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Oceania » Vanuatu » Tanna September 26th 2010

We took a 4x4 to the black sand beach. It was the best sand ever! Powder fine and glinting black. The beach was long and just beautiful, with perfect rollers crashing in. Behind was the dirt road with coconut groves and steep jungle covered hills behind. There was a little thatched shelter on the edge of the beach where we had our picnic lunch. Tom and Grace immediately made friends with the local kids who were there for a day out. Peter came with his sister. Everyone played with the blow-up boards and in the rip. They made sand sculptures of crocodiles and we made one of a kangaroo. Tom then showed them the drag-stick game. We ate baked bean sandwiches. All too soon it was time to go home and we stopped quickly at some ... read more
Black Sand Beach
Black Sand Beach
Black Sand Beach

Oceania » Vanuatu » Tanna September 25th 2010

In the morning we went to Louinio a custom village about half an hour from the resort. We were met by a young woman in a grass top and skirt. She explained how they were made, which involved stripping the fibre from some vines, soaking them in the sea for a couple of weeks and then weaving them into the clothes. We walked down to the welcome hut and were showed various plants on the way. We were taken to a garden and were told how it all works. Children are given a small patch to look after, this gets bigger as they get older. They do crop rotation, alternating yams and the other vegetables. They also feed pigs and chickens. The pigs are fed coconut flesh with juice from a special leaf to help them ... read more
Louinio custom village
Louinio custom village
Louinio custom village

Oceania » Vanuatu » Tanna September 24th 2010

In the morning we walked down to the market in Lenakel. We saw some older ladies under a tree stripping banana leaves to make baskets and mats. The market was under a huge banyan tree. For sale there were taro, cava roots, banana, carrots, yam, tomatoes, sweet potato, sweet bread, pawpaw, peanuts, bread fruit, coconuts and live chickens (that Grace wanted to save!). Tom had some sweet bread wrapped in banana leaf, we bought some peanuts, a pawpaw to ripen and some tomatoes. We also bought a big woven bag for the beach and a small pretty one for Grace. Sum drove us home and Tom and Grace stood in the back of the ute. After lunch we went to Mt Yasur volcano. It was a long and very bumpy drive, over the mountains in the ... read more
Market at Lenakel
Market at Lenakel
Market at Lenakel

Oceania » Vanuatu » Tanna September 23rd 2010

The plane ride was fine and very quick. when we arrived it was a bit bumpy. we were picked up by Sum and taken to the resort. We were welcomed with a fresh pawpaw juice (pureed pawpaw with a bit of lime). The bungalow was made of concrete with a thatched roof. it is right in front of the ocean and the waves are extremely loud. the first night none of us slept very well. It sounded like bombs were going off! ... read more
Sunset on Tanna Island
Sunset on Tanna Island
View of surf beach from our villa

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate September 22nd 2010

We went to the Mele Cascades near the resort. It was hot and the long climb up the hill was quite tiring. Eventually the path started to cross back and forth over the river. Up and up we went as the path got steeper and steeper, past lovely pools of crystal clear water surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. It was so pretty it looked like a shampoo commercial, hard to believe it was real. At the very top was a pool with a really tall waterfall. Because of the spray it was lovely and cool. We climbed into the pool below the waterfall and went right under the cascade. Behind the waterfall was a tiny cave where you could poke your hear out of the water. It was cool and dark, with dripping moss on the ... read more
Mele Water Falls
Mele Water Falls
Picnic at lookout


Oceania » Vanuatu » Santo September 21st 2010

In the midst of all that is happening with our Clinic Construction Expedition there have been several side projects. One of these took the form of an immunization campaign. While building at the construction site continued, another Project MARC team assisted the Vanuatu Ministry of Health with the delivery and administering of "Stik Meresin blong Olgeta Pikinini" (Bislama for Vaccine). The campaign itself only took a week. The preparations to make it all happen took up the week and a half prior. Here’s the story. Earlier this month Project MARC was asked to help with the immunizations along the West Coast of Santo by the managers of Rural and Maternal Health for the province, Valma Banga and Lilly Peter. We had originally planned to work with one of their teams in the Big Bay area during ... read more
The starting line-up
Evening departure
Start-up in Wusi

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila September 21st 2010

Vanuatu life starts early and we were up at six in the morning which was five in Australian time. We didn't do too much, just lots of lazing around and swimming in the pool. We did go into town to buy some more food. We went to the market where there was lots of strange fruit and vegetables. We bought stuff for vegetable risottos that we made over the next two nights. The nicest stuff was a pawpaw and some native raspberries. We also bought some more bootleg DVDs, naughty us! Grace had her hair braided and Tom tried out the string band guitars. We played petanque with some ni-Vanuatu and Dad managed to hit the ball. The locals pretended to be very impressed. Dad had his first local beer. Mi wantem Tusker! Beer blong yumi! ... read more
Playing backgammon
Sleeping in the hammock

Oceania » Vanuatu » Efate » Port Vila September 20th 2010

Travel Journal written by Thomas and Grace Crane with the help of dad on writing and mum with technical stuff. This should really start day -30 as we had a lot of preparation to do before we could leave. We have had injections for hepatitis and typhoid and are taking pills to stop us getting malaria. Mum has arranged all the accommodation and we are all sorted. We got up really early and drove to the airport in Albury to catch the plane to Sydney. The flight was fine and we could see the Hume dam really full. We then flew on to Vanuatu arriving there at three in the afternoon. We were met at the airport by a string band. Tom had a play on one of the guitars. Then we were taken to the ... read more
At Sydney Airport
Sydney Airport
Welcome to Vanuatu

Oceania » Vanuatu » Tanna September 9th 2010

September 9 2010 Tanna Island, Vanuatu - Unbelievable Hi guys, greetings from the nav station on Sunboy as we motor sail from the island of Tanna in Vanuatu bound for Noumea in New Caledonia. We made it into Tanna last Friday morning quite early and were helped into the anchorage from Norm who is sailing solo on a massive 80 foot sloop. We met Norm in Tahiti and he is just an amazing guy, 65 years of age, an Australian by birth but has lived and worked all over the world and sails this huge boat so easily and so relaxed he makes even the most competent cruiser look on with awe. Anyway, Norm guided us in through the pass and we got the pick down on the volcanic sand bottom without a problem. The anchorage ... read more

Oceania » Vanuatu September 6th 2010

20 August 2010 Children’s Day Again, Children’s Day was a big deal in our village as well as at the school. First, the church hosted a celebration for all the kids the Sunday before the official holiday. Before the big day at church, my host parents wanted to do something special at their house too. I volunteered to make pancakes for breakfast. With my parents, their three kids, a cousin who also lives with them, Justin and I, and anyone else who may drop by to be fed, I decided to make a humongous, 6-egg-batch of pancakes. (As I write this in retrospect, I cringe at the loss of so many eggs in one go. Eggs are a precious commodity found only sporadically on the island, and selling for 50 vatu!) These were toted over ... read more
Children Line

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