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Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia August 14th 2008

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia August 14th 2008

we depart, once again. tomorrow morning, we sail to vanuatu... should be a 7-8 day journey. wish i had more time for the internet, blogging and catching up with everyone but the computer access seems to be on 'island time' (see fanning island) and i could very well spend days on it if i really wanted too... another time. i hope all is well and good with everyone. as the sun sets softly over foreign shores, i bid you all a fond farewell and good night... raymond... read more
one of my favorites
long way from home
samoa marina

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia August 13th 2008

It's been the better part of three weeks now since I left and had internet access... where do I begin??? Currently, I am in Samoa, home of the Samoan, land of an island. I am enjoying a steady boat, running water, showers, and environmental stimulation. No, wait a minute. Let me backup... Journal entry : July 26th - DEPARTURE! we set sail july 24th @ 830am from the hawaiian yacht club. after the sails were hoisted, after the shore lines stowed, i sent a final text to some family and friends. immediately after, i received my phone's last incoming call... seppi! how fitting, the friend who had taught me how to sail. yet as excited as i was to be leaving land and chatting with seppi, my enthusiasm was quickly diluted with an ever growing seasickness ... read more

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia August 5th 2008

Samoa Aus den paar Stunden ist dann nocheinml drei Nächte geworden. Ich hatte mich an dem Tag an dem ich fliegen sollte zum Flughafen begeben. Dort angekommen, habe ich auf der Anzeigetafel meinen Flug gesucht und nicht gefunden. Als ich dann in meinen Unterlagen nachgeschaut habe, hat mich der Schlag getroffen, ich hatte meinen Flug verpasst. Nach dem der erste Schock vorbei war, habe ich bei der Fluglinie nachgefragt, was ich jetzt machen kann. Die Damen am Schalter haben mir dann einen neuen Flug gebucht, was nicht so einfach war, da mein Visa drei Tage später auslief. In der Zwischenzeit, habe ich eine Mail an das Hostel in Samoa geschrieben, damit nicht jemand am Flughafen in Apia auf mich wartet. Nachdem die ersten Sachen dann ersteinmal wieder geregelt waren, bin ich , mit Sack und Pack, ... read more

Oceania » Samoa » Tutuila August 5th 2008

Hi Everyone- Here are some of the photos from Samoa.... some very beautiful and some very interesting scenery. The weather was great. It did get hot in the afternoons, but the ocean breeze was amazing. It was the "10th Festival of the Pacific Arts" so a lot of different Pacific Islands were represented, and I had the opportunity to see some pretty cool performances. Anyway- Hope you all enjoy.... read more
Our Room
Dad and Lisa


Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Lalomanu August 1st 2008

We didn't do a whole heck of a lot during our last week in Samoa but enjoy the water and the gorgeous scenery. P.S. Thought I should let everyone know our agenda: from Samoa, we go to Sydney for 3 days, then on to Malaysia. No plans for how long we stay in Malaysia or anywhere after that but we plan to make it to Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, maybe Cambodia and Thailand again, then India for winter and China for spring. Please let us know if you will be going to any of these in the coming months and we can meet up with you. P.S.S. I just added a few email addresses to the blog list that I had missed when I first set this up. If you don't want to be included in the ... read more
Samoan fiafia
kids in Lalomanu
Namua island

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia July 24th 2008

It's one of those traumatic childhood stories. We all have one. Moonlit graveyards, sock eating monsters under the bed, the Boogy Man, fluffy bunny rabbits, lumpy toads; there is a spine-tingling nemesis out there for everyone. Some are a bit more understandable than others, such as my strapping 6 foot 3 Scottish friend who has an apprehension towards turkeys (of the gobble gobble variety, not the sort found at the local pub, although both should understandably be feared). Well, when I was wee lassie, innocent and harebrained, (about sixteen year old), I discovered a four foot long bull snake draped lazily along our kitchen counter, calmly drinking water out of our tap. I stood for a minute, staring at his thick, spotted rope of a body and then ran outside to find the man of the ... read more
Coastline of Niue
One of the many lagoons on Niue island
The King's bathing Chasm...

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia July 22nd 2008

Sorry for the long wait between posts. We were on an island in Samoa with only gulp dial up. Samoa is like Hawaii but there's no dry side of the islands, only green everywhere with lots of waterfalls. The villages have nicely painted houses and fales in all shades of the rainbow. The grass is kept trimmed and bordered by decorative plants and flowers. There's very little trash around compared to Fiji. But... we just miss the big Fijian "Bula!" Don't get me wrong, Samoans are nice and if we hadn't been to Fiji first we probably would think that they were really friendly. We've just been spoiled. Also, even though Samoan schools are all taught in English, we have a hard time communicating. Yeah, it's their country and our problem but again, we were spoiled ... read more
Open market

Oceania » Samoa July 9th 2008

Coming through the arrivals on first landing was a pretty daunting experience not really knowing what to expect and then being confronted by huge black guys asking if i wanted a taxi, luckly i´d booked ahead and had the hostel book me a transfer so didnt need to bother with the airport arrivals scrum. i stayed the first part of the trip in basically the only town in samoa which is also the capital, apia, and samoa soon was becoming what i hadnt expected. i had images of it being a mini oz or new zealand and be full of beach resorts. it turned out to be neither, it´s a place untouched by commercialism that seems pretty much standard everywhere. the only recognisable thing was a mcdonalds and banks. the rest of the shops were all ... read more
mmm sweat!
the green  green isles
the photos dont do it justice!

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia June 24th 2008

Slumbering, bedding down, bunking, catnapping, zoning out, catching forty winks, and hitting the hay. Normal people call it sleeping: a state of inactivity or unconsciousness. Somewhere between the hours of 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., individuals all over the world are sleeping and recharging their bodies and restless minds. Lucky them. I haven't completely slept through a night in several months for we sailors choose to spend our night time hours doing something totally different - welcome to the phenomenon of night watches. Yes, night watch. During the black, silent, night time hours when we ought to be lying in a semi-horizontal position, relaxing or snuggling with that special someone, many of us are wide awake. Even more silly is that we sit outside, sometimes in pouring rain and chilly winds, staring into utter darkness. I've ... read more
Here comes nightime ....and another night watch
Weaving the beautiful fans - - talented fingers at work
Browsing the markets in Samoa - great color

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