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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Arrowtown January 3rd 2011

Day 120 3rd January Sadly we had to check out of that great apartment and start heading down towards Dunedin, I kept calling it dun din but it is in fact pronounced dun eden much to my embarrassment. However we didn’t have to be in Dunedin until late the following day so we decided to fit in some last activities in Queenstown as we got quite a soft spot for the place. First on our list was Puzzling World, an amusement park recommended to us way back in South America by a couple we met on the death road leaving La Senda Verde who had just been through New Zealand. When we got there it was very busy and definitely very puzzly, there is a large walk around maze that you start off in, you have ... read more
It just looks wrong
It's an illlussssionnnn
Leaning Tower of Wanaka

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Dunedin January 2nd 2011

Hey, Some more pictures from the nice wildlife here in Dunedin! Cheers, Stefan... read more
New Zealand fur seal
New Zealand fur seal
New Zealand fur seal

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Queenstown January 1st 2011

Day 118-119 1st-2nd January Happy New Year! Ellory and I were awake surprisingly early and decided to pack up our things and head on out. We were all going our separate ways that day as Gillie and Simon were off to spend that night at his uncle’s house as they had their flight back to Vietnam on the 2nd and had to leave Queenstown at 4.00am on the 2nd to get back to Christchurch in time to make their flight. We had decided to spend a bit longer in Queenstown as there were a lot of things we wanted to do so we loaded our bags into the hire car, thanked Stef for letting us stay and went for a drive to find somewhere to stay for a couple of nights. In the few days we ... read more
The living room

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Queenstown December 30th 2010

Day 116-117 30th-31st December Today was the day we were off to Queenstown, Gillie and Simon’s friend from London, Stef had kindly invited all of us plus a couple we know from London, Dan and Julie to stay at his house to celebrate New Year. Gillie, Simon and Stef had also booked in to do a bungee jump at AJ Hacketts (first bungee jump in the world), so we had to be in Queenstown for that. We said goodbye to Simon’s family who had been really cool and headed off. Queenstown was only a couple of hours away and soon we at Stef’s house. It was a gorgeous day again and we all decided to have a couple of drinks on the roof before driving to the bungee site. For anyone that is going to visit ... read more
Kiwi Bird Park 6
Kiwi Bird Park
Gillies jump

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Queenstown December 12th 2010

Lazy day in Queenstown today. Have returned the hire car as it would be wasteful to have it hanging around for the next six days while I go off tramping. A day of menial tasks - washing is drying as I type so I can then pack once I'm done here. Have been out and bought an x-mug and an x-plate to replace the aforementioned dying ones. Have booked transport out from the last day of the Cascade Saddle. So, tomorrow morning I dump a bag here and head off with a rucksack, to return here in six days (Saturday). The days unfold like this: Monday: Bus to Wanaka, check in hostel up there, get last few top-up food bits (running out of muesli bars) Tuesday: Up to the DOC office first thing to claim a ... read more


Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Queenstown December 11th 2010

I leave Te Anau behind after a last visit to my favourite coffee shop for breakfast. Bump into local deer farmer Roy who I'd shared a drink with last night - very nice chap. Spent the rest of last evening with a couple from the Isle of Wight (sorry Rob - they're invading) and a couple from Colorado. Interesting people who don't know each other but keep bumping into each other all over NZ. Then in the car and the long drive up to Queenstown. Take a detour up the Remarkables and take a couple of pics then down into town and check in to my second home at Pinewood. Being back in a town makes me feel a bit low so I jump in the car again and drive out to the road end past ... read more
View towards Glenorchy
View back towards Glenorchy
The Routeburn Mountains

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago December 5th 2010

Some pre-christmas Photos...... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Dunedin December 5th 2010

It was sad to leave Aoraki Mount Cook as it was such a lovely place and we could have undertaken a few more of the excellent walking tracks but we have to move on. We headed back following the edge of Lake Pukaki and arrived in the small town of Twizel, a town that should not exist today. It was built in 1968 as the base for the Waitaki Power Development and the plan was to bulldoze the town once construction work was completed. However the inhabitants had grown fond of their home during the 18 years of construction, so they successfully campaigned to retain the town. It’s now a vibrant place with plenty of cafés and bars that enhance its appeal and we stopped in one to have a break and of course coffee and ... read more
Oamaru Post Office
Oamaru Wharf

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Queenstown December 4th 2010

Well, I'm back in Queenstown having completed the Greenstone. But, dear reader, I am really struggling to find the energy to write what I must. All the practical, logistical, physical, and social sides of the tramp went as expected and much beauty was experienced. But there is so much wrong I find it hard to know where to begin. I have written so much during the past few days and thought through so much more that I haven't had a chance to write down and I fear my mind will forget. Let's hope I wrote down the important bits. I know you'll all be wondering what I'm on about and I will share it with you, I just need time and I know not where to get it from. I need to write so much more ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago November 19th 2010

On the front page of a newspaper there was a satellite image of Britain covered in snow. As I was packing up his tent it started to rain, and by the time I was out of Clinton there were little rivers of mud spilling out of the gutters. Ahead of me were two roads to Queenstown. The first was a highway through the Otago Mountains, and the second followed the natural contours of the land. The enfolding dilemma of which route to pick is a fine example of the hitchhiker’s paradox: You can stand by a busy road until somebody of the right mindset will stop, so the busier the road, the quicker the lift should arrive. However, you will notice that people of that mindset occupy a larger demographic on a quieter road. You can ... read more

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