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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka December 18th 2005

We are in Wanaka and summer has arrived! It has been hot for the last 2 days and we have been to the beach and I actually got to wear shorts! We have also had 2 BBQs. We went to Puzzle World this morning which was such fun although Tim took the maze VERY seriously! Instead of having to get to the middle you had to visit each of the four corners. There was a different coloured tower in each one. We spent a long time trying to get into the green tower. When I stopped to take a photo Tim said we were cutting into maze time and we would have to deduct that 30 seconds off our time!! It was a good maze though as it was difficult (it took us somewhere around 30 ... read more
Mt Iron
I have the power!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka December 16th 2005

Wanaka, just north of Queenstown. We stopped here for a couple of nights. After whiling away an hour or two in the maze at "Puzzling World" on the first day it was time for the main event - "Canyoning". This involves abseiling, sliding, clambering and jumping your way down steep a steep river canyon. Following a 40 minute uphill walk and tales of bungy horrors abroad . The photos have been selected carefully to show how much fun we had doing this (the first few show my terror a little too graphically). I only came away with minor flesh wounds to my left hand but it's OK cos Nick can carry my bags, cook, wash up etc.. The Canyon Swing was a piece of cake in comparison at least we weren't responsible for our own lives. ... read more
Sara smiles after hallucinating a branch of Starbucks
Nick looking a little flushed
The hallucinations are coming thick and fast now

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka December 1st 2005

30.11.05 We thought we would let you know our general daily routine. We get up at about 8am have our showers. Andy then tidies the van and wakes the van up to make sure it starts whilst I make lunch and breakfast. Andy comes and joins me and he has his toast, 4 slices, and a cup of tea whilst I have cereal and a cup of water and we sit outside to eat, as it is now sunny most of the time. I then pack up the cool box with our bits out of the fridge, do sit ups, load up the van and set off. Either for a day of driving or tours or sight seeing. We stop for lunch on our drive in lovely places from cliff tops to beaches to lakes. We ... read more
Puzzle world
Puzzle World
Puzzle World

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka November 20th 2005

Or, We Hiked Up Hill For This? So it's bloody early, and we stopped for breakfast at the Wrinkly Rams. When you're in Omarama, New Zealand, you can't be too picky about the cafe's name. You're just thankful someone showed up to open the doors. Along with some fine looking pastries are some savory items for breakfast, including a delectable pile of fatty goodness called a "toasty." It's a square of toasted, home-baked wheat bread covered with a pile of bacon, which is topped with a melted mound of cheese. I managed to not drool on the glass case, but I did emit a squeal that frightened several patrons. At the table, I tuck in (note how I'm picking up the lingo), to discover that the bacon and cheese goodness is concealing a layer of Chef ... read more
Glacier Bed
The Flying Mother

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka November 8th 2005

Well, after spending I few days in Christchurch I am back in Wanaka. The bus trip yesterday was horrible because the driver felt the need to talk about the hydroelectricity situation in New Zealand full stop. Very annoying, especially when all I wanted to do was get a nice nap in. The weather here in Wanaka is beautiful. It is very odd to me that it is November, with this kind of weather it should be May or June, not November--Christmas is going to be strange . . . Anyway, today I started the hunt for jobs. I have turned in about four resumes and I am waiting till later this afternoon to visit several more restaurants/bars that open around 4. It is difficult not being with the tour because I am on my own now, ... read more


Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka November 3rd 2005

testing out our journal before we leave!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka October 29th 2005

After our great day on the glacier, the forecast bad weather arrived so we decided to drive on south towards Wanaka. First stop was a walk to Monro beach where a penguin colony can sometimes be seen. We arrived to a stormy, windswept, empty beach. After admiring the power of the waves crashing on the rocks at the south end of the beach we strolled up to the other end of the beach more for the sake of it rather than in expectation of seeing anything. Much to our surprise we saw one small ?? crested penguin. Great to see, despite the brevity of the encouter as it soon waddled off out of sight. The rain soon started so we drove the 150km to Wanaka taking in a couple of roadside waterfalls en route. The moutain ... read more
Beach with our 1st penguin

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka October 28th 2005

Hello all! I have been on the South Island of New Zealand since Sunday. We spent Sunday night in Nelson, quite a cute little town that is boasted as having the most sunny days in New Zealand. On Monday we moved on spending most of the day on a beach near Nelson and went to Westport for the evening. Tuesday we drove along the coast eventually stopping at Lake Mahinapua where we stayed at a small pub and had a fancy dress party. Franz Josef was the place to be on Wednesday and then yesterday we arrived in Wanaka where Laura and I decided to stay and relax for a day. We were supposed to have a free day in Franz Josef, but being that the town is really small, Laura and I came here and ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka October 26th 2005

We boarded the Cougar Line boat at Picton on a damp dismal morning with our bikes and headed for Resolution Bay near the far end of the Queen Charlotte Track ever hopeful that the weather gods would shine on us again. On arrival an unpromising push up a very steep track took us out of the bay - with over 45km to go that day we were all hoping it wouldn't be typical! Fortunately we quickly joined the main track which looked much more rideable. From there we headed up and over to Endeavour Inlet and then round the various smaller bays. By lunchtime the sun was out and things were looking good. We pressed on aware that we were still less than half way. At the midway point the decision was to either take the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Central Otago » Wanaka October 3rd 2005

We've covered a lot of ground since we updated yesterday. While still on the Banks Peninsula yesterday, we visited the Maori and Colonial Museum in the tiny town of Okains Bay (the next bay over from Le Bons Bay, where we were staying) on the recommendation of our host Garry. When we got there, the only person in the office was a funny little girl who was humming to herself and watching us but not talking. We wandered around a bit, looking for a more official museum staff, but realized when the girl followed us around, that she was it. She was clutching some money and informed us "my mum's gone to the store and left me in charge." So we paid her and she proceeded to show us around the museum, a collection of small ... read more
The Big Tree
Mount Cook
Lindis Pass

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