that was right on the beach, very nice. They even had free internet, if you could ... read more
Steve at Mitchells Gully Gold Mine
Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!
Wharariki Beach

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine February 23rd 2006

We arose early this morning to drive the short (29km) distance from the Kookaburra YHA hostel in Katherine to the Katherine Gorge visitor centre where we parked the car and began a 5km trek through the gorge system and parkland to a rock waterfall and pool where we were quick to decloth and jump in. The water was stunningly refreshing after walking for an hour in early morning heat and to stand on the ledge underneath the waterfall was not only exhilerating and refreshing but an amazing way to relax and remember how lucky we are. It wasnt too long before a tour bus pulled in and another 16 people did pretty much the same thing as us, diving off the rocks and splashing around having a great time. After chatting to them for a while ... read more
It's a long way down!!
Colling off after the walk!
Beem me up Scottie!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago February 23rd 2006

Since the first Kiwi entry I have driven around the south coast stopping along the way to see some of sites. Dunedin (done-nee-din) is a large university town and is much livelier than Christchurch. We arrived tired and in need of a shower. After looking in every hostel in the town we found a campsite with good facilities and pitched up for the night. Despite the fact that we were all shattered we went out for the night to sample what Dunedin had to offer. We got the bus to the Octagon, which is the centre and went to the first bar that w4e found with live music. The band was really good and so we got our funk on! The two girls got dragged up by two really drunk Norwegians that had trouble holding there ... read more
Sealoin Spotting
Sea Lion

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 22nd 2006

Ja saa er vi naaet til Byron Bay der er en ret turistet surferby. Skal nok ned og kigge paa stranden en tur foer turen gaar 200km nordpaa til Brisbane og en flyver hjem i kulden. Vejret har den sidste uge vaeret rigtig strandvejr med 25-42 grader, en enkelt byge om natten saa vi er godt tilpas (drikker en masse vand!) Et par tekniske uheld: Det har ikke vaeret muligt at indsaette billeder fordi Lasses billige lo...kamera ikke lige er kompatibel med pcere hernede. Billeder kommer paa naar vi naar til DK. Lasses telefon er ogsaa bukket under i varmen saa vi bytter simkort i de resterende telefoner. Mutters mastercard er uden guld (spaerret siden dag 1) men pengene fosser i stedet ud af VISA-kortene. Vi har siden operahuset i Sydney oplevet Blue Mountains og smagt ... read more


Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 22nd 2006

Kaere dagbog Bad throat, Tina Turner voice - oev, oev, - nevermind, op alligevel kl. for at hoppe paa vinturen til Barosso Vally, som allerede har vaeret udskudt et par gange pga. halsen. Nu skal det vaere - mon ikke ogsaa de dyre draaber kan have en helbredende virkning? I aftes - tirsdag - var jeg ude og spise marokkansk med "min nye Melbourne-veninde", Zeynep. Hun er paa kursus her i Adelaide 14 dages tid, og bor ogsaa paa Carrington St. 109 .................................................... - ups, jeg kan se, at resten af dette "roman"-notat er forsvundet ud i det blaa, soerens ogsaa .................. naa, fortsaettelse foelger senere - orker ikke at genindtaste nu. KH Charlotte... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Docklands February 22nd 2006

Our first sight of Melbourne was early on the morning that we arrived in Australia. We had collected the hire car and were bound for Rye on the Mornington Peninsular, (see previous blogs). The traffic down the highway was horrendous, we had hit peak time. We continued over a large sweeping bridge heading for the city-link and toll charges. The congestion charges are not as bad as predicted and certainly get you through the city. As we swept across the bridge I thought, wow, New York, with all the skyscrapers. After travelling for what seemed like hours, we hit countryside and I thought that's better, never dreaming that I would fall in love with a city, that happened later. Our next sight of Melbourne was from Mornington where we had gone for the Regatta. To see ... read more
Yarra River
Trip down the river Yarra

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka February 22nd 2006

Fortunately the latest rips in trousers have not included injuring the body beneath them. My poor Rohans have another rip in the backside from chicken wire on the board walks on Stewart Island (sitting down to try and heave my rucksack back on!). What on earth caused my 'smart' black trousers to rip very embarrasingly I don't know. I thought I was getting smaller not putting on weight....They have been consigned to the textile recycling bin in Dunedin. I hope I didn't walk around too long with them like that. I was giving a lift to a 19 year old Swiss guy that day. He didn't say anything so either he didn't notice or was too embarrassed himself! Anyway, back to putting photos on and catching up. I've walked up the Rob Roy valley today for ... read more
The car
Evening on the Kepler Track
Dressing like a Kiwi tramper

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region February 22nd 2006

The first thing I'd say about driving up the west coast is WATCH OUT FOR the sand flies! They are annoying little hard black bugs that spring up on your legs as you dance in a phone booth trying to shake them off. Their bites are more itchy than mosquito bites, and stay for more than a week. Once one starts to itch you find yourself standing like a monkey scratching here and there. Why a phone booth? We drove up from Queenstown, booked a room at Hopitika, and had to call back to confirm at 6pm but there was no reception. For two more hours, no reception. AT Haast the places were filled with some sort of conference of farmers (?!?) aand advised us that all places were booked. So we tried our long distance ... read more
Fox Glacier
Fox Glacier
road on west coast

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fiordland National Park » Te Anau February 22nd 2006

Janet and I survived the Kepler Track and I my first backpacking adventure. We returned to Te Anau today at about one o'clock after an easy 4.5 hour hike through forest. The tramp was excellent, a wonderful experience and a lot of fun. Day one was an uphill hike through forest, which took us about 5 hours to complete. This was our one day of beautiful weather and it was definately nice since the views from our first hut were incredible. Because of weather warnings we decided to get an early start on day two--an alpine hike famous for being trecherous during windy periods. Although we couldn't see much of the view, the hike was still fantastic and a lot of fun. Dispite rain and wind we still had a good day of hiking (5.5 hrs) ... read more

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