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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Southland » Invercargill March 2nd 2006

The city of Invercargill Invercargill is at the very bottom of South Island - yuo can't get much further south than here. Stewart Island is actually off the coast, accessed by scenic Bluff a short drive east of the city, but we didn't have time to go there and experience it, sadly. The city is laid out in a grid pattern, with very wide streets and a feeling of spaciousness. The street names are mostly the names of rivers in Scotland. This is a city which has not yet prepared itself for the potential of tourism. We did see a few interesting things on our historical tour of the city, but the downtown area is somewhat lacking in a welcoming appearance. The main local industry appears to be the plant where Keith works, the abbatoire where ... read more
Lawn bowls green
Walk Through Aviary
Birds up close

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch March 2nd 2006

Otay..this was a crazy night. Ever been to a foam party? Let me just tell you...its...crazy. You get very wet but its very fun...if you have to chance I'd say go to one...especially if its at a place called The Mad Cow (thats right folks i live in a hick down in New Zealand...they do exsist. Love ya Till Next time... read more
Getting our dance on
Party on Garth, Pary on Wayne
Jo Curtis and jordan at the pub

Oceania March 2nd 2006

It’s been weeks since my last entry, and there is so much to write about! Sorry you haven't heard from me in awhile. I don’t have internet set up at my house yet so posting photos or journal entries on my blog is somewhat difficult. I don’t even have a house phone at the moment and making phone calls to Canada is quite the hassle since I have to hop on a bus to get somewhere with a payphone and then make sure that I’m not calling any of you at 3am considering the 15 hour time difference. In a few weeks, the phone and internet will be set up and it’ll be much easier to stay in touch. In the meantime, bear with me and feel free to give me a ring on my mobile ... read more
me and Sarah
my girls!
my pink house in Paddington!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns March 2nd 2006

Pictures speak a thousand words, so I wont bother writing any more....... read more
View from the chairlift
110 millon years old rain forest

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart March 2nd 2006

So I've spent the last 2 days in Hobart. I have to say I really like this town. Its a port city of about 200,000 people... I think. There is fish everywhere... usually fried but its still good. I ate all you could eat sushi last night for $15. Spent the first night I was here in an Irish bar talking to two pilots and contemplating girls and the hair flip, or tucking their hair behind their ears. Ok I was just people watching. Last night I went out for 1 beer.... we all know that is not a good think. Well the bar had a special you could win your beer by beating the Bartender in Rock Paper Scissors. I won 4 of 5 attempts. My friend, the Swede, poor guy, lost all of his ... read more


Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland March 2nd 2006

We have our tickets! We have our packs! We have lost our minds! Who knew that travel involved so many last minute costs and items to be picked up and clearances and forms to be filled out? But that aside, we're at least as excited as we are terrified. We should explain the schizophrenic nature of our blog; we have 2 delightfully charming authors who will spontaneously change places at the keyboard, and take turns backseat writing....and you will NEVER know! Except when we tell you ;) So welcome to our online ramblings, we hope this will help us all stay in touch while we're off on our big adventure. Comments and replies are welcome in vast quantity to remind us the world is a small place when we're travelling it, and family and friends are ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay March 2nd 2006

Days 22 - 30 Rain, rain, and more rain. Day 22 - Kingscliffe Intermittent showers had me running between the tent and outside (where I was trying to get gear re-organized). The paddle into Kingscliffe was a bit dicey with a fairly strong south swell breaking over a reef just in front of where I was landing. Day 23 - Jumpinpin bar Fairly long mileage day (42 miles), but I had to get around the 'Gold Coast' in one pass (as well as getting inside the 'Broadwater' and paddling up to the north end of South Stradbroke Island). With the unsettled weather, the heavy swells had me worried about entering the bar at Southport - but it turned out to be fairly easy. Day 24 - Reeders Point (South end of Moreton Island) To avoid the ... read more
Gold Coast (under rainbow)

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Melbourne Park March 2nd 2006

I was all excited this morning. I was all set to go on a one hour hot air balloon ride which overlooked the city and included a champagne breakfast. I had booked the day before and was told to meet in the lobby by 5:30am. So im sitting there waiting half asleep....waiting....waiting....waiting!! By this stage 45 minutes had passed and still no sign of anyone. I talked to reception who kindly rung them to find out what was going on. Turned out the trip had been cancelled due to strong winds but somehow had forgotten to inform me!!! I was pretty bummed as i had been really looking forward to it. At least i could go back to bed to catch up on some much needed sleep. I had arranged to meet my friend Belinda in ... read more
Centennial Park
Belinda and I
Central station

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands March 2nd 2006

After a full day of travelling on 21 Feb I arrived back in Bangkok at 9pm. Decided to see Khao San Road by night and so booked into a hotel just off the main street. Not exactly five star luxury, but not quite Leonardo Di Caprio dodgy standards a la The Beach either! The bathroom was so small that the door only opened half way and you had to squeeze in and shut the door before you could get to the loo. Spent the evening haggling with the street vendors, but have to say that I'm not that good at it! Besides which, everything is so cheap to start with, that you feel bad negotiating on the price at all. Had a last wander round Bangkok the next morning and then it was off to the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 2nd 2006

After leaving Rotorua our trip took us to Taupo. On the way we stopped at Huka Falls...not really a waterfall more like a thunderous mass of white water....a 100m wide river compressed into a 15m i've been told. A lot of water. Not something you'd like to fall into. Anyway, we rushed on in hope of doing our skydive today...picked up in a white limo and driven to the air field to find that the weather was turning. Three people got to jump (including Ames and Asha) while Paul, Nat and I looked on. The winds picked up to 26+ knots (I hear that's windy!) so the rest of us were cancelled. Nevermind the night was young and Amy and Asha were adrenalin junkies so a night of drinking and dancing were a must! The ... read more

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