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Von Dunedin ging es dann direkt zum Mount Cook National Park. Dort wanderten wir durch den Schnee und koman dem größten Berg Neuseelands sehr nahe. ... read more

I left in the morning for Mount Cook. It was only an hour and a half away. The drive in was very scenic, especially the last 15 minutes. Mount Cook has a small town called Aoraki, which is where I am staying. I am staying at a YHA hostel again like in Lake Tekapo, but this one is 10 times better. The rooms are bigger and it just looks much cleaner and well organized. The bathrooms are also a lot nicer. When I arrived I went to the i site to get information on what there is to do. I was told to hike Hooker Valley, it is supposed to take 3 hours. The clouds over the mountain kind of scared me but the lady at the i site said I could probably make it without ... read more

After Dunedin, I went on my way to Mount Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand at 3755 metres. On the way, I stopped at the "clay cliffs", some impressive cliffs that are actually situated on private property. Mount Cook is reached via a road along a big lake and through some amazing mountain scenery. The village itself is, like Milford Sound, just a couple of houses and hotels where people live to accommodate for the tourists. Most of the time, Mount Cook is covered in clouds, and this was also the case when I arrived. I booked a morning tour to the Tasman Glacier (yes, Dutch sea farer Abel Tasman was named after many things in NZ!), which is, I think, the biggest glacier in New Zealand. It was a nice 18-20 degrees when we ... read more
Clay cliffs
On the way to Mount Cook
Lake Tasman

Over priced icebergs, freezing nights, crying with fear and Elton breaks down again….Noooooooo!!! Well after the anticlimax of Dunedin, we were looking forward to seeing Mount Cook and Lake Tekapo, but we weren’t quite expecting it to be so cold. It could be that we had spent the last few days in the south of New Zealand or it could be that summer is now over here, but it has been getting pretty cold recently. Anyway we had ummed and arghhed about going to Mount Cook as it was again one road in and out and a long detour if there wasn’t anything to do. I had read about glacier kayaking which looked good so we decided that this was reason enough to head there. There was however only one camp site near the mountain which ... read more

Whilst Billy went to pick up the car (in Christchurch), I was left to pack the tent! Fortunately it was not raining and, despite being in Fiji for 2 weeks and not camping, I had remembered the knack of packing. What a pleasure it was to see the sun. Now I know we had just returned from a 2 week stint in the sun, but I was expecting it to rain in New Zealand. But so far so good. We had a three and a half hour journey ahead of us, and once Billy returned with our trusty Toyota Corolla, we hit the road. We passed through mainly farms and there were plenty of sheep along the way. And slowly we started to see the beginnings of the Mount Cook range (part of the Southern ... read more
Moon still shining at 8am
Mueller Lake
Mueller Lake


Ce coup-ci, c'est parti ! J'ai loué les services d'une vieille compagne vaillante, docile et économe, pour m'aider à explorer cette île sud sur une bonne vingtaine de jours. Nous quittons Christchurch par un dimanche pluvieux de février, direction les Southern Alps, la chaîne de montagnes qui balafre presque toute la longueur de l'île. Trente secondes Lundi 8 février, au matin. Je quitte le petit bourg de Geraldine et prends la route du nord, celle qui mène à Peel Forest. Là, les gorges de la Rangitata rendent la rivière furieuse et forment des rapides parmi les meilleurs du pays pour le rafting. C'est précisément la raison de ma venue dans ce coin perdu. Les sommets des Southern Alps, où la rivière prend sa source, sont visibles à l'horizon, au-delà des collines boisées et des pâturages colonisés ... read more
Avant - On s'y croit encore
Apres - une sacree douche
L'heure du bain - Ah, on a moins la mine du vainqueur la, hein ?! :)

Believe it or not, a fortune cookie once told me “there is a true and sincere friendship between you and the mountain.” I still have that tiny piece of paper and have always thought how cool it was that a little cookie could know me so well. Spending 3 days in the tiny town of Mt. Cook, home of the tallest peak in NZ, deepened that friendship even more. I was very lucky to get 2 clear days out of 3 where 360 degree panoramic views of impressive snowcapped mountain peaks and river-filled valleys flooded my eyesight. Dramatic blue glaciers, iceberg filled lakes and many different hikes & walks filled my days. There is not much to do in Mt. Cook but set off on foot and explore.... and so that I did... I’m not sure ... read more
Mt. Cook Bluebird!
Mt. Cook Sunset
The YHA was a great place to stay...

December 21, 2009 When Freddy showed up to meet us at the gas station this morning, I was somewhat surprised to see him. It would have been easy to blow us off, but it looked like he was actually going to follow through with his promise from yesterday to take us to Mount Cook Village. So we began the three-hour drive, which took nearly four since Fred drives slower than anyone in New Zealand. We were passed by everyone, but I reminded myself that at least we were getting there without having to hitchhike. Eric and I each slept along the way, still tired from the previous night of partying in Queenstown. We got to Mount Cook Village eventually, and found a place to stay before starting the Ball Pass Route tomorrow. It should be an ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 12
Photo 23

You have all been very patient! Lots of Love Anne and Russell xx... read more
MB 001
MB 003

Gregg and Graham's big adventure with Ken and Brayden Dovestone - Nov 2009 This was a big one off the checklist of New Zealand adventures and one that they had tried to do several times before but the weather prohibited it. It is a bit challenging to write about it myself, as I was not there and Gregg and Graham don't seem to have the time to write. But the pictures say it all! This was a Father/Son weekend that turned out to be one of Graham's favorite New Zealand experiences. Not one for me, no electricty at Mueller Hut, LOTS of snow, and a toilet that was buried by snow. ... read more
Getting Ready to Go!
Taking a Break
Graham and Brayden

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