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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Raglan April 27th 2013

Feeling fully refreshed after a good sleep and quiet night, I went for an early morning walk. I am back and ready with several others for the surf car which leaves at 10.30am. However, just as we are about to leave, so other girls arrive and want to join, and faff around for a while, so we eventually leave at 11.30am, with me driving the car to the beach. Luckily the journey isn’t very far as the car is rather old and with 5 of us in there and 5 surf boards on the roof, I was hoping it didn’t collapse on the way! Nether the less we arrive. There is large swell with 5ft waves and a strong onshore wind, so we all surf in the small broken waves, though I did manage to catch ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Raglan April 26th 2013

I am rudely awoken by the unsoothing tones of the only other occupant of the dorm, a rather large and I think female Māori. I leave 'it' to snore contently whilst I go for a wonder round the town. Everyone is just going about their daily business, the town is not rundown but not overly shiny and touristified. I check out and catch the 10.15am local bus to Raglan, and arrive an hour later in the sun. I couldn’t find a hostel listed online, but have a recommendation from some people I've met along the way. I am chatting to two others on the bus, who are also heading there, so we find it together. It is such a cute hostel, very surfer style and laid back. It’s a wood building round a central courtyard which ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Raglan February 6th 2013

6 Uhr klingelt der Wecker im Bungalow und das Aufstehen der 4 Personen beginnt. Nach dem Duschen, Frühstücken und Tasche packen geht die Busreise für heute los. Eine lange Fahrt auf einige Hügel erwartet uns. Der Zwischenstopp führt uns nach Hamilton, Neuseelands viert größte Stadt, auch wenn sie nicht so groß ausschaut. Hier wurde wieder für den Abend eingekauft. Ich schließe mich vier anderen Leuten zum Abendessen an. Der Bus wartet hier vor der Bibliothek, wo endlich wieder im Internet gesurft werden kann :D Anschließend ging es mit dem Bus nach Raglan, Neuseelands bestem Surfstrand. Kurzfristig habe ich mich noch zum Surfkurs angemeldet. Unsere heutige Unterkunft ist mitten im Jungle. Es schaut einfach super idyllisch aus, so mitten im nirgendwo zwischen all den Bäumen und die Unterkünfte unterstreichen dies noch einmal :) Als nächstes geht es ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Raglan October 25th 2012

Drove 350 kilometers and the journey was longer than expected as the place we intended to stay looked closed, the town I mean. Ended up in Raglan which is an attractive seaside town on the west coast south of Auckland. Lovely sunset before dinner.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Raglan October 20th 2012

So I left for Greymouth from Franz Josef and it chucked it down by the bucket loads all day long. It's not too bad when it does that when it's a travelling day and you spend all day on the bus so it's not really inteferring with any activities. So got to Greymouth at lunchtime and checked into to the creepiest looking hostel I have ever been in. If I hadn't already pre-paid for the accomodation I would stayed somewhere else. It was an old converted church which was painted yellow from the outside, to make it look nice and inviting, but gave me the heebie-jeebies as soon as you walk in. I made a concious effort for the rest of the day to stay out of my room, which of course I was alone in, ... read more
Stupid Tiger
Bay of Islands


Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Raglan April 22nd 2012

Raglan So on we went down the coast towards a little surfing town called Raglan which is on the North Island on the west coast. The main reason we headed here is that Jenny who worked with me in Dublin lives there and we thought it’d be cool to meet up. To be honest, she did push me a lot towards taking the plunge to go travelling when she came for the few months telling of her numerous adventures and her new life in New Zealand. We arrived in the early afternoon and John wanted to quickly check out the surf. He has been dying to go surfing or kite surfing somewhere along the way and this is the place we were sure we could get it in! As we drove out the coast it was ... read more
Raglan Beach
Ciara & Jenny
Raglan Sunset

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Raglan January 13th 2012

Wesnesday we took a nice walk up Mt. Eden in Auckland. It's actually more of a big hill than a mountain, and is also an extinct volcano so there's a grassy crater at the top. Only took about 25min but the view of the city was fantastic! The rest of the time in Auckland was spent walking around more of the city and lounging near the harbour. This is where we found out that there is no ozone layer above NZ and that the burn time in direct sun is 5min. Luckily I escaped with naught but some really bad tan lines. Lesson learned! Thursday morning we started our hop on hop off tour around NZ. 8am we hopped on the bus and made our way to Thames for some lunch and groceries. Quaint little place. ... read more
Distance from Mt Eden to a few Canadian cities
Hike to Cathedral Cove
Hike to Cathedral Cove 2

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Raglan October 27th 2011

Start Again Start again. Start Again. With a calm and quiet mind. Alert and attentive mind. Balanced and equanimous mind. This is how S. N. Goenka begins the instruction sessions in the morning and afternoon during a ten-day Vipassana course and it pretty much explains why I chose to start this trip by sitting down and shutting up for ten days. But let me start by quickly explaining why I am all of a sudden out in the world again. Goodbye Mobilethink I had found a really promising job in a company that I thought was doing well and steadily expanding. I got to travel to exotic places like Iran and Papua New Guinea with another trip to Jamaica lined up. Very nice colleagues and a boss that scored 9 out of 10. So everything was ... read more
World Cup Fever
Let There be Noise

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Raglan October 22nd 2011

So after 6 months away, experiencing the Latin culture, it is sad to say i have left it all behind and returned to NZ. Though it is really good to see my family and friends again, but it means that i have left others behind. It has been such a fun journey over the past 6 months, and i have meet some great people and seen some amazing things. Whether it was visiting ruins that are older then our country, surfing in the hot hot beaches and releasing turtles out sea, or getting chased by big pick up trucks, all these they have all made my trip the most memorable and enjoyable. Mexico is a great country with so much to offer and can keep you entertained for months. Don't be put off by what is ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Raglan October 9th 2011

The Stray Tour bus turned up at our Ponsonby backpacker hostel at around 8.10am. As soon as we boarded the bus there was lots of enthusiastic ‘good mornings’ said to us. We set off for Raglan the first stop of our Stray journey. On the way the driver ‘Gollum’ kept pulling up for us to take some gorgeous scenic views, and also to collect some alcohol and food for the night. We all paid $10 each to arrange a huge barbecue for all 24 of us on that 1st night- proper good feed! Once we arrived in Raglan, we checked in to the Karioi Lodge, and went for a trek around the infamous ‘Loop’ track which was very steep muddy and hard work. When we set off, nobody would go first, so Jen talked me into ... read more
Jen, Katy & Matt
Jumping Jack William!
The Beast!

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