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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Manly February 24th 2006

Well I am here. The trip over was a disaster with my luggage getting lost and delays and cancellations, but I got my luggage on the second day thankfully. I have my apartment on the edge of campus by myself despite previous intentions because it was virtually impossible to find anything for 3 people let alone furnished at this point in the game. I was lucky to get what I did, and it is expensive, but everything in this freaking city is ridiculously expensive anyways. I move in there Sunday. I won't bore anyone with the details of settling in, but I am back online with my computer and that is a very amazing thing. Here are some of the things I have been upto other than checking out Sydney as a whole and figuring things ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Daly Waters February 24th 2006

After checking out of the hostel early this morning we began the 695km journey south from Katherine to Tenant Creek, and arduous, boring and somewhat tedious journey through scenery of nothingness broken only by a short pit stop at the "Historic Pub" in Daly Waters. Quite why the pub is historic is anyone's guess but many travellers who have stopped here before us have left small momentos of the trip stappled, superglued and blutacked to the walls and every available space in the pub, including, banknotes, bra's, boxer shorts, flags, beer mats, license plates and anything else that they deemed of inconsequential personal value. With us being tight and less than interested in stapling legal tender or our boxer shorts to the bar we sat for a cold drink before taking photos and continuing the journey ... read more
Outside Daly Water Pub!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay February 24th 2006

Ben net in Byron Bay aangekomen, heerlijk weer de bewoonde wereld en warme douches. Surfen en kamperen met zo'n 35 man is een aparte ervaring. Heb nu niet zo heel veel tijd, zal morgen proberen in Brisbane wat langer te schrijven en de foto's erbij te zetten. Maandag was voornamelijk met de bus rijden naar onze bestemming, een hele mooie baai, Point Plomer, in een nationaal park, her Limburners Creek Nature Reserve. Toen we daar aan kwamen hebben we snel de tenten op gezet en toen kregen we de eerste instructie op het strand. Daarna was het proberen in zee..... Best een vermoeiende sport dat surfen, je moet onwijs veel paddelen en je voelt je armen en rug echt behoorlijk, je wordt behoorlijk stijf. Ging best goed eigenlijk. s' Avonds bij het vuur gezeten en lekker ... read more
Welk board?

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru February 24th 2006

We spent 3 days in the bush near Alice Springs. Our trip took us to Uluru, Kata Tjuta and King's Canyon. We slept in swags (it's like a canvas cocoon) under the stars. Fine if you are not worried about snakes, spiders, dingos and huge centipedes crawling into your sleeping bag!... read more
Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon 2

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda February 24th 2006

Eccoci al resoconto di Melbourne: Sono ospite del papa' di Vincenzo (Anatroccolo, quello con pizetto). Mi sono venuti a prendere all'aereoprto e riempito di cibo appena arrivato! un accoglienza degna di un re! Abitano a St Kilda, quartiere meridionale sul mare molto alla moda. Mi hanno fatto assaggiare la VEGEMINE una crema locale (tipo la Nutella da noi) a base di lievito di birra. DISGUSTOSA! Non riesco a capacitarmi come sia popolare da queste parti...pare i bambini ne vadano matti! Il clima e' piu' fresco qui rispetto a Sydney ed abbastanza ventoso. Per cui bagni in mare neanche a parlarne! Veniamo a MElbourne: una citta' modernissima piena di grattacieli e palazzi moderni. Nel complesso niente male. Nodo della citta' e' Federation Square una piazza modernissima vicino alla stazione di Flinders Street (costruzione in stile vittoriano). Interessante ... read more
parco e skyscapers
more skyscrapers
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Wow!! I don't think I have ever since so many beautiful scenery in my life...well, i've said that a few times during this trip but seriously, today was awesome (Osome, like the kiwis say it)!! It was a really long day leaving at 7 am this morning and then driving (on the Magic bus!) for 2 hours towards Te Anau...The road taking us there was wonderful...Hips (lots) of sheeps and cows just chillin' as the sun rise on the moutains behing them...WOW... We stayed in Te Anau for a big 20 minutes as we needed to be the first bus in line to get to Milford Sound to catch our bus and be the first at the picture spots places on the road!! :) Our bus driver was just skipping every other coach on the road...Good ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » South Lake February 24th 2006

Sorry about the delayed message everyone, my internet just was just hooked up today. Well it’s official, I’m at school in Australia. Oh sorry, Uni, they don’t like the word school, it only means elementary school to them, and since I look like I could be in elementary school, it just throws everyone off. So I’m at “Uni”, just arrived today and whoever said Perth was picturesque was a genius. It is so damn beautiful here, it makes the rest of Australia look like the ghetto, no offense to all my friends over on the east coast. Alright so before I go on gushing and make everyone vomit, I’ll just quickly reminisce on the rest of my Sydney experience. So the second day we were in Sydney, Char and I dropped off Becca at the university ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast » Franz Josef February 24th 2006

Well as luck would have it I managed to get a rental car the day I left Kinloch lodge. I'm probably one of the few people who was able to get a car in Queenstown. Timing is everything. Anyway after pondering the limitations of taking the bus I thought I'd just check. I didn't really expect to find one. So I've traveled by plane, train, bicycle, bus, and now automobile. I would have liked to continue to cycle up the west coast but I just ran out of time and there were a few things on my list that I just had to do. One of which was glacier trek on the Franz Joseph Glacier. I left Queenstown and drove over Haast Pass to the coast. I stayed at the motor camp, pitched my tent and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Kogarah February 24th 2006

Yöllä heräsin kauheeseen vesisateeseen. se vähän viilensi ilmaa, joka on aivan sairaan kuuma. nukkuessa ei tarvi kuin lakanan! päivä meni vähän pitkälle ennenku noustiin. Mä heräsin siinä puolen päivän aikaan ja ystävällisesti herätin Minnankin.. ;) meillähän ei lorvita! jääkaappi kun oli tyhjä lähdettiin kauppaan. Noh meni meillä sinne 90 dollaria (1euro= 1,6dollaria) eikä edes muistettu ostaa kaikkee mitä tarvitaan! ajateltiin tehdä makaroonia ja kengurujauhelihaa (mä opetan Minnan heti paikallisille tavoille :P), mutta ei meillä ollu suolaa eikä voita. syötiin siis vaan salattia.. mut se oli ihan tarpeeks tässä kuumudessa. Aurinkorasvaa muistettiin ostaa! ja ruoan jälkeen lähdin hyppyttään Minnaa keskustaan! ;) kateltiin opera-talo ja Sydneyn silta.. ah niin ihanaa olla täällä taas! ja sitten käveltiin melken koko cityn läpi ja käytiin katto... read more
Minna ja silta

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania February 24th 2006

9 days of Tassie... (prepare for a long read...) Day One After my one night in Melbourne I flew with JetStar (like easyjet) to Hobart. A great suprise then occurred...a girl I met in Batemans Bay and who I travelled to Narooma with was on the same flight as me! It was so cool to be in some unknown place the other side of the world, then to see someone you know (well had met before anyway...)! We shared THE biggest piece of Mars Chocolate Cake, we couldn't eat it all in the slightest...mmm I want some know talking about it! The flight was only an hour long and went very fast. At Hobart airport which was so tiny there was a cute little sniffer dog checking for any fresh produce which wasn't allowed to be ... read more
Afternoon swim...

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