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May 15th 2007
Published: May 15th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Since the last blog, we won't talk about the rugby, lets just say i won't be sleeping out to get tickets this year! The time is going very quickly now, but have done alot of walking, driving and stuff.
have managed a couple of day hikes which is showing me how un-fit i am, but it really is the best way to see nz, waterfalls,mauri camp site and even dead things,(mainly possums).I met up with Nic's aunty Shona and cousin scott, and had a great couple of days at lake alexander nr lake Tekepo were her brother has a batch, (weekend bloke thing, not for girls, grrr grrrr ), more walking and night time observatory visits at a near by ex american "viewing post", again some great pics but to busy to get then downloaded,(will do soon). Also have been on the trans alpine train from Christchurch to Greymouth, a totally different view of Arthurs pass than by car. Today i am off to wellington, the boat journey is a well worth trip as you travel along the Abel Tasmin national park, but will be going to the te papa museum and hopefully tea with Tana Umunga (last bit forever hopeful), will be meeting up with Chris's sister aunty Marie, to give her a parcel from home. will be the first two Guernsey people of my trip "a"
more soon when i make some time.


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