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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island February 7th 2006

to save teasing you all with 1 photo at a time of the south island we have combined the last week of our new zealand trip in this blog.... read more
petrified forest
windy beach
take a break

Oceania February 7th 2006

Hi everyone This is my first blog written from Mum and Dad’s home in Waiuku, New Zealand, as I prepare for my OE departure on Feb 26th 2006 (actually it’s so I can learn how to get photos from my new digital camera onto the blog). If you don’t want to get this travelblog let me know and I’ll take you off the list. I’ve shifted out of my house since I’m renting it for the year to Asha, Ben and Alison. Ben will also teach my classes at Waiuku College for the year. Billy the cat has moved to Heather and John’s and settled himself in. Thanks all of you. I’ll be home again early in December for Mum’s 80th. In between there’s an adventure waiting to happen and some world to see! I’ve had ... read more
Us at "Groove in the park" yesterday
Dan and Emma underwater shot with Dan's new camera in Lynda's lovely pool
Dan and Jake heading out into the sunset surf.

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Marlborough » Picton February 7th 2006

Hi everyone, We arrived in Picton yesterday from North Island ... we had a really great crossing. Calm sea and sunshine so we were up on deck all the time. The crossing takes about 3 hours in all and we were in sight of land the whole time. The crossing is through 'The Sounds' which are mountains coming down into the sea ... bit like the highlands on sea!! Breathtaking scenery. Just to cheer you all up, the weather has been a mixed bag since we last wrote ... rain, sun, hot and cold winds! Sometimes it felt like all four at once. The day we left Ohope was raining but John still surfed ... good wet suit. We travelled from there to Gisborne (wet) onto Napier (sunny) where we found a great beech miles from ... read more

Oceania » Australia February 7th 2006

So we made it. After a long delay in Toronto , a long flight to L.A then an even longer flight to Sydney....19 hours later we made it. The Farrands (The family that we are staying with) couldnt be more amazing. They have three children , Matt , James and Belinda. They could not be more hospitable for us! It is now 8:41 pm on Tuesday night , Kayla and I are feeling pretty jet lagged. Today we went a little sightseeing with Belinda and her mother , shopping...etc. It was night to just have a day to rejuvenate and relax before we get into the heavy duty stuff. New words that are going to be in our vocabulary for the next 4 months... Mate Rubbish Heaps Done for Full as a boot etc. WE are ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 7th 2006

Finally after a year of waiting I can pack my pack and head off!(In about two weeks that is) Many many thanks to Matt and Chevonne for introducing me to this website coz I am very bad at sending postcards. Extremely bad - Always seem to come home with heaps of blank ones! Hopefully this will see me keeping in touch quicker and easier.-... read more


Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney February 7th 2006

Today was the day that inevitably would come. It got hard out there.The weather was blustery and threatening to rain. Early on I encountered a gaggle of media - photographers and cameramen. They were waitng for Lleyton Hewitt's court appearance. I hung around thinking there might be a chance for ambush advertising. After 45 minutes the word came that the case was settled out of court. I returned to room for warmer clothing and set out again. No real action. Later in the day I encountered some Greenpeace guys and they said it had been a shocker so I retired to the "Republic" for a beer. Then I asked someone giving out free "MX" newspapers how much he made. $18/hr. Yes, I am doing this on pure passion.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa Heads February 7th 2006

We left Townsville and went to Airlie Beach. From Airlie beach we planned to go sailing to the Whitsunday Islands. These are a group of 74 islands. Seven have resorts, the others are uninhabited. We arrived in Airlie Beach on Monday night - intending to go sailing on Tuesday. However we ended up waiting until Thursday to leave. Most of the boats go on three day trips, so you sometimes have to wait a few days to get a place on the boat you want. While waiting we went swimming in the lagoon in Airlie Beach (since there are Stingers in the Ocean). Airlie was a nice, pretty place. We saw a lot of colorful birds and also some bats. The sailing trip was excellent. We left on Thursday morning and returned on Saturday afternoon. We ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda February 7th 2006

Well..... it's official, I am the worst blogger alive. I think about blogging, when i do stuff I draft blogs in my head, when I email people I tell them about things I do and then write "but I'll blog more about that later" and then I never do. Well, todays the day I finally restart my blogging, theres tonnes to catch up on. So much has been happening since Ive arrived in Melbourne, so maybe I'll backdate a few blogs to bring you up to speed however, theres is something im bursting to tell you all.............I MET HAROLD!!!!! I'm not kidding, I met him and he gave me a big hug and I got my photo taken with him! How wicked is that??!! Its kind of hit home now that I am, indeed, living in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin February 7th 2006

DAY 1~ Got picked up nice and early at 06.30 ready for our Kakadu experience!! We jumped into the front of the van thinking we had the best seats in the house...we soon realised that they were by far the hottest as we were sat right on the engine! Also in the front was 2 other couples, both English, Anna & Iain and Sara & Chris, oh and also our gorgeous guide Brad! First stop was Litchfield National Park! This was the place where they filmed crocodile dundee which wasn't too reassuring as we were walking through the bush! Next we stopped off to see some of the largest Termite mounds some reaching well over 12foot! Unfortunately we couldn't visit the famous Jim Jim falls & twin Falls as they were completely overflowing because of it ... read more
Chris, Shuya & Sean
Hungry Crocs!
swimming time at one of the beautiful waterfalls

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington February 7th 2006

Janet and I have been in Wellington since the night of the 5th. Upon our arrival we saw the aftermath of the International Rugby Sevens Tournament that had taken place on Friday and Saturday, which is more of a party (at least for the fans) then it is a tournament. On Sunday we wandered around looking for a place to eat and decided to dine at a restaurant called Strawberry Fare--good dinner, excellent dessert. Yesterday was Waitangi day which is a day to celebrate the signing of the treaty of Waitangi a treaty that offically made New Zealand a part of the British Empire. We wandered around the town, spent some time in Te Paupa (the National Museum), had a fabulous dessert at Strawberry Fare (yes, we went there again). Today has been rather busy, but ... read more

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