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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin November 6th 2012

After leaving Christchurch we made our way down south in our little Nissan Sunny crib. We had a couple of stops for a brew. When we got to Dunedin (anyone who knows Mike ask him where we stopped as I got him so confused with the pronunciation it was hilarious - I can bring anyone down to my level, ha ha). So we arrive in Dunedin and all I can say is has someone transported me to Scotland!!!! I am sure I never walked into Dr Who’s tardis but I will tell you I must have cause I am in Scotland! Anyway whilst asleep I had a dream that they called Dunedin after Dundee and Edinburgh well after googling it and researching (must be getting old) it appears that Dunedin town was designed and planned in ... read more
Dramatic scenery or what

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin July 26th 2012

We arrived in Dunedin- a town with predominantly Scottish heritage- in the late afternoon. It is a typical sea-side town. Our campsite was pretty, with sea-bird murals on all of the buildings. We had intended on going out for a walk, but we were starrting to come down off our paragliding high, and as the adrenaline left our systems we became very sleepy! So it was decided to cook in and watch a DVD (for a change!). The night air was tropical compared with the -8 degrees of Queenstown, so no hot water bottles or heaters were needed. The next morning, we rose to a warm, sunny day, and we planned on driving out to the Otago penninsula to visit some colonies of New Zealand fur seals, blue penguins and albatross. Since the penninsula was not ... read more
View of Dunedin Bay from Otago Penninsula
Dunedin Bay

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin June 2nd 2012

Worlds steepest street and arsing about... read more
Photo 7
Photo 18
Photo 8

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin April 29th 2012

25 April ANZAC DAY At long last it's time to catch up with the blog. The last few days have been so full on that we haven't had time to do much else than drive, check in for the night, have a feed and sleep. Also, as previously mentioned, the internet is a patchy thing and very costly here. We arrived in the beautiful city of Dunedin on the eve of Anzac Day (which is very big here of course!) and at one stage I even had patriotic thoughts of getting up for the dawn service in Dunedin. However, we had booked on the Taieri Gorge Train on Anzac Day morning and as it leaves the station at 9am we thought it might be cutting things too fine. Plus, it was cold at 5.30 am so ... read more
Dunedin Railway Station
Photo 4
Photo 5

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin April 27th 2012

April 23-27 Last week in Dunedin :( This unfortunately marks the end of my time working at the hospital in Dunedin. I'll quickly give the highlights of this past week. On Monday we had another scoliosis case. I once again tried to make matchsticks, and Mr. Cartstens once again made fun of them. Whatever! I thought they were beautiful. On Tuesday we again had fracture clinic. I had a very embarrassing mistake of stating the dermatomal distribution rather than the correct L4 was S4 (the perianal area). On Wednesday night we had dinner at Mr. Hodgson's house with Alan and Ginny (his nurse/assistant). Yesterday there was a mobile clinic in Christchurch to help with the relief work. Today, we again had fracture clinic...and I had to say goodbye to my team. This was such a rewarding ... read more


Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin April 22nd 2012

April 16-20: This has been a very busy week at work. I attended several lectures and grand rounds. The grand rounds covered different types of dermatomyositis, and I had forgotten how much that I had forgotten! Better review it before Step 3. On Tuesday we had fracture clinic, with nothing too exciting. On Wednesday was the day I had the multiple lectures during which it was diffcult to stay awake. Sorry, it's just not my favorite topic. Yesterday (Thursday) Mr. Hodgson pounded me in clinic. He wanted to see what I was made out of, and he observed me take the history and physical exam on several patients. He then proceeded to pimp me over and over. This, I suppose, comes with the territory, and I had to remember that we had a job to do. ... read more
Stewart Island

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin April 16th 2012

April 10: Today we had more fracture clinic. Nothing too exciting happened. I found a gym on the University of Otago's campus. I'm also staying at a different hostel, now Penny's backpackers. April 11: Today I got to wear a spacesuit! We did a full-knee revision which requires extra gear (which I call spacesuits). The surgeon was Canadian and we jokingly jabbed at each other's country. It was somewhat comforting to have a fellow North American in the room. Those spacesuits are hot, though! We had another minor surgery in the afternoon (tibial fixation). April 12-13: Yesterday and today there was more fracture clinic. It's interesting to see how this socialized medicine system works. Many of the patients we had the past two days were rugby players. One guy had a ruptured achilles tendon - ouch! ... read more
Mt Cook
Lake Pukaki

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin March 26th 2012

This country is truly one of many contrasts. In this blog will talk about our experiences with the sea from very different perspectives. At the beginning of the week we spent 1.5 days on an overnight cruise of Doubtful Sound on a small charter boat. To begin with the weather was phenomenal - bright sunshine in an area that sees about 280 days of rain per year; and clear skies at night revealing stars and the milky way so close it felt like you could almost reach out and touch them. Not only were we treated to unbelievable scenery, wildlife (dolphins, seals, albatross and shearwaters) and excellent meals; but were also able to kayak in the fiord, catch numerous species of salt water fish, including blue cod and spiny lobster which ended up on the dinner ... read more
2 - Doubtful Sound
3 - Kepler Great Walk
4 - Routeburn Great Walk

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin February 28th 2012

Good afternoon readers, this blog is part David Attenborough documentary, part ecology lesson and mostly promoting two excellent tour operators in the South Island. I have been doing my favourite thing since I finished work last week and hunting out the local wildlife in a foreign country – not with a rifle sight and snares but with binoculars, infra-red torches and some very helpful, knowledgable tour guides. I have done two very excellent and different tours that I thought I should promote, and also rave about what I have seen! Rowi/Okarito Brown Kiwis – Ian Cooper at Okarito Kiwi Tours Kiwis are strange things. In this case I'm refering to the birds not the people, although it is also a pretty strange thing that only 1% of Kiwis (the people) have seen their iconic bird in ... read more
Kiwi in the wild!!!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin February 5th 2012

The day started off well - managed to wake up my miserable complaining roommates at 8.30 which I was pleased about. Nothing like a bit of revenge to put a spring in your step! Today's trip is going to take me from Catlins to Dunedin, around the final leg of the Southern Scenic route. Fortunately this leg is more scenic than the previous element, however the clouds and the mist are lying low today, making visibility of the coast just a dream. I stood out at the first viewing point to catch a glimpse of the ocean and that is literally all it was - a glimpse. The sea and the sky blended together to form one big greyblue mass, only broken by a couple of white breaking waves on the shore. The route to Dunedin ... read more

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