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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne March 3rd 2006

Melbourne! Got a coach down to Melbourne on Thursday, which was nice. Coach company was called firefly. The awesomeness of that will elude many. Anyway, pretty good trip all together. 12 and a half hours from start to finish, with lots of good views along the way. I'm staying at NOMADS industry, which is located in central Melbourne, so i've got access to lots of shops and things and stuff, and hopefully lots of jobs. Trying to juggle between finding a job and finding a share appartment. Plus, assuming i find both of those, i'll be around for the commonwealth games, which will be nice. Bye for now!... read more
Telstra Stadium
Big Ol' Bridge

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 3rd 2006

Here we are in Sydney, and quite a culture shock after Chiang Mai, and even Bangkok. The first thing we have had to get accustomed to is that our money doesn’t quite get the same grade of accommodation here as in Thailand. We’re staying in a ‘hotel’ which is about the same rate as the Davis was in Bangkok but here the ‘hotel’ has shared dorms (as well as regular rooms, of which we have one). As a consequence we find ourselves in the company of what seem like VERY young people (making me feel quite old!) and of course everything is, like, sooo cool dude. Even random. Actually, at breakfast it was reassuring to see some people here even older than us, I think that they had probably all gone to bed early last night ... read more
Old and new
Hyde Park
Hyde Park

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Concord March 3rd 2006

Aamul kauhee päänsärky.. argh! noh onneks se meni ohi särkylääkkeellä. Töissä sit hengailtiin pari tuntia ilman ketään "virallista" ohjaaja. Joku niistä hoitsuista ku päätti, et voitas olla Tristan (mä) ja Gina (Minnan) kaa tää päivä. Meil oli eka mies sellanen vähän rauhaton. Se puhu italiaa, mut onneks yks hoitsu osas sitä. Saatiin se rauhottuun ja sain yhdistää yhden pussin letkuihin sekä ottaa tippaletkun pois ja laittaa korkin kanyyliin. Toinen potilas oli naine, jolla oli tehty jotain mahaleikkausta. Se oli hirveen kipee ja sille annettiin Morfiinia. Tai siis Trista anto ja mä katoin. Sain poistaa siltä 2kanyylia! :) ja jouduin soittaa osastolle, että tulevat hakeen sen. Vähänkö jännitti! mut tosi hyvin meni! ja sit laitettiin se lähtövalmiiks. Sain jopa kirjata vähäsen. se on vaikeeta, ku ei osaa kirjottaa kaikkee enkuks oikein. Sit valmistettii... read more
ja Suvi kanssa..

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay March 3rd 2006

Hello everybody. Just a quick one to let you know that we are both still alive and kicking! Sorry it has been so long since we have posted a blog. We are currently updating our blog and having problems with getting internet access locally, especially somewhere where we can upload photographs. We should get them done and out to you all soon! Just to let you know we are both well. We bought an old car in Auckland and after a short tour of part of the North Island (In the upcoming blogs!) we headed down to Hawkes Bay where we are now. We are currently living in a caravan on an apple orchard in a farming community called Onga Onga where we are working picking apples. The nearest 'town' is Waipukurau and we are about ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Catlins March 3rd 2006

From Te Anau, we drove across to the Catlins, in search of this areas native wildlife. Our wildlife tour went as follows: We battled the high winds at Roaring Bay (hence the name!) and hid in the hide to try and spot the rare Yellow Eyed Penguins. It was freezing and so windy - but no sign of the little blighters! There are only 3000 of the left worldwide, and around 300 in this part of the world, so they are pretty thin on the ground. Nugget Point was the next stop. It was a short walk along a narrow strip of land, leading to a lighthouse. The rocks either side of the walk to the point had tonnes of seals basking on them. Our final stop was Surat Bay, a lovely beach and home of ... read more


The last few days Michelle and I were on the Milford Track here in Fjordland. The track itself starts from the top of Lake Te Anau and follows the route that the original explorers took trying to pass a pass from Te Anau to Milford Sound. It's been called "The Finest Walk in the World" but in the interest of full disclosure, that was said around 1950 I think. It's still a fantastic "tramp" as the kiwis call it; probably one of the best in the world. Here's a quick summary of the 4 days: Day 1 The first day is really short and easy. You only travel 5 km on easy terrain. I think they make it easy for the day hikers that are allowed on the trail at this point. You have to take ... read more
Day 2
Milford Sound

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton March 3rd 2006

The regatta is over. We did well coming a respectable third overall and we won the Bill Lucas Night Race, the highlight of the regatta. It was a clear night with steady 16 knots of breeze on flat water, sailor's dream. And warm. Today gave out stickers in Busselton. Went well.Tomorrow on to Nannup where I hear there is a music festival. Might be fertile ground.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania March 3rd 2006

English sorry, not available for the moment! It will be supplied from the next entrie. Enjoy the picture in the meantime! I'm currently in Tasmania (Tassie). I rented a car with an guy from UK (very good idea! he is used to drive on the left!) and we are going around the isle.... Italiano Dopo aver lasciato la Tasman Peninsula ci siamo diretti verso il Freycinet National Park (stiamo risalendo la costa Est della Tasmania dirigendoci verso Nord). Decidiamo di alloggiare a Coles Bay all'ostello YHA. Quest'ultimo offre alloggio anche in una dependance (si scrive cosi??) a pochi metri dalla spiaggia ad un prezzo fantastico ($10 per notte). Non c'e' acqua calda ci dicono, ma per noi che problema c'e'? Il posto e' veramente bello, proprio sulla riva tra la boscaglia, nessun altro nel raggio di ... read more
On hte way to wineglass Bay
Wineglass Bay
Wineglass Bay

Saa er 6 fantastiske dage i det roede centrum i Australien ved at vaere slut. Vores tur sluttede i gaar aftes her i Alice Springs. Os guys fra turen noed et sidste faelles maaltid paa Melanka's, som tilfaeldigt nok hver torsdag har free pasta & bolognaise. Det noed vi, altimens vi indsnusede lidt Alice stemning, god musik og mandlige (goodlooking) opvartere/tjenere i festligt togakostume, reptile-show (mrs. panic of snakes) havde saagar en slange om halsen. Uha - der flyttes graenser paa denne tur. Jeg har netop besoegt Royal Flying Doctor Service Center her i byen. Et meget spaendende visit med film om foretagendet, museumsbesoeg og personlig rundvisning m. tid til spoergsmaal. Utroligt at vaere lige der, hvorfra jeg tidl. har set klip televisionen. Ville ogsaa gerne have besoegt den gl. Telegraph Station samt School of The ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth March 3rd 2006

Just a quick hello really to let you know we've arrived safe and sound and to show you some photos of our stay so far. We arrived in Perth at 12.30 at night after a day of traveling which wasnt too bad really. All our flights were on time and our longest stay at Singapore Airport was fine due to their excellent airport! They have a movie lounge, free Internet, pubs and restaurants throughout and of course excellent duty free shops! We hadnt booked anywhere to stay in Perth thinking that because it was their Autumn (off peak season) the backpackers wouldnt be booked up but we were wrong! Every backpackers we called were fully booked - just what you need to hear after a day of traveling. We just needed a bed and to relax! ... read more
Perth City
Perth City
Swan Bells Tower

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