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Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Lalomanu August 11th 2010

And now the end is near and I face the final curtain.........(to travel don't worry I'm not suicidal!) Two and a half years ago one big dopey Welshman with big grin and half a plan set out to see the world, challenge himself and see some amazing places and meet some of the crazy happy characters of the world. Well this is my last week........ I couldn't finish in the cold of New Zealand and I heard good tings about Samoa so at a coin toss between that and Fiji Samoa it was! The frfiendliness of the locals was all I was hearing about so after two days travel from Queenstown to Chritchurch then to Auckland before arriving late in Samoa a day earlier than I had left! (The international date line which would late casue ... read more

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia July 14th 2010

After a dive at Eastern island , we did 4 dives at Samoa. 2 at both Islands (savaii and Upolu). Samoa is famous for its turtles and yes we saw a lot of these amazing creatures.. The first of the two dives at Savaii we saw 3 turtles and one was so lazy it didn't move hahaha.. so after 2 picture just 1 meter in front of her she finally cruized away...and when we left, she came back to her spot to relax again.... the second dive was a wreck dive (ship around 1880, with missionares arriving to the island).. They did a beter job in spreading the religion of christianity in Samoa than got a ship save in the bay.... The ship structure was still good and new coral was growing around it. Unfortunaly ... read more

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia June 25th 2010

After long flight, finally arrived in paradise. My travelmate and I decided to start our travel from Pacific islands, then to go to New Zealand, Australia, China, India, South America and go back to Europe if we survive this heaven:). We landed first in Apia, Upolu island. We are planning to stay 2 weeks and then go to New Zealand. The weather is partly cloudy. Hopefully, the weather will serve us well cos we want to visit savai island also. At the moment we are staying in aggy greys resort which is stunning. We will see how things go and then decide where to go and what to do next:)... read more

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia February 13th 2010

Coming to Samoa is special. Flying from Auckland you literally go back in time 24 hours as you cross the international date line. The reality is far stranger as you enter a lush tropical paradise where people still hold the family and religious values of the 1800's! Yes they have the kind of beaches that bored office workers around the world can only dream of, but that's not actually the main attraction. It's the ability to experience a place where people exist in small manageable communities that are ruled by the laws of the village chiefs and church ministers, who use the 'fear of God' combined with strict traditional values to keep their flocks in order. Upolu Dave's cousin Peter and his wife, Moana, have been living in the Samoan capital Apia for the last ... read more
In our 'fale' in Savai'i
A fire dancer at Aggie Grey's hotel, Upolu
Dave's cousin, Peter, dancing on a night out!

Oceania » Samoa January 26th 2010

WOW! We have departed Bora Bora at about 4:00pm on the 25th headed for Apia, Samoa. The next day, and on the 27th we were rocking & rolling to some incredible seas and winds. Stuff started flying! The ship was going at about half speed to contend with the high waves and deep swells, in what we found out was a Gale 5 storm. Annette and I were having lunch in the La Veranda Restaurant on Deck 11 when dishes and glasses took flight. The staff was doing whatever they could to secure things. With one big wave Doug’s chair went over sideways. “Batten down the hatches”! So, Captain Dag made the decision and announcement that we had to by-pass Apia, Samoa and head directly for Lautoka, Fiji. Fortunately, over the next day, the winds and ... read more
Duplicate Bridge
Duplicate Bridge #2


Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia July 11th 2009

Back underway to get to Tonga, we’ve skipped a day! Yep, the international dateline strikes again. On the way out, we had two Mondays and now, they’ve skipped Saturday! What a crock... Friday, Sunday and back to Monday. At least they aren’t skipping pizza night. Every underway Saturday, the cooks make several different types of pizza and MWR committee donates sodas to the crew. The band is going to play again tonight, though I doubt they’ll ask me to sing again. I’ve been pretty sick sounding, feel just fine, can’t seem to kick the nasty, deep sounding cough coming out of my chest. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that I have bronchitis or pneumonia. I went for a jog this morning to try to help, looks like it will take me a week ... read more
Beautiful Reefs
Green and Mountainous
REB at Sunset

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia July 10th 2009

Outside of Apia (and beyond) I finally get off the ship when it’s still AM! So, Dave, the Navigator (2nd Mate), calls me last night to see if I’m still interested in sharing a taxi to go explore and I say, “of course”. I work a bit in the morning, just trying to get the guys off the ship to enjoy the island a bit. Why are we working on the 4th of July again? So after I get ridiculously antsy, Dave is finally ready to leave... we get outside the gate and I greet a taxi driver with a “talofa” (Hello!). We start asking about the going rate to have a taxi take us around for the day and he tells us he knows the perfect guy. We wait for 5 minutes and Misa ... read more
Fish and Chips
Doggies everywhere
This would be a cool tattoo

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu July 8th 2009

At first that might sound lame, but to be honest, it was gorgeous! Waking up on the 7th, there are many things entering my mind. One... my boss is leaving today and two... my birthday, this had better be an epic day. I open up the curtains in my stateroom and see a Greenpeace ship moored right in front of our ship. Okay, so random tangent here. I'm not necessarily opposed to what they stand for (except in a couple cases, like the nuclear stuff that they're ignorant about), their methods can just be pretty scary to me. Why bother hurting people when you're trying to promote peace. Furthermore, graffiti certainly isn't eco-friendly, but who am I to judge? Anyway, it's a teeny tiny ship, thinking about getting a tour possibly. I suppose I shouldn't wear ... read more
Eating at "Gourmet Seafood"
Us at Papapappai-tai again
Open Fale

Oceania » Samoa July 6th 2009

Oceania » Samoa » Upolu » Apia July 1st 2009

Arrived this morning to Apia....coming from very hot hot place to hot and humid place again...but thinking about it. Love this kind of weather. Anyway...I think I am privileged by having an opportunity of travelling around OCEANIA and visiting beautiful places. Arrived to Apia this morning and staying at beautiful resort, called Aggy Greys. It was my friends recommendation. They were right, its stunning, little heaven.... read more

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