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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay March 12th 2006

We are in Shark Bay, Western Australia, right now. It really lives up to its name - there are shark everywhere. We have seen so many from the beach, gliding by as a dark shadow in the turquoise water. We've also seen turtles, rays, sea snakes, and dugongs in unbelievable quantities. However, what the area is really famous for are the friendly dolphins. Every day, the local conservation group feeds them fish right off shore in about knee height water. Both Scott and I got to hand feed them - it was amazing! Later that day, we were in the "swim zone" and about three dolphins happened to swim by. We had our snorkels on so of course started looking under water for them when suddenly I felt something big nudge me. I assumed it was ... read more
Scott Feeding a Dolphin

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown March 12th 2006

I'm in Queenstown now. Eloise and I decided on the bus here that it would be a good idea to go on this lovely swing thing that sounded like a nice activity. It's called the canyon swing and we bought our trip and paid for it on the spur of the moment. It was only when we got here and saw pictures of a tiny bungy platform perched above a canyon that I started to worry. We drove up there and met the crew who are full of amusing jokes like "don't worry, we've ironed out the problem with the bungy wires" and "don't worry, we haven't killed anyone in at least a month." Having been weighed and had a snail drawn on my hand (still don't know what that means!) I was quickly ushered towards ... read more
clinging to evil men while having my photo taken
falling backwards in a not very controlled way
falling even further and doing my somersault

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa March 12th 2006

We were up bright and early, excited at our next adventure, we were going to spend the night in a bush camp followed by 3 days and 2 nights camping in the bush. The Everglades. One of only 2 in the world. Sean and Emma poped by to say their goodbyes which was nice. Then the rush started! As we were both so tired last night we still had to go and get our 4 days supplies from the supermarket, so it was all systems go! We got the free bus into Noosa Heads, then got the free courtesy bus to our new home. You should have seen it! Our first reactions were COOL! (We get criticised for using this word too often but stuff it) This was a REAL bush camp! and it immediately gave ... read more
Gagaju bushcamp
Come on little fishies.
Look at mine.

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Marlborough » Picton March 12th 2006

Howdy doo di? We’ve just had a couple of nights in a place called Picton, situated at the North East point of the South Island. It’s a nice enough little town; a few nice beaches in the area &some small cafes and bars, although its main pulls are A) it’s where you catch the enormous ferry to the North Island, and B) it’s very close proximity to the Queen Charlotte Sound Walking track. We didn’t have enough time do any tramping on this occasion as we needed to get back to Nelson for our second sailing course, however we didn’t want to waste our time here either - so in the end we plumped for a 5 hour cruise on a mail boat delivering letters and parcels, groceries and other provisions to the remote homesteads and ... read more
Sea Mail House on Picton Marina
Picton Marina
Fire Brigade Helicopter

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown March 12th 2006

I forgot to attach the best photo of all to the previous blog. Needless to say the post canyon swinging teapots did not contain tea (unless you count long island iced tea, that is!)... read more


Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane March 12th 2006

Brisbane is great, I spent today wandering round the place exploring the botanical gardens and the south bank parklands....a big green blur on the south side of the river with a man made lagoon and sandy beach thronging with locals and tourists on this glorious sunday afternoon....baking hot. Took some respite from the sun and explored the markets at Stanley street. I crossed back over the river in to the city and back to the hostel, which is nice a clean, friendly and welcoming...the mixed shower facilities are a little unorthodox but hey no complaints...they're clean! Having glimpsed Brisbane at night i decided to take a proper look and headed out, camera in hand and found the Riverside Centre with its posh restaurants and glittering lights affording beautiful views of Story Bridge...lit along its length and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda March 12th 2006

alright so i guess i should fill in the blanks between the last blog and the present, well maybe there's a little bit to tell maybe there's not i'll let you be the judge of all that. so lets see i went to see a band the other week the broken social scene from canada and they where amazing at one point there was maybe 11-12 people on stage, 4-5 guitars two full drum kits (both being played) three piece brass section, organ and two vocals amazing, its been a little while since i walked away from a gig just in awe, well since the last gig well the gig before last ray lamontague the last gig was bonnie prince billy who was good as always but i've seen him better, so much for my idea ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane March 12th 2006

Shopping all morning (had to get our bearings) then met up with Wendy at the station in the afternoon. We got her settled in the hostel (which is 5 seconds walk from the station!) Then we went for a bit of a walk in Botanic Gardens. We thought we'd found the open air cinema, but we asked about it when we got back to the hostel and apparently an open air hostel doesn't even exist. Well done Skinny! hehe! We felt like going out that night, so we got our flip flops on, did a lot of walking to find some place lively and half decent, but no where let us in with flip flops on. so we walked alllllll the way back again... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Kogarah March 12th 2006

naapurit! voi että niiden kaa! taas piti riehua jonku raivaussahan kaa!!! argh! antais toisten nukkua... molemmilta on vähän niinku veto pois ton eilisen jälkeen. aamupalaa terassilla ja siivottiinki aamusta. Ei tääl hirveesti siivoomista oo, mut pakkohan sitäkin on harrastaa... ja sit vähän disneyltä piirrettyjä... eli tosi mielenkiinosta elämää meilläkin. päiväl oli pakko lähtee Hurstvilleen, ku siihen Minnan pyjamaan oli jäänny se hälytin paikalle.. noh tulihan sieltä sitten taas osteltua jotain. Jakelle löyty kiva t-paita ja Kristalle syndelahja! :D toivotaan, että niistä tykätään.. ja osteltiin me Minnan kaa muutaki.. onneks ei hirveesti ollu rahaa, niin joutu lähtee kotiin.. sit vaan ooteltu, että jokukaan meitä muistas, mutta ei! ollaan tultu siihen tulokseen, että kaikki on vaan tyytyväisiä, ku ollaan näin kaukana eikä meitä tarvi katella 3... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs March 12th 2006

Well it was an early start this morning, with the Wayoutback safari bus picking me up at the hostel at 06:45!!!! The safari group consisted of 14 people in total, 10 females and 4 blokes!!! This consisted of a number of nationalities, 5 English, 4 Swiss, 3 German, 1 French and 1 Irish. The group is all young people, I think I'm probably the oldest. The tour guide is called "Sauce", and it's fair to say he is a typical Aussie. We started off with a cup of tea at the url= Hill Memorial, gives a spectacular sunrise view over Alice!! After that it was a pretty grueling drive in the baking sun to the url= Olgas. On the way we man... read more
The Bus
Thorny Devil
The Olgas

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