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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Concord March 15th 2006

tälleen ma-to ei oikein mitään jännempää meille tapahdu, ku ollaan vaan töissä ja töiden jälkeen ollaan niin väsyneitä, että raahaudutaan kotiin, syödään, katotaan töllöö ja mennään nukkuun.. tänään meidän junat oli jostain syystä ylihitaita ja myöhässä. Noh onneks me ollaan menty sillä aikasemmalla junalla täältä meiltä keskustaan, niin ei oo myöhästytty siitä jatkojunasta ja tänäänki kerettiin ihan ok. Töissä meillä oli tähystysleikkaus. Siel miehellä oli mahalukun ja ruokatorven välinen lihas ei toimi eli läppä ei mee kiinni ja ruokaa nousee ruokatorveen. ne sit korjas sen laittamalla pari tikkiä. Heräämössä vaan hengailtiin. Taas! Syötiin kinuskikakkua ja leikittiin maailman vanhimmalla verenpaine mittarilla! ;) meitä luultiin kaksosiks.. heh heh! noh molemmista näkyy vaan siniset silmät tuolla leikkaussaleissa, niin kai meit... read more

We came back from the routeburn track all wet and very tired, got back to queenstown and jumped into town for the internet. On the way I told daniel that maybe we should check at the D.O.C office(the office that is responsible for all the walking tracks in new zealand) if there was a cancellation on the milford track and to see if there is room for us. Now the milford track is the most popular track in NZ and considered by many to be the most beautifull, not only in New zealand but in the entire world. To get on this track you usually have to book it from October, and I obviously didn't do that. Me and Daniel checked for the entire last 2 weeks to see if there were places and there never ... read more
Looks misty
View from the hut
Second day

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington March 15th 2006

It's hard to believe we have only been away from our motherland for 1 week because we have already done so much. Let's just say we are certainly satiating our adrenaline need here in New Zealand!!! Let me just outline some of the highlights so need to bore you with details (after all, I know you should be working diligently right now). Auckland welcomed us with open arms and we forced ourselves to quickly assimilate to backpacker lifestyle. I think we could write a book: You Know You are a Backpacker When... -You learn to use shampoo to wash your hair AND cleanse your body. -You walk around with a flashlight strapped to your forehead to go the bathroom. -You wear gym shoes to the bar every night. -Your daily feed consists of a can ... read more
Taking on Mercury Bay
Cathedral Cove
Yoga in the Morning

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua March 15th 2006

So today I paddled the Kaituna River in a Salto. Lets see what to say about th eriver its considered a III-IV run but is definitely harder than the Ocoee. Its a very short run, it took us only about an hour even with my screwing up. The drop pool. But big and fast water... not really any eddies to scout from either. There are a couple of bad weirs and holes that are not so great to get into... I didn't find any. The biggest rapid is a water fall -- Okere Falls. Its a 2.5meter fall, not bad. And pretty easy to run... especially in a creek boat. Most people take playboats down this river. I selected a Salto to see how I liked it for taking to the south island and the much ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Glaciers March 15th 2006

So we survived the white water rafting, then braved the bungy... thinking this was the most horiffic thing in the world.... no!! Try the 'Sound' flight from Wellington (North) to Picton(South)!! Good lord alive!! Forget any rolercoaster... this was the worst!! 25 minutes of sheer hell!! Swooping and being blown around like a leaf in the air, dropping 50m in 1 second in an air pocket in a tiny 13 seater tin can! Never have any of us been so horiffically unprepared for such an ordeal. Genuine screams from Natalie and Luke, whereas myself and Amy were to scared to even make a noise! We had marks on the back of our hands from holding on to each other so tightly! Of course the 5 year old child behind us was fine about it!! Damn kids!! ... read more
Pancake Rock!!
The Family
Ahoy There Maties!!!


Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth March 15th 2006

Day 21 - Wednesday 15th March 2006 A busy working day but a quiet socialising day. Sylvia spent the day catching up on jobs and having lunch with Uncle Reg. After work we went for a long power walk around Kings Park enjoying the views over the Swan River and the city which by this was all lit up. We enjoyed a Mexican meal in a local restaurant in Subi and then headed home. ... read more

Left The Barn at Abel Tasman, drove east through Nelson, stopped off at Havelock (The world's capital for green lipped mussels) for a harbourside rest. Had a very winding and steep drive for 30 mins further to the water taxi jetti for our backpackers Hopewell Backpackers. What a fantastic place!! It is set within Marlborough Sounds in lovely gardens overlooking the water. There is nothing else apart from the lodge within reach (no shops/bars/houses) unless you take a boat back to where we came from. Hopewell is on the beach, and we harvested mussels and oysters for our tea!!! We've relaxed in the spa overlooking the Sounds, kayaked, fished and took a pretty hard walk to Pete's Point. It was just over 4 hours round trip, and to get to the point, it's a rugged and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa March 15th 2006

Well O set off bright and early for my day of extreme excercise. Started on the mountain bikes. down a long road to the bottom of the mountain then on to the good stuff, the forest riding which was like downhill motocross but with out at engine....great position, knees bent, arms stretched, bum out over the back wheel. We were all naturals at sticking our bums out!! tehe. Then on the the water for fun and frolicks in Noosa River. we weren't great at the steering but it was bloody good fun. So that was the legs worked hard on the bikes and the arms worked from paddling. Full work out. But wait theres more to come. Musical delights were offered up by an aussie band called Bordello....lets see how many great songs you can rip ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland March 15th 2006

Right. So this is a cheat - I am not home... I haven't been home for five months now! But I have just started this new blog as a record of my adventures, now that JennyandJu have become Jenny and Juliet once more... and I felt the need to share a capsule of things from home, whilst actually sitting inside on a rainy London day. So I'm writing this in September, but it's dated March... the 15th of March. Because that was the day I left NZ. It's not that I am homesick as such. I haven't been crying into my kippers and wishing I was at home. There's too much to do here, and I'm barely getting started on my "must do!" lists. In fact, I haven't even had kippers! Why has nobody offered me ... read more
The Beach
My cake....
the gorgeous South Island

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth March 15th 2006

A front view showing the impressive Kangaroo bars!... read more

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