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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales February 6th 2006

I've learned from experience that Monday is back to work and a lot harder than Friday. Persistance has its rewards and today was no exception. There were no earth shattering events, just a relentless stream of stickers from a man with a dream. On the way to Glebe Point Road, I dodged into a cafe for a loo stop and the owner stopped me. I thought he might be upset that I had used the loo. Instead he wanted two stickers which he had me stick to the frint of the food display cabinet!! These occurances drive me on. Aussies, just us, dreaming our future. We are the people. Not "little people" or "ordinary Australians". We are Australia and the last I heard its still our country. People say we've got to get rid of Howard ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill February 6th 2006

We were up early to have a brief dip in the pool before we went to collect our car at 9.15am. First we went to the tourist info centre to pick up a key for the sculpture Symposium, just outside Broken Hill, for our nightime excursion. We got our lovely car, Toyota Corolla, automatic and headed to our first destination, Umberumberka Reservoir, this was not very exciting. From here we went back to the Mundi Mundi plains lookout. This was cool. You can see so far that you can see the curvature of the earth! You can see for miles and it's so quiet. (we didn't see any cars) Next was on our tourist day was an old outback historic mining town called Silverton, which used to be bigger than Broken Hill but is now just ... read more
This is a river side shot
The Mundi Mundi plains lookout
The Mundi Mundi plains

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney February 6th 2006

G'day, All is still well in not so sunny Sydney! Apart from the weather being a little bit poo over the last week or so ive been up to my usual antics around the place. Its been a bit of a quiet week compared to last week for me and one that hasnt seen me do too much so there aint loads to write about. The evening after my last blog i went down the bar at the hostel with a German geezer and a South African bloke that were in my room at the time and there was a live band on which were pretty good, and even busted out a few of the old Uni classics which are always welcome! The night was a long one as i went down the bar at about ... read more
Opera House
Australia Day
Darling Harbour

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura February 6th 2006

'Waitangi Day' is a day set aside by the New Zealand Government as a 'public holiday' to be observed throughout the country as a 'national day of thanksgiving in commemoration of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi’ in 1840 between Mäori and the British Crown. We silently thanked the four Labour-Ratana Maori representatives that initially proposed the holiday in 1957, and made plans for our three-day bonanza. We decided to head 150 kilometres north up the rumpled east coast to Kaikoura. Meaning “feast of crayfish”, Kaikoura is on a peninsula perched between the towering 2600 metre high seaward Kaikoura Range Mountains and the depths of the Kaikoura Canyon abyss. The Kaikoura Canyon plunges as deep as 6,705 metres beneath the sea, nurturing a prolific marine environment. It is the home of the Giant Squid ... read more
Mountains into the Ocean
Seaweed Covered Log
Break Down

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Manly February 6th 2006

Here i am again writing.... For 2$ / hour, we can afford coming on the net almost everyday!! We went to Manly beach today which is about 30 min North of Sydney...Nick, the hostel manager, drove us with his camper van and we took the 30 min ferry ride back to the city... Manly was actually nicer and quieter than Bondi beach.....but i kept my tshirt on this time to hide my sunburn from the day before. Tonight, enjoyed our first good meal of the trip at a steak house taht was offering a special on Mondays for 10$ ( we spotted that place when we got there last Wednesday! :) SO basically, we had a full meal with a beer (i'm still full) for about half of the price back home....Probably the only time we ... read more


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa Heads February 6th 2006

I arrived in Noosa with all my washing from Fraser Island to do, so I duly went for a swim in the hostel pool, watched the wild kangaroos hopping about and decided to leave any domestic chores until the next day. Noosa Heads is a great waterside town in which to chill on the beach and hang out in the trendy restaurants/cafes (not that I went into those, given my unwashed state) or have some fun in the water. Having done quite a lot of the first already, I thought that some water-based activity might be more up my street, so I embarked on a little trip up the Everglades. Perhaps it was one campsite or National Park too many in quick succession, but I didn't enjoy this as much as the other trips I had ... read more
Trees and river
More trees and river
Scribbly gum tree

Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Mana Island February 6th 2006

Woke up about 8am and packed for trip to Mana Island. We waited for the bus to take us to the boat and it promptly arrived at 9:00am and promptly dropped us off at 9:05am about 100 metres down the road at Nadi Bay Beach where we stay for the next 2 hours!! After contemplating the extra 2 hours we could have stayed in bed, we finally board the little speedboat to Mana Island which travels via Bounty Island where the new passenger tells us Celebrity Love Island was filmed. Fascinating. After a short but sickly trip we arrive at our destination, which is exactly as you would imagine a picture-perfect desert island to look with white sandy beaches and beautiful turquoise-blue ocean. We are staying at Mereani's Backpackers Inn and are fortunate enough to have ... read more
Old boat on the beach
That's a big bit of drift wood!
Local wildlife

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns February 6th 2006

After our 24 hour journey to Australia we arrived in Cairns to 95 degree humid weather. We started our week of snorkeling in the great barrier reef. I don't have any pictures because i had to take it on an underwater camera but it was unbelieveable. There were fish of every color everywhere and the coral was amazing. We saw sting rays, sea cucumbers and jelly fish. We also got to enjoy a nice boat ride out to the reef and got massive sunburns. Next we went to a zoo in cairns where we got to see all of the awesome animals in australia, excluding platypus and the spiny anteater :(. We got to hold a koala bear and pet a kangaroo. The funniest part was that even though they had parrots at the zoo they ... read more
Kanga 2

Oceania February 6th 2006

Hey folks, first of all a big apology on the lack of blogging, sorry dont mean to worry anyone and will get some more photos on soon to make up for it. And secondly i miss you marc! is really quite strange without you here, hurrah to meeting up again in the south. I'd just like to emphasise that all is great in the marc and claire camp, we will definately be reunited for more adventures before too long. So as marc said i'm working a wonderful job for no money, actually i'm working in a hostel in return for free board. my nickname is now 'scrubber' although i have now progressed on to making the poshest beds, bet you're proud mum! The main attraction to here is that i'm staying in one place instead of ... read more
good times on the beach
that we are....

i've just finished my first multi-day solo tramp in new zealand!! the kepler track is a new zealand great walk (which basically means they take really good care of the track because lots of people walk it) that starts and ends in te anu. i decided the easiest way to do this is to write my daily journal entries from while i was goes. day 1: te anu control gates to luxmore hut- 13.8km this morning i woke early to birdsong outside my tent, crisp cold still air and a grey high ceiling of cloud. i made final preparations for my first tramp: checking and double checking stove, matches, tent, longies....the stuff you do. the air was so cold my fingers and toes felt like they might never warm up. i drank my coffee alone ... read more

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